How to buy something without parental permission

How to buy something without parental permission
How to buy something without parental permission

Do you just want something that your parents refuse or you don't even want to ask their permission because you know in advance that they will say no? Even if you have your own funds, there might be a category of things that your parents won't want you to buy. Learn how to buy whatever you want in a store or on the Internet without your parents knowing.


Part 1 of 3: buy from a store

Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 1

Step 1. Save money

Do some research on the Internet or go to the store where you want to make your purchase to find the exact price of the item you want to buy. Save from your salary or spending money to have enough funds to pay for the item yourself.

  • Remember that there is a good chance that the item you want to purchase will be subject to taxes, which will cause the total cost of the item to slightly exceed the price on the label.
  • If you can't muster enough pennies on your own, ask a loved one or friend if they can give or lend you some. That said, be aware that he probably won't give you money without receiving something in return. You can also try mowing your neighbors' lawns in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter, or babysitting to earn more money.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 2

Step 2. Go to the store

Have an older loved one, friend, or someone else who can drive take you to the store where you want to make your purchase. Make sure this person is trustworthy. If they won't let you out, don't go out. Avoid using Uber, especially because you might run into a shady driver.

  • If you fancy taking the bus or train, check the directions to determine the fastest route to your destination. Google Maps is a great tool for doing this.
  • Be sure to make up a story to serve your parents if they ask you why you are late. You can say, for example, I missed the bus and the next one took a while to arrive. Then I fell asleep on the train! Otherwise, if you have remedial classes every week and there is a week you don't, buy the item that day.
  • Make sure you have enough money! If you come home late twice in a row, your parents will be suspicious.
  • If you want to make your purchase after class instead, get there as quickly as possible, get the item and get home quickly so as not to arouse suspicion.
  • If you can go out on your own, try going after class with a friend who can drive, or have an older loved one take you. If possible, avoid lying to your parents about where you are going. If the store is close enough, cycle or walk there yourself, especially if you don't have anyone to drive you or if you don't want to let anyone know what you want to buy.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 3

Step 3. Get what you want

Purchase the item of your choice at a store with cash or a gift card, if you have one.

  • Do not pay anything with a credit card, especially if it is a parent's account, as the purchase will show up on invoices and account statements.
  • Remember that there are age restrictions on some items and store workers will require valid ID before letting you purchase them. For example, you have to prove that you are 18 years old to buy alcohol and at least 17 years old to get an M (mature) video game. If you are not of age to purchase the item you want, consider having someone older to buy it for you and give them your money.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 4

Step 4. Put the item in your backpack

Hide the product in a backpack or other regular bag you carry, so you can take it home without your parents realizing it.

  • Throw away the store bag or any other evidence you don't need right away.
  • If you made a bulk purchase or what you bought is large and you can't seem to hide it in a bag, be sure to tell a friend to help you carry it. In addition, you should only bring the purchased item home when your parents are not present to see you bring it in.

Part 2 of 3: Buy on the Internet

Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 5

Step 1. Get a gift card

Obtain a gift card from the online store where you want to shop. You will find a plethora of gift cards in grocery stores or even in the store of your choice. In addition, you can use most of these cards to make online purchases.

  • If you can't get the gift card from the online store you want to buy from, you can get a Visa gift card or other prepaid credit card like that that you can use anywhere. You also have the option to get an Amazon gift card to buy everything on this site.
  • Remember that when ordering online, taxes, shipping and handling charges will be added to the purchase price, so the total cost will be more than the amount shown. If you want to avoid the additional shipping and handling costs, try making your purchase in person at a store. However, be aware that some websites like Best Buy and Amazon offer free handling and delivery for certain items. So check the site's shipping and handling policy before placing your order.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 6

Step 2. Enter your information to place the order

Go to the site where you want to purchase your item and enter the information they ask for at checkout, along with your name and addresses. Enter your gift card code when prompted to choose your payment method. Do not use a credit card that your parents use to shop on the Internet, as the purchase will show up on statements and invoices.

  • Be sure to enter an email address that you can access exclusively, so that you receive the confirmation email and any other updates that will be sent to you.
  • Avoid having your product shipped by FedEx or UPS. These services sometimes require an adult's signature upon delivery. If possible, choose a regular postal service like Ciblex France.
  • Consider getting a friend's permission to have your item sent home to prevent your parents from seeing it. In this circumstance, enter the name and address of the person who will receive the package instead of yours when ordering. However, always use your email address.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 7

Step 3. Continuously track your order

Visit the site you ordered again or check the confirmation email that was sent to you with the link that says Track Your Package or something. Keep checking the location of your package this way so you know when it will arrive at your or your friend's place.

