How to spy on people

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How to spy on people
How to spy on people

By spying on the people around you, you can uncover their darkest and best-hidden secrets, whether it's strangers or your big sister. If you want to be a real spy, you need to know how to do it without showing off while learning the essentials in this area. You can spy on people by hiding in the right place or even staying in the open.


Part 1 of 3: master the basics

Spy on People Step 1
Spy on People Step 1

Step 1. Always look relaxed

Whether you are spying on someone in your home or someone at the mall, the most important thing to remember is to look relaxed. If you are dressed in a silly disguise, look very nervous, or get noticed spying because you trip, carry colorful gear, or draw attention to yourself, you'll get caught in seconds. If you want to spy on people, you need to know how to look relaxed, how if you mind your own business, instead of seeming to be thinking about what other people are doing.

  • Your body language is also an important part of your relaxed appearance. Don't stand too straight, relax your shoulders enough to look relaxed, don't wriggle too much, and look straight ahead instead of looking down. If you seem too nervous, others will notice you immediately.
  • Don't pretend you're strolling, looking right and left, or looking for something. The reason for your presence will be much more obvious. Look relaxed, like taking your time waiting for someone, enjoying a beautiful spring day, or just thinking about something.
  • If the person you're spying sees you, pretend it doesn't matter. Say hello or nod your head, and smile if you don't know that person. If you run away or seem tense, it will automatically make him think something is going on.
Spy on People Step 2
Spy on People Step 2

Step 2. Prepare an excuse if you get caught

It's an important part of the spy job. If you're good you'll never get caught, but it's always best to have a back-up plan in case, unfortunately, it does happen. So, before leaving for your new spy mission, you must invent a plausible story to explain the reason for your presence, so as not to be discovered. Here are some ideas.

  • If you are at home spying on a sibling or parent, find a reason that brought you in the closet, next to the door, or in the same room as someone else. Maybe you leaned on the floor because you lost your earring (you earn points if you only wear one earring at the time) or because you are looking for something else. Perhaps you are in the cellar because you are folding your laundry. Find a reason for what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • If you are in a public place spying on someone, can you find a reason to end up in the same place? If that person spots you spying on him in Kiabi, tell him or her that you came to get a gift for your mother. If he catches you spying on him at the cinema, buy two tickets and tell him that you were coming to see the movie with a friend who has never been there. The more normal and boring your excuse looks, the better.
Spy on People Step 3
Spy on People Step 3

Step 3. Walk silently

It is also an unstoppable technique of all spies. If you want to spy on someone, you can't walk around in safety shoes or stiletto heels. Choose shoes with a rubber sole that are light and quiet, like sneakers, light sandals or even Ugg boots or any other shoe that doesn't make noise. Test your shoes outdoors before using them on your spy outings. Of course, if you are at home, you better stay barefoot.

In addition to proper footwear, you should practice not to make too much noise while walking. Walk lightly, on your toes, and try to keep as little noise as possible

Spy on People Step 4
Spy on People Step 4

Step 4. Learn more from the experts

You can learn more by reading books or watching spy movies or movies with characters who spy on other people. You can find good spy techniques there and find out which ones work the best. Here are some good sources of inspiration.

  • Harriet the little spy
  • Alice roy
  • The Hardy brothers
  • Any James Bond movie
  • Jason bourne
  • A.k.a
  • Window on courtyard
  • Paranoiak
Spy on People Step 5
Spy on People Step 5

Step 5. Practice before your mission

Once you have a target in sight and have your plan prepared, it is best to practice a bit before going out on the field. You can practice spying on your friends instead of the target who might otherwise notice you. You can spy on your mother instead of your sister to see if your technique is working. If you do get caught, you may wonder what you can do better to avoid getting caught next time.

