4 ways to spin a drumstick

4 ways to spin a drumstick
4 ways to spin a drumstick

Drums are a very cool instrument, but it's even cooler to play them while doing a few turns with the drumsticks. They can then help you look more experienced and more confident. Most of these tricks are easy to learn and to master them you will need to practice them repeatedly.


Method 1 of 4: Spin the wand like a stick

Spin a Drumstick Step 1

Step 1. Place it between your index and middle fingers

This is a trick of the baton that any drummer enthusiast should know. Position the middle of the chopstick at the bottom, between the index and middle fingers. It must be placed on the part between these two fingers.

You can use your left or right hand for this trick which will look even better if you do it with both hands at the same time

Step 2. Alternate the position of the fingers

Now that the wand is between your fingers, you need to change its position. They will look like the legs of a swimmer and will move alternately up and down. It is this movement that will make the wand pass like a pendulum between your fingers.

  • Practice this finger movement back and forth with the wand.
  • Its middle should stay between the index and middle fingers.

Step 3. Incorporate a figure eight motion

As you alternate finger positions and the wand moves back and forth like a pendulum, roll your wrist slightly to make the wand movement smoother. As it spins, start making a circular figure-eight motion with your fingers.

As you keep spinning it, you will naturally slide it to the end due to gravity. Because of this phenomenon, you may have to readjust the position of the wand

Method 2 of 4: Rotate the chopstick over the index finger

Spin a Drumstick Step 4

Step 1. Hold the wand firmly

This starting position will help you start this round. Grasp the wand by holding it with your index finger all around and resting it against the tip of your thumb. You should keep it about 10cm from the bottom.

Then wrap your other three fingers around the wand. It should rest against the palm of your hand, not too tight, but enough to keep it from falling

Spin a Drumstick Step 5

Step 2. Position your hand vertically

Normally, when you play the drums, your hands (and drumsticks) are in a horizontal position. To rotate it, turn the hand with which you are holding the wand vertically.

Spin a Drumstick Step 6

Step 3. Pinch it and release the other fingers

Continue to hold it with your index finger and thumb. Put your middle finger, ring finger, and little finger behind the chopstick while keeping it vertical.

Step 4. Spin it back

While keeping your three fingers in this position, push the bottom of the wand forward so that the front comes towards you. You are going to push the wand with your middle finger. When it begins to spin, release your thumb and let it spin all around your index finger.

When she has finished her turn, release your middle finger on the chopstick and she should finish spinning on the index finger

Step 5. Catch the wand

It should do a full turn before returning to its starting position. Once it's there, catch it with all your fingers and thumb.

Once in the starting position, you can start turning it again

Method 3 of 4: Spin the wand with four fingers

Spin a Drumstick Step 9

Step 1. Position it between the index and middle fingers

Place the middle of the stick between your index and middle fingers. Rotate the wand by moving your index finger away from you and bringing your middle finger towards you. This will allow it to turn towards your other two fingers (the ring and little fingers).

While doing this first round with the index and middle fingers, relax the ring and little fingers so that you can move them away and position them lower than the other two. This will prevent the wand from hitting it as you do the first round

Step 2. Fold the ring finger

As you rotate the chopstick around your middle finger, bend the ring finger across the back of the chopstick and let the index finger relax and tighten. This will allow it to go from index and middle finger to middle finger and ring finger. As you did earlier by pulling your index finger away and bringing your middle finger closer to rotate the wand, you'll be doing the same movement now with your middle and little fingers.

Move your middle finger away and bring the ring finger closer. This allows the wand between the two fingers to continue rotating

Step 3. Bend the little finger

As the chopstick rotates around the ring finger, bend the little finger behind the chopstick and let the middle finger relax and tighten. By doing this movement, you are helping to position it between the ring and little fingers.

From there, you can pull your ring finger away and bring the little finger closer to continue rotating the wand

Step 4. Transfer it from pinky to index finger

As it circles your little finger, it will come back to the front of the hand (the side of the palm). Once it is on the palm side, bend and lower your fingers. When the wand is horizontal and perpendicular to the fingers, lift the index finger to reposition it in front of the wand.

  • From this position, your pinky and index finger should both be in front of the stick while your middle and ring fingers should be behind.
  • As you reposition the index finger in front of the wand, slowly release the little finger and ring finger so that only the index finger (in front of the stick) and middle finger (behind) remain in contact with it. This will put them back in the starting position and you can start spinning it again.

Method 4 of 4: Spin the chopstick on the palm

Spin a Drumstick Step 13

Step 1. Hold it with an open hand

Keep your hand open with the palm facing up and position the middle of the wand horizontally over the middle of the hand. If you rotate it in the middle, it will keep a better balance. Once you get it in the right position, close your hand without squeezing too much to make it hold.

Step 2. Spin the wand

Bring your wrist back as if you were going to throw it in front of you. As you "throw" it open your hand fully, as wide as possible, so that your fingers are pointing down. This will allow the joints that connect your fingers to the hand to become the highest part. This is where you want to rotate the wand to prevent it from hitting one of the fingers as it rotates.

Rotate it with enough force that it does at least one turn. If you don't give it enough force, it will stop rubbing against your hand

Step 3. Catch it up

Once it starts to slow down on the palm of your hand, close it to catch it. It will be easier to catch it if one end is in or near the space between the thumb and forefinger.


Remember that it takes practice to learn this kind of trick, like learning to play the drums. Practice tirelessly


  • Do not try any of these tricks during a show until you are completely confident and comfortable.
  • When catching the wand, be sure to keep your hand relatively flat so you don't hit your knuckles, which could hurt.
  • Don't let the wand protrude too far to one side or you won't be able to control it.

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