How to annoy your parents: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to annoy your parents: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to annoy your parents: 10 steps (with pictures)

You can learn to annoy your parents, in public, in the car, if you want to have fun at their expense. It will drive them nuts.


Deal with a Lazy Child Step 11

Step 1. Miss your daily chores

  • When you do a household chore, like washing the dishes, forget to clean the forks.
  • Let your shoes hang out.
  • Always forget about the classics, like putting away your school bag or hanging up your jacket.
  • Make a mess. If you see your parents tidying up in a room, take the opportunity to make a mess of it.
  • Always “forget” what you are asked to do, such as taking out the trash or walking the dog.
  • If you have a task to do, complain and say how difficult it is.
  • Say you don't know how to do this or that. After they tell you how to do it, tell them you forgot.
Discipline a Child Step 18

Step 2. Annoy your parents with repetitive quirks

  • Turn the light on and off in the room where your parents are.
  • Bother them repeatedly while they are watching a movie to ask them questions about anything and everything.
  • In the car for a trip, ask them all the time "are we there soon?" "
  • If you have siblings, ask them who they like best.
  • Follow them around or into the house, step on their toes. Excuse you. Start over.
  • When they send you off for something, come back with nothing. When they ask for more, come back with something they didn't ask for. Keep going.
Monitor Your Child's Smartphone Use Step 3

Step 3. Try the sabotage

  • Set their alarm clock for 6 a.m. on Sunday.
  • Splash some water on their pillow, so they think the ceiling is leaking or the dog may have urinated on the bed.
  • Write your name on your parents' car if it is dirty and dusty.
  • Turn down the heat if it's cold and turn it up if it's hot.
  • Ask them to take you to school. Almost there, tell them to turn around, you forgot something very important! A few meters from the house, "find him".
  • Ask them for help with your homework. When they sit down, get up and let them do the work.
Encourage Your Child to Love Learning Step 4

Step 4. Hide your parents' things

  • Hide the remote control.
  • Hide their cell phone or home phone, if it's wireless.
  • Hide the purse or wallet.
  • Hide their keys, just before they are about to leave.
Tell if Your Child Is Spoiled Step 3

Step 5. Embarrass your parents in public

  • In a store, draw all kinds of items and ask them how much it costs.
  • If you are in a place with other people, look at the person next to you and ask in a loud voice why he smells bad.
  • Beg for candy or junk to eat, "Please can I have some?" "
  • Beg to go to the bathroom. When your parents find them, say you don't want to anymore.
Tell if Your Child Is Spoiled Step 6

Step 6. Say insulting but honest things

  • If they come up to you to say something, suddenly pull back and say, "Did you eat garlic?" Or "you look old".
  • If your parents bought new shoes, look at them and say "WHAT is this?" "
  • If your parents are afraid of spiders, dogs, or anything small, laugh at them while they show their fear.
Tell if Your Child Is Spoiled Step 1

Step 7. Speak in an annoying manner

  • Talk bad and don't stop after your parents pick you up.
  • Call your parents by first name, rather than "mom" and "dad".
  • Pretend you are deaf in one ear and keep repeating "What?" Or "Louder, I can't hear you".
  • Use a different accent to speak, or colorful or coded language.
Tell if Your Child Is Spoiled Step 9

Step 8. Make some noise

  • Listen to the music very loudly, especially if it's music they don't like.
  • If they say something about a song, sing it suddenly, very badly, and loudly as possible.
  • Jump up and down the stairs instead of walking normally.
  • Slam the doors.
  • Laugh exaggeratedly when you hear a joke.
  • Enter your room and yell: say you saw a ghost.
  • Eat and drink while making noise.
Help Kids Cope with Being Socially Excluded Step 6

Step 9. Be smart in a stupid way

  • Correct your parents' grammar, but incorrectly. When they say “if I had known…”, take them back by saying “you mean if you would have known…”
  • Try to speak correctly, even if you don't know what you are saying. Pick a word or phrase, preferably long, and use it all the time. For example, take "womanizer" and say "frankly, that womanizer didn't understand picking cotton."
  • Tell your parents anything while they are talking to you or just make it up: “At school, we learned how the inside of the crust of the moon was used for laptop screens. We send children up there to collect it. "
  • Say things that don't make sense. If they ask you what you did with your boyfriend, answer “it was ……….. totalitarian”.
Help Your Child Focus Step 4

Step 10. Be weird

  • If they walk towards the bathroom, run and lock yourself in. Tell them you were desperate.
  • Talk to 10 imaginary friends at the same time.
  • Start by summing up the Star Wars plot or talk to them about your masterpiece to embed the underworld in super precise and dramatic detail.
  • Wait until you have the house to yourself and move all the furniture around.
  • Turn your clothes inside out.


  • Be consistent in what you do with your parents until they saturate.
  • Record your voice saying something random, sit near them and play it on a loop.
  • Alternate the steps, going from very annoying to slightly boring.
  • When they call you, say “I'm coming” and don't go.

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