It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses as a spy and to adjust your first missions according to what you may have learned during your training

Spy on People Step 6
Spy on People Step 6

Step 6. Learn to blend in with the landscape

The key to the success of spies is to blend in with their surroundings as much as possible. That doesn't mean you have to camouflage yourself like Peeta in The Hunger Games, but you do have to make sure you are as low-key as possible. Don't do anything that might set you apart from the people around you. If you are at a soccer game, wear a fan jersey like everyone else, as you will stand out more if you are dressed in black. Choose clothes that suit your surroundings instead of investing in expensive spy outfits that will actually make you stand out in any setting.

  • It is important to be like the people around you, but also to do what others are doing. If you find yourself in a bookstore, pretend you are looking for a book or as if you are engrossed in reading a book. If you are in an ice cream shop, you will look weird if you are eating your own cone.
  • If you are spying on your home, wear what you normally wear so that family members or neighbors don't think there is anything weird. If you can reduce the noise your clothes make, it might help, but if not, don't mix up too many styles.
Spy on People Step 7
Spy on People Step 7

Step 7. Carry a notebook and pencil at all times

Harriet the little spy knew what she was doing. If you really want to spy on people and find out the secrets of the people around you, you absolutely need to keep a notebook with you. You have to pay attention to everything you see and hear and then write it down. It might not seem like a big deal just yet, but you might find later that you're about to uncover a big piece of the puzzle.

  • Write the date and time and write down everything the person is doing.
  • To keep this notebook from looking like something out of the ordinary, write MATHEMATICS on it or another school subject in block letters. Who would want to read what's inside then?
  • Disguise your handwriting as much as possible. If someone finds your notebook, you want to make sure they can't trace it back to you. Write in small letters if you usually write large letters, tilt your handwriting in another direction, dot your i's if you don't usually do so, etc.
  • Do not refer to the person you are spying on with their real name. Instead, use a code name.
  • You can keep a small notebook with you that fits in your pocket if you're worried about looking inconspicuous.
Spy on People Step 8
Spy on People Step 8

Step 8. Consider finding a partner

While you can absolutely spy on others on your own, a partner can help you gain important information that you might not have been able to gain on your own. Your partner can help you try new techniques, they can be useful during a walkietalkie spy session, and they can be even more useful if the person you want to spy on knows you, but has never seen your partner before. However, the most important thing is that your partner is someone you can trust. You shouldn't let someone else ruin your coverage.

A partner can help, as they can pretend to be a door-to-door salesperson, lost person, or any other character while you continue to spy on that person

Part 2 of 3: Spy on people in their homes

Spy on People Step 9
Spy on People Step 9

Step 1. Stay in the corners

You'll be able to spy on people in their homes better by hugging yourself against walls when something happens. Lean firmly against the wall, leaving an inch between you and the corner where you want to hide and turning one ear towards the person you are spying on. You can also squat in a corner and listen that way, but it will be more difficult for you to come up with a valid excuse if you come to introduce yourself.

If you hear this person approaching, calmly walk up the stairs to cross their path, thinking about what you want to do. Better that you do this than get caught scampering down the stairs

Spy on People Step 10
Spy on People Step 10

Step 2. Pretend you are doing something else near this person

It's also a great way to spy on someone in your home. You can be in the next room, listening to what the other person is saying to hear all the interesting rumors they are talking about. If you want to spy on your sister who is in the basement, go to the next room to fold your laundry. If you want to spy on your dad tinkering around in the garage, pretend you're picking up dead leaves outside. Of course, it's best that you choose an activity that is as quiet as possible.

Don't do something you wouldn't normally do, like doing the dishes when you haven't done it in months, as this will raise suspicion

Spy on People Step 11
Spy on People Step 11

Step 3. Pretend to listen to music

If you are a child, your parents are probably used to seeing you with your headphones in your ears listening to music all the time. If this is what you usually do or if you want to make this habit so that your parents find it normal, this is a great way for people to reveal private information when you are in the same room because 'they think you can't hear them.

