3 ways to turn off Siri

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3 ways to turn off Siri
3 ways to turn off Siri

Siri is an amazing personal assistant, but sometimes it gets in the way of how you usually use your phone. Unfortunately, disabling Siri activates voice control and can cause even more problems. If you've turned off Siri and find that you're making more pocket calls than usual, you'll need to set it up to not open when the phone is locked. You can completely disable Siri and delete its data from Apple's servers if you prefer, but that will enable voice control. Finally, you can deactivate the "Hey Siri" function which will prevent the assistant from activating when your iPhone is plugged in.


Method 1 of 3: Avoid pocket calls

Disable Siri Step 1

Step 1. Use this method to avoid pocket calls

Turning off Siri will enable voice control and you cannot turn them all off 2. For this reason, even if you turn off Siri to avoid pocket calls, voice control will continue to do so. You can prevent this by turning Siri on and then turning it off on your lock screen. This step requires you to have an access code on your device.

This won't completely disable Siri, but it will just prevent it from opening on your lock screen. If you want to disable it completely, read the next method, but be aware that this will enable voice control

Disable Siri Step 2

Step 2. Make sure Siri is turned on

You need to have Siri turned on before you can turn it off on the lock screen.

  • Open the app Setting and select General.
  • Press on Siri and slide the switch to the We. Confirm the activation of Siri.
Disable Siri Step 3

Step 3. Return to the Tuning application

Select Touch ID and code. If you already have an access code, you will be asked to enter it.

Disable Siri Step 4

Step 4. Tap Activate Passcode if it is not activated

You will be asked to create a 4-digit passcode for your device. This code is required to deactivate Siri from the lock screen.

Disable Siri Step 5

Step 5. Slide the Siri switch to the Off position

This will disable Siri when the device is locked, preventing it from booting up and dialing a number in your pocket.

Remember, you can't completely turn off Siri and Voice Control on your iPhone. This is because the voice control feature automatically launches when Siri is turned off and you can't turn it off. This is the best solution to prevent Siri from opening when you don't want it to

Method 2 of 3: Turn off Siri

Disable Siri Step 6

Step 1. Open the Settings app

You can completely disable Siri on your iPhone, but this will activate the voice control feature which will give you the same issues as before.

Disable Siri Step 7

Step 2. Select General then Siri

The Siri menu will open.

Disable Siri Step 8

Step 3. Slide the Siri switch to the Off position

This will turn off Siri on your iPhone, but turn on the voice control feature. You cannot turn off voice control and Siri at the same time.

  • Press on Disable Siri to confirm your decision.
Disable Siri Step 9

Step 4. Turn off voice dictation

If you want to delete your data from Apple's servers, turn off voice dictation. Siri keeps the information used to answer your requests on Apple's servers. This information is also used for the Voice Dictation (voice to text) feature which will need to be disabled if you want to completely delete data from Apple's servers. Disabling voice dictation will disable the microphone button on your device's keyboard, but will not remove it.

  • Return to section General of the application Settings and select Keyboard.
  • Scroll down then slide the switch Activate Dictation in position Off. You will be asked to confirm your decision.

Method 3 of 3: Disable "Hey Siri"

Disable Siri Step 10

Step 1. Turn off Hey Siri

If you like to use Siri, but it activates on its own, turn off Say Siri. This feature allows you to activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri", but some users claim that this can activate it unexpectedly. For example, Siri can play music or make calls without your asking, and turning this option off helps prevent this from happening.

Disable Siri Step 11

Step 2. Open the Settings app and tap General

The General page of your device settings will open.

Disable Siri Step 12

Step 3. Select Siri

The Siri settings menu will open.

Disable Siri Step 13

Step 4. Slide the Hey Siri switch to the Off position

This will disable the function Say Siri and prevent Siri from starting without pressing the home button.

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