How to become a secret agent (with pictures)

How to become a secret agent (with pictures)
How to become a secret agent (with pictures)

Secret agents are everywhere around us: in government agencies, in businesses and in private organizations where they collect information and make reports. If you are eager to trade secrets and believe you have what it takes to be a good field agent, you can learn how to acquire the skills to do the job well. Also learn how to integrate an intelligence agency and do your job well in the field.


Part 1 of 3: Learn Spy Skills

Be a Secret Agent Step 1

Step 1. Be charismatic

James Bond is not a good agent because he is the strongest, the smartest or the most intelligent. Unlike traditional heroes, he compensates for skills he lacks with his ability to adapt to the situation and his environment. He exudes charisma. A good secret agent must know how to charm complete strangers and manipulate them to get them to do what he wants. If your mission is to play a game of no-limit poker in Morocco, you will need to know how to gossip the doorman to let you in, raise the stakes and use your charms to enter the game. How do we get there? Be charismatic.

To practice, try to get phone numbers from strangers in public. Seduce people you don't know and get into their good graces. Work on your spiritual flights, your incisor lines and the many talents that make up your natural charm

Be a Secret Agent Step 2

Step 2. Spend time improving your acting skills with all types of audiences

Hang out in places where you are not welcome and try to fit in by learning all you can about the locals. Can you pretend to be a worker in a southern spinning mill struggling to make ends meet? Can you claim to be a Quebec diplomat? How about playing a singer-songwriter from Belize? A good secret agent would say yes.

Learn about great culture and popular culture. If you have to infiltrate French dignitaries who run smuggling operations, you will need to know how to talk about wine and opera with the best of them. You might also have to slip into an oil business. You'll have to feel right at home among the drunks who work there, which is why you had better know at least one of George Jones' songs by heart

Be a Secret Agent Step 3

Step 3. Learn to tell right from wrong and know how to lie under all circumstances

If a secret agent gets caught by security guards around midnight hiding in the security PC with a flashlight, he must know how to find a credible excuse or escape in the blink of an eye. Likewise, if you spot suspicious behavior, you need to be efficient enough to uncover the truth quickly. Knowing how to guess lies can also make you a better liar yourself.

  • Pay attention to body language. Liars tend to withdraw into themselves by tucking their limbs inward, which means they are uncomfortable. On the other hand, those who tell the truth tend to spread out more.
  • Liars avoid abbreviations, start over and repeat questions verbatim in order to save time in providing an answerable answer. To avoid this, improve your excuses up front. So you can calmly finish your sentences without betraying yourself.
  • Relax when you tell a lie. Try to calm down if you know you're going to have to tell a story. Most of the time, lies are discovered because the person telling them is agitated and anxious. If you are relaxed, your lie will look more like the truth.
Be a Secret Agent Step 4

Step 4. Stay in shape and be athletic

A secret agent may have to scurry over barbed wire fences, grab onto a helicopter's undercarriage, or jump into Nestlé's sewage system. And then, you can imagine, he must also know how to run very fast. Therefore, if you want to hold out in the spy world, be fit and sharp enough to do your duty.

  • Concentrate on cardio exercises rather than strength exercises. Most secret agents don't look like Schwarzenegger. On the other hand, they must be able to run as fast as an Olympic sprinter to escape guard dogs, security guards and other henchmen.
  • The secret agent's secret weapon may simply be yoga. Who can have this faculty of control over their body, know how to twist and turn in narrow corridors while being in perfect physical condition? A secret agent who knows yoga does the trick.
Be a Secret Agent Step 5

Step 5. Learn to fight

If the going gets tough, a good secret agent should know how to deal with a fight. Wouldn't you want to end up captured and interrogated by your enemies deep in a dark warehouse? Well ! You won't have to worry about this if you know how to defend yourself with your points.

  • To have a punch worthy of the name, make a firm ball with your fingers. Keep them tight in your palm, but relaxed enough that you don't tense up. Keep your fists relaxed when defending, then clenched when punching. Slip your thumb well under your fingers and not in your fist.
  • Strike with the second phalanx and not the third. Ideally, strike with the part between the first two knuckles, directing it in the middle of your opponent's face (nose and eyes). Avoid the jaw and head. These places are harder and will hurt yourself more. Hit straight and hit hard. Play defense by adopting a defensive stance from which you can strike. Keep your fists high on either side of your face in a boxing stance, but always advance towards your opponent, even if they are throwing punches at you. Go ahead of the blows to take away their power.
Be a Secret Agent Step 6

Step 6. Learn to speak multiple languages

If you want to travel the undercover world, you need to be fluent in the language of the country where your mission will take place. This is especially true for industrial espionage as well as certain services in official government agencies. The most requested languages ​​for secret agents are:

  • arabic
  • the farsi
  • the Russian
  • Mandarin
  • the Pashto
Be a Secret Agent Step 7

Step 7. Learn to read lips

One of the most important language skills for a young secret agent is knowing how to read body language. Knowing how to decipher the information transmitted by someone, even when they do not realize it themselves, is an essential quality for a secret agent.