  • While it won't always work, if you spend your time at home with your headphones on, laugh to yourself, or seem like you're in your own world, people will get used to it. idea that you are not really there and they might blurt out compromising information because they think you are not listening to them.
  • You should always have some music in your headphones, like classical music or jazz in case you get caught. Just put it on a low volume.
Spy on People Step 12
Spy on People Step 12

Step 4. Listen to conversations on the phone

You can also spy on your parents or siblings by listening to them on the other line while they are on the phone. The most important thing to do is to anticipate the conversation before it happens so that you can pick up the handset before the other person picks up the phone to dial the number. If you pick up the phone before the other person, they won't be able to hear you until they make the call.

  • If the phone rings and it's a call for your mom or sister, but you want to stay on the line, pick up first, call the other person to pick up the phone and once they arrive, turn the phone down and pick it up again, to pretend you've hung up.
  • It is very important to avoid breathing too hard when spying on someone on the phone. You can even hold the phone close to your ear, but a little further away from your mouth to avoid arousing suspicion.
Spy on People Step 13
Spy on People Step 13

Step 5. Avoid heavy breathing

If you want to be able to spy on the people in your home, you need to practice breathing as quietly as possible. If you breathe too hard, you will immediately arouse suspicion and get caught. You should practice breathing slowly and shallowly, through your nose if possible, so that no one can spot your breathing.

You also need to learn to hold back a sneeze or cough. You should also be careful about your allergies

Spy on People Step 14
Spy on People Step 14

Step 6. Buy yourself a webcam with a motion sensor

A webcam with a motion detector can be essential equipment for the spy. If you set it to light up when someone enters the room, it will automatically register who is there and you can see exactly what they are doing there. It's a great way to spy on people in your home. If you have a laptop, you can even leave it unwittingly in different rooms of the house so it can record back and forth.

Spy on People Step 15
Spy on People Step 15

Step 7. Spy on people by putting a glass against the wall

If you place a glass against the wall with the bottom towards your ear and the open part of the glass towards the wall, you will be able to amplify the sounds of the next room slightly. It can help you become a spy master and listen to what people in the next room are saying to each other, whether they are secrets or not.

Part 3 of 3: Spying on People in Public

Spy on People Step 16
Spy on People Step 16

Step 1. Don't get noticed

If you have to go out in public to spy on someone, the best thing you can do is blend in. If this person knows you and you want to go unnoticed, you might consider wearing sunglasses, but only if it won't make you stand out from the group you're in. To blend in with the crowd, wear what others are wearing and do what they are doing. You can also change your hairstyle or do something else to look different, as long as you don't draw attention to yourself.

You will only get noticed by wearing a fake beard or dressing all in black in the middle of August

Spy on People Step 17
Spy on People Step 17

Step 2. Do not make sudden movements

Move fast enough to feel like you're going somewhere, but slowly enough that you don't seem to be in a hurry. If you are following someone, you should never run, follow their pace too obviously, or lose your breath. If you really want to go unnoticed, you need to appear consistent and stay calm, even if your target is walking away.

While the most important thing is to keep an eye on your target, you also need to be careful with your surroundings. You're going to ruin your coverage if you bump into someone, drop anything, or trip

Spy on People Step 18
Spy on People Step 18

Step 3. Learn to read lips

If you know how to read lips, you will be able to do a lot more. If you learn how to do this, you can watch people from afar and know what they are talking about. Of course, you need to be able to see people's mouths and keep a low profile, but you can do it without being noticed. For example, find a good place to hide with binoculars! You can take lip reading lessons on the Internet. Here are several things you should know.

  • When a person pronounces a vowel, their mouth will take on a more rounded shape.
  • When a person says a d or a t, you should see a small piece of their tongue sticking out of the teeth with rounded lips.
  • You can try saying a word with your mouth to get a better idea of what that person said.
  • Once you get better at lip reading, you can look around the rest of the mouth or face for better context.
  • Until you become a master at the art of lip reading, you can even try recording the conversation with a camera (if you can see their faces) so you can watch it later and try to decipher. what these two people were saying to each other.
Spy on People Step 19
Spy on People Step 19

Step 4. Consider using binoculars

Binoculars are another piece of equipment you need if you really want to spy on people. The most important thing to remember is to use your common sense and be very careful. You can use them in your home to spy on your neighbors, if you are in a dark room with no glare it might be harder to see you than if you are in public.