If you can't track your package, pay attention to what the online store says about the average delivery time. See if the store emailed when the item shipped. Thus, the product should take 7-10 days (or the delivery time that the store offers) after receiving the email to arrive at its destination

Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 8

Step 4. Check your PO Box frequently

Try to check your PO box before your parents do it every day, just when you expect your package to arrive. When you finally have it, slip it into a backpack or other satchel you usually carry to fit the package into the house and then into your room.

  • Pay attention to what time mail arrives every day so that you are available at that time and ready to go out to check the mailbox or door. You can even go talk to the postman if you see him outside to ask if he has a package for you.
  • If the package usually arrives while you are at school or when you are busy with another activity, you should have your package sent to a friend or someone you trust to receive it. to give it to you later.

Part 3 of 3: Hide the purchased product

Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 9

Step 1. Hide it in the house

Find a good hiding place for your purchase and only take it out when your parents aren't home or won't be able to notice it. Try to put it in places with small openings, like at the bottom of furniture.

  • Be careful not to choose a place where your parents could go to clean, pick up laundry, or a place where they have a reason to rummage once in a while, such as your closet, your dresser drawers or other storage space.
  • If the item you purchased is too large or difficult to hide, consider keeping it in the house of a trusted friend and using it there or taking it carefully home when you need it. can.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 10

Step 2. Hide receipts

You should also conceal receipts or any other proof of your purchase to prevent your parents from stumbling over them and asking you questions about it.

  • You should always keep all receipts and packaging for the purchased item instead of throwing them away, as you may need them later if you ever need to return or exchange the product.
  • If you are making an online purchase, keep any receipts that come with it, but get rid of the packaging by throwing it where your parents can't see it. A school trash can or the one in a public place is preferable to the one at home.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 11

Step 3. Clear your search history

If you made a purchase on the internet or have done other research online before or after your purchase, clear your browser history, especially if you are using the same computer as your parents.

  • Go to the tab Settings Where Historical from your Internet browser and clear the recent history of the sites you have visited. Otherwise, select and delete only the ones you don't want your parents to see.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 12

Step 4. Privately use the purchased product

Take your item out of its hiding place when your parents aren't around or won't be able to surprise you with it. You can also use it, wear it or watch it only when you are at your friend's house or at school.

Make sure you pack your item or have it hidden well when moving it from one location to another

Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 13

Step 5. Talk to your parents about a reward program

If your parents find out about your purchase and have doubts about where it came from and you don't want to tell them you bought it, tell them you got it from a reward program or other competition like that collecting capsules or a game which consists in finding a winning number on a drink or a food.

  • You might have a small collection of capsules or other evidence to show that you are really participating in this game that you are talking about.
  • You can also tell them that it is a gift from a friend or classmate.
  • Know that it is not a good idea to lie to your parents. You should therefore avoid using this step or making up any other excuse whenever possible. If your parents are trying to find out where your purchase came from, the best you can do right now is to honestly say where and how you got it.
Buy Something Without Your Parent's Permission Step 14

Step 6. Tell the truth about what you bought

You might just decide to tell your parents everything about your purchase. Be aware that they might get upset if they refused you not to buy it. Having said that, it could get worse if you try to hide this from them and they eventually find out.

  • If you had ever asked your parents for permission to buy something and they refused, you can tell them I know you didn't want me to buy it, but I did it of my own free will with my own money. I'm sorry I did it behind your back, but I want to be honest now instead of hiding it from you.
  • If you hadn't asked your parents for permission, you can casually mention your purchase to them, in the hope that they won't make a big deal of it, if you are old enough to own the 'item and paid for it with your own money.


  • Some websites will give you the option of picking up your package from the post office closest to you. All you need to do is bring your ID when you go to pick it up.
  • Delete the site where you purchased the product from your browser history so that your parents cannot see it.
  • This is a great way to buy gifts for your parents, not just your own shopping!
  • If you live with two parents and want to give a gift to one of them, you can ask for help from one to surprise the other!
  • Do not use another person's credit card.
  • You could get an item and if your parents ask you about it, you will tell them that you bought it for them as a gift. However, you shouldn't use this trick if you've bought something illegal like drugs or alcohol.
  • Unless you and an adult are willing to take the risk (which logically isn't likely to happen), don't buy alcohol or drugs to avoid legal trouble. Wait until you are of legal age to take any of these products.
  • If you make a purchase online and you're worried that your parents will detect it in your purchase history or in the mail, you can ask a friend to buy it for you and have it delivered to their home, then they'll send it to you. give it to school or you will go to his house to pick it up.

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