You can practice at home watching DVDs without sound, with subtitles, to get used to the movements of the mouth. Then remove the captions and see if you can figure out what the characters are saying. Go to cafes and public places to practice your listening skills

Part 2 of 3: Join the Secret Service

Be a Secret Agent Step 8

Step 1. Obtain a graduate degree in business, foreign languages, or enter the police force

There is no such thing as an agent who is not educated. Secret agents don't engage directly upon leaving high school, nor are they spotted for their ability to watch. Most government agencies that employ field officers require at least a bachelor's degree and preferably a graduate degree.

  • Field agents have degrees in all kinds of fields, but skills in languages, international law and politics, and management are particularly in demand. You must study an area which brings you to deal with questions of international politics. Military experience is also a valuable asset.
  • In the United States, you can try to get an internship at the CIA when you are a student. Very competitive internship programs exist for foreign policy and police students. The agency also tends to hire long-term profiles from this group. If in the future you want to be undercover as an undercover agent, this experience can be a great stepping stone for you.
Be a Secret Agent Step 9

Step 2. Complete an application with a government intelligence agency

To make your status as an official undercover agent, chances are you will need to find other work to work for the undercover government. Although there are many different careers in organizations like the CIA in the United States, secret agents are generally involved in what is called the “Underground Service”. The application form is available on the CIA website.

To complete your application, you will need to create an account, then search for job offers within the agency. Questions about your experience, education and knowledge of foreign affairs will be included in your application. You will also need to agree to have your past investigated and go through a lie detector test before proceeding any further in the recruiting process

Be a Secret Agent Step 10

Step 3. Submit to a past investigation

To work as a secret agent, you must have an absolutely clean record. If you've been arrested for a felony, or even a minor offense, your candidacy will likely be flagged and dismissed before you've had a chance to prove yourself as a trusted agent. There will surely be several hundred candidates for the slightest job offer. This is therefore an essential point if you want to be successful.

  • To give yourself the best chance of being successful, stay away from problems. You will go through a lie detector test to verify the truth of what you are saying, and drug testing will likely be part of the process. So be sure to stay sober and avoid any illicit substance. Any psychological, legal or social eccentricity problem can prevent you from getting the job. It's not an easy job.
  • Here we are talking about the CIA. So it is likely that they will be able to do extensive research on you. If you made a bombshell call for a joke when you were in high school and never got caught, expect that stuff from your past to be put on the table during the meeting. No slippage is allowed.
Be a Secret Agent Step 11

Step 4. Replay the movie of a lifetime

If you are lucky enough to be one of the few who can work for a government agency, congratulations! But now the real work begins. You will no doubt have to move regularly, from country to country and always in working order. Are you up to the challenge?

  • Try to keep the minimum of personal belongings and lead a relatively spartan lifestyle. Don't keep anything that you can't get rid of in less than a minute if you get into trouble. With such responsibilities, too many emotional attachments can be a handicap. Make your work your life. You are a secret agent after all!
  • Being a spy can make personal and romantic relationships very difficult. You may not be able to tell your friends and family what you do for a living. Will they agree with this? Will you be?
Be a Secret Agent Step 12

Step 5. Consider making yourself available for industrial espionage missions

There is more than one type of secret agent. Your locker will be anything but blank, but you will have a good set of spy skills. You should consider getting into industrial espionage. By working for a large company, you will spy on other companies and report to your superiors.

  • If you don't work for the government, it might be a good idea to start working as a private investigator to build a reputation as someone you trust who knows how to hide and spy.
  • Industrial espionage, while not strictly speaking illegal, can get you in big trouble if you sign a confidentiality clause. It is likely that you will have to work as a double agent. You will be employed by two different companies at the same time and will report to the first on what is happening in the second.

Part 3 of 3: take a blanket

Be a Secret Agent Step 13

Step 1. Find out about the cultural and political climate in the places where you will be infiltrated

Once you know where you are being sent and what you are going to do there (search, collect, facilitate…), it is essential that you learn all you can about the political climate in which you will operate. If you go to the United Arab Emirates to spy on an oil giant, you will have to do this job in a completely different way than if you go to South Florida to make your way into an activist group.

