3 ways to find an interesting nickname

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3 ways to find an interesting nickname
3 ways to find an interesting nickname

The nicknames we wear come from our close friends, family members or fellow students. In the past, people used nicknames for several reasons: to describe a person, to be lucky, as a friendship or to signify a person's origin. No matter where a nickname comes from, it's exciting to find one that's interesting. When choosing your nickname or that of a friend, be careful: you could wear it for the rest of your life.


Method 1 of 3: Think of an interesting nickname

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 1

Step 1. Shorten your name

The most basic and well-known technique for composing a nickname for a person is to use the diminutive of the person's real name. For example, Alexandre's diminutive is Alex or Al, Katherine's is Kate or Katie, Richard's is Rick or Dick, and so on.

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 2

Step 2. Make up an interesting nickname using the initials of your name

Consider the very first letters of your first and last name and then add them up. Using your name's initials can help you differentiate yourself from others in case you have the same name or make it easier to pronounce a complicated or too long name. This works well when your name begins with "J", "D" or "T": for example Daniel Joseph can be shortened by "DJ", Andrew Johnson, by "AJ", Jonathon Jameson by "JJ" or James Taylor by "JT"

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 3

Step 3. Describe a unique characteristic or trait

Think of a characteristic that is unique to you or a friend and use it for inspiration to come up with a suitable nickname. For example, 16th President Abraham Lincoln is often referred to as “Honest Abe” because of his character of integrity. Be careful not to offend anyone and focus on the positive characters, not the negative ones.

  • If a person is really smart, call them “Prof” or “Doc” or you can call someone who is creative “Muse” or “Da Vinci”.
  • In China, nicknames have been given to many American and English-speaking celebrities based on their appearance or reputation. For example, Katy Perry is known as "Big Sister Fruit" because of her multi-colored outfits, Benedict Cumberbatch is called "Blessed Curls" because of her curly hair, and Adam Levine is "Adam the flirty".
Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 4

Step 4. Call someone by their last name

This works well in sports or in the professional field, especially when you have the same name. Likewise, many athletes use their last name, since it is this name that is written on the back of their jerseys. You can also shorten or shorten your last name.

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 5

Step 5. Make sure the name is short and easy to remember

You can abbreviate a person's first or last name down to 3 syllables or even less. The nickname should be captivating and easy to pronounce.

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 6

Step 6. Test the nickname before using it in public

If you're trying to come up with an interesting nickname for a friend, give it a try first, in the absence of other people. Watch his reaction. The nickname should be complimentary, not offensive.

Stop calling the person by that name in case they find it annoying. Inappropriate nicknames are those that refer to bad habits, those that portray a person or their weight negatively, or those that allude to sex

Method 2 of 3: Think of a nickname that reflects creativity

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 7

Step 1. Use a retro or very old nickname

Bring back a past fact by reviving a nickname that was popular, but no longer used. For example, nicknames like "Slick", "Skippy" or "Biff" for boys and "Dottie" or "Kittie" for girls were popular nicknames used in the 1940s and 1950s. During the Victorian era, Nicknames like "Josie", "Millie" and "Maisie" for girls, as well as "Fritz", "Augie" and "Zeb" for boys, are common nicknames.

Take inspiration from old TV shows or movies. For example, the nicknames of the characters in "The Rascals" (1992-1944) are Alfalfa, Junior, Froggy, Pineapple and Buckwheat. In the popular musical titled "Grease" (1978), one can consider the names of the members of the group "Pink Ladies" (Rizzo, Frenchie and Marty) and those of the group "Burger Palace Boys" (Doodie and Kenickie)

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 8

Step 2. Compose a nickname based on your hometown or areas of interest

Take inspiration from where you come from or what you love to do. For example, people from India are often referred to as "Hoosiers" and "Yinzer" is a nickname given to residents of Pittsburgh, PA. If you like to cook, you can call yourself “Chef”, “Mustang” if you like cars (you can use the name of any type of car, this is just an example), or “Owl” if you like cars. no one likes reading (or if they really like owls).

Use references in the field of sport. Imagine a nickname that associates with your favorite player. If you play sports, come up with interesting nicknames for each team member based on their strengths. Make sure that each of the nicknames matches

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 9

Step 3. Imagine a unique nickname from your own name

You may also find an unusual and unique way to create your nickname by using a person's name, for example “Resa” for Theresa, “Elle” for Michelle, or “Ober” for Robert. You can also pronounce a person's name backwards, for example, calling "Eitak" for Katie or "Nairb" for Brian. Finally, you can call people by their middle name.

Big stars, such as Katy Perry, Demi Moore, and Reese Witherspon use their middle name or their mother's maiden name

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 10

Step 4. Create a scene name

If you are or wish to be a musician, it is important to wear a symbolic nickname. Having a stage name is important if you want to protect your identity or if your name is difficult to pronounce. Unlike other types of nicknames, a stage name is your specific brand.

  • A good stage name should be short, easy to pronounce, and should reflect your personality.
  • Take inspiration from popular stage names. Refer to your favorite music artist and see how he went about composing his stage name.

Method 3 of 3: Find a nickname for your spouse

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 11

Step 1. Use affectionate names

The use of affectionate names is one way to show affection. Popular affectionate names used for women include: gorgeous, pretty, sweetheart, angel, princess. The best names used for men are: baby, darling bear and friend.

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 12

Step 2. Use a childhood nickname

Even though childhood nicknames may seem embarrassing to you, the ones assigned to you especially by your parents, they can be cute and make you more attractive to your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one. Ask your spouse's parents if she or he had a nickname as a child. Use this nickname the next time you see your boyfriend or girlfriend and watch their reaction.

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 13

Step 3. Make up a secret nickname

Create a nickname that you and your partner use when you are alone. You can use a standard nickname like “Friend”, “Honey” or “Baby” or you can compose a nickname yourself.

Compose a name based on what you find most appealing about your friend. For example, if your boyfriend is a good kisser, nickname him "Sweet Lips" or if your girlfriend is pretty and sweet, nickname her "Angel"

Come up With a Cool Nickname Step 14

Step 4. Merge your names

Several famous couples are known to their fans by their nicknames, for example “Brangelina” (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) or the original Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. write different combinations of your first and last names, and start by using them around your friends to make them more common.


  • Try to make the nickname attractive and fun. Ace, Cunning, and Lucky work better than Zorelb.
  • Make sure you are receptive to your nickname. If you can't remember your first name as "As", then you may not actually need it.
  • Make the nickname unique. Names like "Ace", "Cunning" and "Skippy" are easy to remember, however they are not original.
  • Try not to use a name from an online game. For example, “Dungeon Master” sounds interesting, but people won't understand the meaning.
  • Take inspiration from nicknames coined in movies, songs and TV shows. However, do not allow the chosen nickname to be so sneaky that others cannot recognize what it refers to.
  • Remember that most nicknames are not created on purpose, but are formed "under a given circumstance". Having a funny story or joke behind your nickname will make it more unique and impactful.
  • If you give a person a nickname, make sure it matches their personality.


  • Avoid nicknames that hint at sex, drugs, or violence.
  • A nickname should be fun, but not obscene or provocative. The nickname "Sexy DJ Dad" might work in some places, but not at work or school.
  • Don't be a copycat: If someone you know has a nickname, don't use it anymore.
  • Remember that your nickname could follow you for the rest of your life, both in your future romantic and professional relationships, etc.

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