3 ways to become a hands model

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3 ways to become a hands model
3 ways to become a hands model

Have you ever been told that you have sleek, photogenic hands? Being a hand model can be as exhausting and intense as being a real model, but if you have what it takes then you might be ready to start an amazing career. If you think being a hand mannequin is within reach of your perfectly manicured hands, follow these steps.


Part 1 of 3: fulfill the conditions

Become a Hand Model Step 1

Step 1. Have photogenic hands

Are your fingers long, your hands narrow? Do you have perfect cuticles and beautifully shaped nails? Thin joints? This is a sign that you have hands that are easy on the eyes. Make sure you also have a good complexion. Don't think makeup will hide your imperfections. Birthmarks, freckles, moles, scars, crooked fingers and irregularly shaped fingernails will limit your progress in your career as a hand-model. Pay special attention to your thumb, it will play an important role in many photoshoots, therefore, it must look good. Here are some other things to consider.

  • Inspect the back of your hand. If you are a woman, it must be narrow.
  • While women are more often hand models than men, so can men. Make sure you don't have hairy knuckles.
  • Don't be discouraged, however. There are a number of different types of mannequin hands like for cosmetics or the like, mum play and older hands.
Become a Hand Model Step 2

Step 2. Have stable hands

This is just as important as having nice hands. Can you hold an object for a long time without leaning on anything and without fidgeting? Any movement will result in blurry photos; if you find that you can't stabilize your hands, using them for modeling might not be the best idea.

Filming of TV commercials or commercials can take several hours. A 30-second spot can take over 12 hours to shoot and you need to be prepared at all times

Become a Hand Model Step 3

Step 3. Be patient

If you want to be a hand dummy, you have to be prepared to keep your hands in one position for hours. It means you have to deal with boredom and have really, really steady hands. If you are addicted to caffeine or chocolate, you may need to reduce your addiction, because these things will only make your hands shake more. You can even practice stabilizing your hands for long periods of time to be more comfortable when the time comes.

Patience and your dexterity may be the most important things. Once the lens and lights are set, you should be able to place the product in the same spot over and over again

Part 2 of 3: Getting recruited

Become a Hand Model Step 4

Step 1. Create a book

If you have the money to spend on a book in your hands, then find a photographer you trust to help you get started. If you find a photographer who is just starting out as well, then he can work with you for little or no cost, since you will help him with his portfolio as well. Make sure you get a professional manicure before taking these photos. Here are some other things to consider when creating your portfolio.

  • Learn the handrail poses. Study magazine ads and commercials to see how the hands land and move. Imitate the poses and movements in your book.
  • Include at least one photo showing your face so that if they need a photoshoot that includes someone's face, they'll think of you (and also so they can recognize you when they meet you).
  • Include a photo of the back and palms of your hands.
Become a Hand Model Step 5

Step 2. Send your portfolio to modeling agencies

Let them know that you are particularly interested in becoming a hand model and ask for an interview. Some agencies may have a separate service for hand models and some businesses will be more specifically retail modeling agencies. Tell them you have a book and if they ask if it's professional, be honest, but specify that it simulates professional ads. Be persistent while remaining polite until you get an interview.

Become a Hand Model Step 6

Step 3. Engage with an agent

If an agent thinks your hands are right for them, then congratulations! You have passed a difficult obstacle on the road to modeling. Once you get an offer from your agent, however, you need to make sure it's right for you. First of all, the agent must be legitimate. A legitimate agent doesn't get paid up front and gets paid if you get paid. Agents usually receive a percentage of your salary, which makes them motivated to find you work. Make sure you meet or talk to your agent at length before making a decision.

  • Look after your appearance to meet the agent. Even if you are a hand model, you have to give off a professional impression and that means being neat and personable. He might recommend that you call certain people (while mostly recommending you for interviews) and he will ask you to represent him well. If all goes well, he will send you for test photos with a photographer to see if you have what it takes.
  • Once you've met the agent, made a positive impression on you, and had proof of their legitimacy (names and samples of work for other clients, for example), then investigate. carefully look at the contract given to you and sign when you are ready.
Become a Hand Model Step 7

Step 4. Go to "go and see" to find work

Once you've signed up with the agent, they'll offer you a few places to go to look for work. They are called "go and see", just like in the traditional world of modeling. You will have to visit them, one after the other, show your hands and see if you have what they are looking for. Your agent won't be able to tell you "Hey, I got you a great job," he can get you to work, but you still have to work to get it.