Even though you've seen a lot of movies where spies use binoculars while lying in a bush, in reality, you are going to get caught quickly with this technique. If you really want to use binoculars to spy on people outside, you need to make sure you put a lot of distance between yourself and the person you are spying on

Spy on People Step 20
Spy on People Step 20

Step 5. Travel light

If you go out in a public place, you don't have to bring your camera, a big backpack, fifty spy gadgets, and a big notebook with lots of pencils. You should only bring what you need and you should act as if nothing has happened. If you bring a lot of gear and it takes a long time to get everything set up, it will only draw attention to you. Find a way to fit everything you need into a small backpack or under your coat. If you look like you're not carrying anything bulky, people aren't going to think you're up to something.

Spy on People Step 21
Spy on People Step 21

Step 6. Use a mirror

If you're in public and want to spy on the person behind you, pull out a mirror, maybe even some makeup, and pretend you're looking at your face. Then tilt the mirror in a direction that allows you to see the person behind you. You can also try to hide the mirror in a book or other object that you hold in front of you. Just make sure no one can see it.

If you want to look like you're fixing your hair, you can't do it for 30 minutes. If you did it for too long, you might get attention

Spy on People Step 22
Spy on People Step 22

Step 7. Use a secret recording device

You can search the Internet and find everyday items that are actually recording devices, such as a pencil. If you get one of these items, you can leave it somewhere where two other people will sit and come back later to listen to their recorded conversation. You can even use a standard voice recorder, but you will have to hide it properly, for example at the bottom of a bag that you accidentally left behind next to the people you want to spy on.

If you are using a traditional dictaphone with a tape, remember that the tape might come to an end and the device might make a distinctive noise. Use it only for recording short conversations

Spy on People Step 23
Spy on People Step 23

Step 8. Lock all your devices

If you are a real spy, you need to make sure that people won't be able to see who you are or what you are doing. Lock your phone, computer, and all other devices, so others cannot access them. You could even set it to go off an alarm if someone tries to unlock it. It can help you find out who is trying to spy on you and you will keep your secrets safe.


  • Be careful when walking on gravel as it makes a lot of noise.
  • Do not tell your friends that you are a spy, unless they are also part of your spy group.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for yourself, and for the rest of the group.
  • If you want to be quiet, make sure you don't wear loose clothing, especially pants. They can make a lot of noise when you are walking or crawling. Wear tight pants or shorts.
  • Keep a low profile. The people you spy on might not notice you if you stay down and out of sight.
  • If you are alone, make sure you have a cell phone, because if you need help you can call someone. Also make sure your phone is on vibrate so you don't get noticed by the person you're spying on if you get a text or a call.
  • Your phone should always be on silent or on vibrate. Make sure the battery doesn't drain completely when you spy on someone. The person you are spying on might notice and see you.
  • Watch out for snow, your footprints are much easier to follow during the winter.
  • Always stay in a group for backup and someone to watch over your safety.
  • Wear casual clothes.
  • It is possible to use spyware to spy on a cell phone. Some allow telephone conversations to be listened to live or even to be recorded.


  • Prepare for the unexpected, especially if you spy on a stranger. He might know what's going to happen to you and him.
  • Be careful not to cast any shadows over your body, as you could be spotted by the person you are spying on.
  • Put your phone on vibrate before you go out to spy on someone, otherwise they might hear them and alert others to your presence.
  • Do not try to do special moves, for example jumping off a wall, running between rooftops, or jumping over different obstacles. It makes a lot of noise and the others will notice it. These are techniques reserved for ninjas.
  • Don't think that you can complete an entire mission on your own, because you have to plan it beforehand.
  • Don't eat foods that make noise.
  • Try to pack soft foods that should not be kept in the refrigerator.
  • It might be illegal to spy on people under the laws of your country of residence.

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