How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps (with pictures)

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How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps (with pictures)

Although graffiti is associated with an act of vandalism on the property of others, it has gradually evolved into an art form. Nowadays, the graffiti done by the most talented artists brings in good sums of money and sometimes even sells at auction. Do you have what it takes to become a graffiti artist?


Become a Graffiti Artist Step 1
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 1

Step 1. Go buy a "blackbook" (a sketchbook)

It will be your Bible. Always use it before tagging anything. Also find yourself a good graffiti artist 'blaze', which isn't ridiculous like Ghost, Rage, etc., and make it unique. Otherwise, buy some paper and take it with you all the time.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 2
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 2

Step 2. Pick a “blaze” you would like to write and stick with it

Remember to check to see if anyone around you already has this "blaze" on (names like face, ghost, king, demon, fire, boon are all common names). If you really want to be original, find a longer name that is more resourceful and better reflects your personality or your job.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 3
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 3

Step 3. Search your city or the internet for inspiration, but don't just copy the tags you see

Otherwise you will be labeled "toy" (a term for a beginner artist who deserves no respect) for a long time. This act is also called “biting” which is a graffiti artist's term that designates the plagiarism of the work of others. Biting can still be tolerated if it's your first graffiti and as long as you don't take all the credit for yourself.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 4
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 4

Step 4. Perfect Your Style

Most people want to start right away with “wild style” (graffiti style where letters and shapes are intertwined and merged) and murals. But that's not the way it works. Start drawing so-called “bubble” letters and practice to progress.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 5
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 5

Step 5. After weeks, months of training and sketching, buy permanent markers or make them yourself and start tagging

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 6
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 6

Step 6. Work your way up to making stickers, stencils or doing “throw ups” (a form of graffiti done quickly)]

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 7
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 7

Step 7. Meet other graffiti artists at your level who are also more talented than you

You can learn from your elders about this subculture and help your peers.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 8
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 8

Step 8. Do your homework

Try searching the internet for people like CREW LOS ANGELES, looking for styles can help you understand the history and different forms of graffiti.


  • Never paint or tag over a work of art more talented than any design you would be able to do. When drawing over someone's graffiti make sure you cover it all over, applying an emulsifier to the background will allow you to do this fairly easily. To avoid retaliation, you can do a big up to the artists on the side of your graffiti.
  • Remember, when choosing a location for your graffiti, be smart, moral, and respectful. Graffiti artists create, but do not destroy.
  • If you ever get stopped by the police, get a lawyer and use your right to remain silent. The only information you need to give is: your name, address and date of birth. Don't let the police put pressure on you to give them information about your "crew" (group) or what you are graffiti, even if you have spray painted and know what you have written very well. on the wall. Remember, when a police officer says "you are only making your case worse", it is already serious and they just want a confession to close the case.
  • Above all, have fun, be creative, original and let go. Once you understand the formation of letters, you can start to invent new original styles. Don't be afraid to think big, you never know where it might take you.
  • Some principles of graffiti artists: never tag stores, places of worship (churches), schools or very important places (mainly because they are watched).
  • Really invest in your art. Buy good graffiti materials. Or make your own ink and markers yourself. You can also buy simple spray cans at an affordable price.
  • Ask yourself why you want to be a part of the graffiti world. For some people it is obvious, but for others, they want to be a part of it for all the wrong reasons. Tagging to look cool in front of friends is not a good reason.
  • You cannot graffiti on your private property all the time, there must be a decree in your city that forbids you to do so.
  • Respect, but don't annoy those artists who are more talented than you.
  • Do your graffiti in places where you can legally graffiti, such as skate parks.
  • Practice on big rocks. You can always cover them later with paint.
  • Never include your first, middle or last name in your graffiti.
  • Make sure you don't get noticed when you're tagging.
  • Wear a scarf so you won't be identified by hidden cameras.
  • Respirator mask is useful for painting indoors or in confined spaces where paint fumes will harm your health.
  • Look on Amazon and look for DVDs on "Learn to Do Graffiti", as this will help you a lot, look for DVDs that explain step by step how to draw and paint your sketch.


  • Hide your identity.
  • Never take your blackbook with you when you go tagging.
  • Graffiti is illegal unless you have permission from the property owner and if you get caught you are likely to be fined.
  • Never tell anyone your blaze or your crew's blaze.
  • There is a difference between scribbling on a wall and drawing art. Make sure your design has artistic value.
  • Stay legal, don't copy other graffiti artists.
  • Graffiti is illegal in many places. If you get caught with your blackbook or Sharpie markers, they may be taken from you.
  • Tagging places of worship, cars, public places, shops and homes is an offense and is illegal.
  • The vapors from paint spray cans are extremely dangerous and can seriously damage your health and kill you. Always wear a breathing mask when graffiti.
  • Never do anything that might make others guess who you are.

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