  • Once you've found a job, you can add it to your resume. And the more experience you have, the more likely you will be to attend “go and see” events.
  • Be persistent. You might have to go to a number of go and see before you find work. But if your agent thinks you have the look, then you should be able to find work afterwards.

Part 3 of 3: Succeeding in your career

Become a Hand Model Step 8

Step 1. Take amazing care of your hands

If you think your hands have what it takes, treat them like assets. You must be careful not to do anything that could damage your hands, such as when cutting vegetables or handling a bouquet of thorny roses. Here are some things you may need to do on a regular basis.

  • See a manicure to make your hands look better than ever. If you become really important in your field, you will be offered regular manicures before your photoshoots. Eeeeet, you will be able to turn your personal manicures into expense reports. It interests you ?
  • Eat a good diet and drink enough water to keep your skin healthy. Also, some vitamin imbalances can cause unwanted white spots to appear on your nails.
  • Moisturize your hands regularly. Some hand mannequins even sleep with gloves on at night. You can apply lotion to it and wear latex gloves to make your hands even softer.
  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Ideally, you should always file them down and never cut them.
  • Avoid scratching, burning, or making marks on your hands.
Become a Hand Model Step 9

Step 2. Keep your usual work (at least at the beginning)

Of course, if you are a famous hand model you will have enough to live on, but most models do this job to supplement their income or even have a fun experience. Prepare to secure extra income while you wait for your modeling career to take off. Don't be put off by this, it's just a reality of this job and all other areas in modeling.

Become a Hand Model Step 10

Step 3. Move to a big city

You don't have to go to New York to be a hand model. But if you really take your job seriously, then you should move to a big city to have an edge. You don't have to drop everything and travel miles from home to a big city before you even make your book, but if you've already landed a few jobs and want more opportunities for your career, then consider leaving. for one of the following cities: Paris, Munich, London, Milan or Madrid.

Become a Hand Model Step 11

Step 4. Treat any object you hold as if it were crystal

Even if you are holding a book or a cutting board, if you want to be successful you have to treat them like they are the most delicate objects in the world. You must treat each object with care and with the utmost caution. This will make the look of the object even more desirable and special in photographs or advertisements. If you grab something too hard, then your hands won't be delicate either.

Become a Hand Model Step 12

Step 5. Prepare to become a contortionist

Don't think that being a hand-model is all about holding a purse or other simple object. You might have to hold an open book for hours or even lie on your back holding a camera for a long time. You need to be flexible and be prepared to hold your hands in non-traditional positions for a certain number of hours. It can get exhausting and will require you to have both mental and physical strength, but it will make for some amazing photos.

Become a Hand Model Step 13

Step 6. Take Advantage of the Benefits

If you truly become a hand dummy, then the benefits of the job are endless. You could become a celebrity's hand-liner. For example, Julia Roberts used a hand liner in "The Pelican Affair" because she just didn't have time to shoot a scene in which only her hands were visible. This will bring you to meet celebrities, directors and other interesting people.

Kimbra Hickey, the hand model for the cover of the world famous Twilight novel, rose to fame. She tours Twilight, recreates poses for fans, and signs thousands of autographs. While this type of fame is hard to reach, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in this position, take advantage of it


  • Don't hydrate your hands too much, it will make them appear oily and may turn off potential employers.
  • Photographers are always on the lookout for new ideas, so if you have a concept, don't forget to share it in your photographs.
  • If it turns out that you are not worthy of being a hand model, take a look at other areas of modeling. Learning how to be a model starts with knowing what is best for you.
  • Make sure your hands are presentable, filed and clean.
  • To get high-quality photos, try contacting the university to volunteer for photography students in exchange for copies of the prints or call a professional photographer - they're often open to test sessions.

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