3 ways to record audio with a cell phone

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3 ways to record audio with a cell phone
3 ways to record audio with a cell phone

The ability to record audio at any time is a handy and often overlooked feature found on modern smartphones. IPhones come with a preinstalled recording app, as do most Android phones. There is a plethora of free recording apps out there that can offer a lot of features. You can use these apps to record lessons, concerts, meetings, your own talk, and more.


Method 1 of 3: Record audio with iPhone

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Step 1. Open the Voice Recorder application

It allows you to record audios on your iPhone. You may find it in the folder Utilities Where Others.

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Step 2. Press the red button to save

By doing this, your iPhone will automatically start recording audio from the device's microphone.

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Step 3. Point the bottom of the device towards the audio source

To get better sound quality when recording, you need to point the bottom of the iPhone towards the source of the audio. This is where the microphone is located. Make sure that your hand does not cover the microphone of the device. Be sure to keep a suitable distance between yourself and the source for best results.

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Step 4. Press the Stop button

Do this to pause the recording. You can resume recording by pressing the red button again. You can move the cursor to mark the point where you want the recording to start again.

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Step 5. Tap New Recording to rename the audio

A keyboard and an input field will appear, prompting you to enter a name for the recording you made.

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Step 6. Press the blue triangle to play the recording

This will allow you to listen to the recording before saving it. You can move the cursor to mark where you want playback to start.

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Step 7. Press the Edit button to mute the audio

This button is in the middle of the share and delete icons. Then click on the icon Crop (a blue square with two lines at each end, one down and one up). It is to the right of the audio name.

  • Press and move the selection cursors to select the portion of the recording you want to delete. Push the button To delete to delete the selection or the button To cut to remove anything else.

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Step 8. Tap Finish when you are satisfied

If you had not renamed the audio then you will be prompted to do so.

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Step 9. Play your recordings

The audios you have recorded will appear in the app Dictaphone. Tap any of them to open the playback controls. You also have the option to press the share button to send the file to another person, on the button To modify to cut the sequence or the trash can icon to remove audio.

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Step 10. Use another application to record

There are several recorders which are available in the iPhone App Store which may have a lot of features or better meet your needs. Open the App Store and search for Voice Recorder to access a host of recording apps. Be sure to read user reviews to see which app is right for you.

Dictaphones can also let you add effects, save the final file in various formats, adjust levels, make advanced edits, and more

Method 2 of 3: Record audio with Android phone

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Step 1. Find a recorder on your device

Every Android phone is unique and when you buy a certain brand, you will see that the manufacturer has different apps built into their device than other vendors. For this, there is no standard voice recording app on Android devices like there is with iPhones. There may be a recorder preinstalled on your phone, otherwise you should download some yourself.

Look for apps named Sound Recorder, Voice Recorder, Dictaphone, etc

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Step 2. Download a recorder from the Play Store

If you don't have a voice recording app preinstalled on your device, you can quickly install one from the Google Play Store. Most of these apps are free.

  • Open the Play Store and search with Voice Recorder.
  • Browse the list of results to find the app that's right for you. There is a plethora of audio recorders available. Some are free and others are chargeable. Check the ranking stars to get a glimpse of the popularity of the app. Tap on it to see details like screenshots and user reviews.
  • Push the button To install when you find the app you want to try. If it's paid, you should enter the price and pay before you can press To install.
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Step 3. Open your voice recorder

When you find and download the program, it will appear in Applications on your phone and you have to tap on it to open it. You can access this menu by pressing the grid button which is at the bottom and middle of your home page. The recording interface is different on each application, so the rest of this section is just a general guide.

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Step 4. Press the record button to begin

When you open the new app, you will usually be taken to a screen where you are registered New Registration or something like that. The application may first open the list of existing recordings.

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Step 5. Point the bottom of your device towards the source of the audio

The microphone of most Android devices is located at the bottom. Make sure that your hand does not cover the microphone while recording.

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Step 6. Press the Pause button to stop recording

You usually have the option of pausing your recording without stopping it. This allows you to launch it again.

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Step 7. Press the Stop button to end recording

This action will record audio on your phone, but it will depend on the app you are using.

Record Audio on a Mobile Phone Step 18

Step 8. Edit the record

Most recording apps have basic editing features built in and let you cut out unnecessary parts. The button To modify usually appears after you have finished recording.

Record Audio on a Mobile Phone Step 19

Step 9. Share your recording

Push the button To share to send the audio to someone else who uses one of your messaging apps. Most recorders save files in MP3 or WAV format, which can be played on almost any device.

Method 3 of 3: Record audio with Windows phone

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Step 1. Open the OneNote app

You can use the built-in OneNote app on the phone to quickly record audio. You will find this program in the list of applications on your device.

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Step 2. Press the + button

This action will create a new note in OneNote.

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Step 3. Save

Give the note a title, then press the 'button Audio ''. It looks like a microphone. When you do this, OneNote will immediately start recording your words.

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Step 4. Tap Stop when finished

This will add the audio to the body of your note.

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Step 5. Press the Play button to listen

This action will immediately start playing the audio note you recorded.

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Step 6. Download another voice recorder

If you need more options, you have the option to download other recording apps. OneNote doesn't include advanced editing or sharing options. For that, if you want a better performing recorder, you should download another one from the Windows Store. There are several recording apps available. The most common are:

  • Voice Memos
  • Mini Recorder
  • Ultimate Recorder

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