  • Study current conditions as well as older history. Learn about the local people and their culture. To do this, try to understand what the trend is for these people. What drives them? How are they different?
  • Also learn geography. If you're in Iraq and need to know how long it takes to travel from Baghdad to Kuwait and back before dark, you'd rather not bother with an iPhone to find the answer.
Be a Secret Agent Step 14

Step 2. Have a good story to tell to cover yourself up and make local contacts

It is likely that you will be given a fake new identity when you go out into the field. Perhaps you will be an executive for a fruit company in Southeast Asia looking for new places for new operations. The general scenario will be given to you, but the exact details of your life you will have to make up.

  • Treat him like an actor would. Your life may depend on it. Even the smallest detail you provide about yourself, if borrowed from your personal life, can lead your potential enemies to dig deeper into your story and uncover the truth.
  • For most missions, you will need to find someone to recommend you and help you familiarize yourself with the local culture. This person may or may not know your secret agent status. If she knows him, it would be good to make your own contacts as well to make your hole in the local landscape.
Be a Secret Agent Step 15

Step 3. Know your target

Keep your enemies close to you. Most of the time, you won't be spying on your targets from a distance, through binoculars, to see how their dark affairs are going. You'll meet them face to face, steal the information off their hard drive, and walk out without a hitch. For this reason, it is essential that you manage to get into the good graces of your target.

  • Learn all you can about their habits, what they like and don't like. If you discover that the secret drug-dealing general has a penchant for large, pure malt scotches, all you need to receive an invitation to dinner is a bottle of Laphroaig.
  • If you are working on a spinning mill, keep your distance and plan a good way out if things go wrong. Getting caught spinning on the way to the grocery store doesn't do anyone any good.
Be a Secret Agent Step 16

Step 4. Join the crowd

If you want to spy, you have to mix with the crowd and the communities so that it looks like you are part of it. If you are spying from a specific location, be careful that you have a good reason for being there. Wear normal clothes for the area, which will make it more difficult for you to identify. Avoid attracting attention.

Take your time before getting involved in fraudulent stories. For most missions, you will be expected to not do anything daring or fancy anyway. You will mainly have to wait and keep an eye on the course of events. Do not rush in order to avoid aggravating the situation. Stay in the background and consider the information you collect to be your main goal.They will allow you to integrate better

Be a Secret Agent Step 17

Step 5. Stay alert at all times

Don't get too accustomed to your surroundings. Learn to think with your feet and be resourceful in any situation. Try to use the items you have on you in innovative ways or replace them with other items that have more functions. Here is a long list of skills that can prove useful for a secret agent:

  • repair an engine
  • throw a knife
  • repair a radio
  • crochet handcuffs
Be a Secret Agent Step 18

Step 6. Gather information

Keep an eye on anything out of the ordinary and disrupting the habits of your target, where you are and the situation. Even if you are unsure of yourself, it is probably wiser to reconnect with your superiors to let them know about your suspicions about your targets.

Use your instincts and work hard to improve it when you're on the pitch. Throughout your career, you will probably never catch anyone wiretapping saying, "We're bringing in the cocaine tomorrow at noon." Criminals are not stupid. So you must learn to spot the patterns that emerge in their behavior and know how to “read” the people you follow to find out what you want to know about them

Be a Secret Agent Step 19

Step 7. Buy the hardware and software from the pros

Spy gadgets and surveillance equipment can be essential to your job. You will no doubt end up using high tech equipment to be your eyes and ears. Hidden mics today are as small as a microchip and you will likely be briefed on how to use them before you go out into the field. Likewise, depending on the nature of your assignment, you may need to set aside a lot of time to monitor these surveillance devices. Prepare to spend long hours waiting and listening to sizzling sounds or the CEO of a large gun group talking about horses with his concubine.

Be a Secret Agent Step 20

Step 8. Prepare a bag to "disappear"

A good secret agent always has a bag ready with the essentials, so that he can take it with him in an emergency. Fill it with a survival kit, clothes for all types of weather and a transponder. In an emergency, if you had to disappear in the middle of the night to escape your enemies, your allies must be able to find you.


  • Stay calm at all times and behave naturally.
  • Try to never tell anyone that you are a secret agent.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Be aware that people who are too nice to you sometimes know more about you than you realize.
  • Play on the element of surprise.
  • Learn to talk and spy at the same time.
  • Learn how to perfectly read lips beforehand.
  • You can also investigate geographic areas!
  • Trust only your teammates.
  • Shop for chic clothes for special occasions.
  • Work with more than five secret agents. Your agents will be able to relay you.
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies even more.


  • You have to control your ego and your perception of yourself as an individual.
  • If you take a gun into public places, you can get into serious trouble with the police. Therefore, do not take anything that can genuinely hurt someone. No one should have more than a small bump or a bruise!
  • You must be aware of the applicable laws and not do anything illegal or you could get into serious trouble with the police.
  • You are not in a James Bond or in the Inspector Gadget! Real agents lose their lives every day!
  • Remember to keep track of what's going on around you.

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