How to learn English faster

How to learn English faster
How to learn English faster

Learning a new language can be difficult but not impossible. Regardless of the language chosen, this process can be divided into four parts: reading, writing, listening and communicating. If you want to learn English quickly, start with the first step below.


Part 1 of 3: using fun techniques

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Step 1. Read everything that comes into your hands

Reading as much as possible is one of the easiest ways to learn English quickly. Read regularly whatever you find interesting and useful. This will improve your vocabulary and help you learn grammar and slang.

  • Read comics. Those who don't like children's books can read comics. These are generally available for sale in bookstores or online or accessible for free on the internet (generally called webcomics).
  • Reread books you already know. If you already know what these are, it will be easier for you to guess and understand the words.
  • Read the newspapers. Newspapers are a good way to learn the basics of a language, as they are usually written in correct grammar and are therefore accessible to all types of readers. Electronic versions of newspapers written in English are available online, such as the New York Times or the Guardian.
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Step 2. Watch movies

This will also help improve your English by getting used to the spoken language and exposing you to new vocabulary. You can start by reading the captions, but you'll quickly learn to understand what's being said without needing to. Once you've learned a minimum of vocabulary, try to dispense with captions, recognize words you know, and guess those you don't from the context.

Learn English Faster Step 3

Step 3. Play network games

These are online games that are played in groups. You can choose partners from English speaking countries, which will give you the opportunity to communicate in English and enrich your knowledge. Try playing Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, or The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Step 4. Write to a correspondent online

Find people who are trying to learn your language and with whom you will exchange letters or emails. For example, you will write the first part of your email in your native language so that your correspondent can practice and the second part in English so that you can practice yourself. You can talk whatever you want! There are several websites that will help you find a pen pal online.

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Step 5. Make Friends

You can make friends with English speaking people and chat, exchange emails or speak on Skype, which will allow you to improve your English. You can meet new friends by joining groups that share your interests or language learning communities.

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Step 6. Sing

Learning by singing is another effective way to improve your English. This will help you get to know English phonetics better (the rhythms will help your pronunciation to progress). Singing will improve your vocabulary. Pick a song you like, learn it, and discover the meaning of its lyrics.

Part 2 of 3: Work seriously

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Step 1. Take language lessons

English lessons will help you learn basic vocabulary and grammar correctly. Two types of courses are available.

  • You can take courses online. Some are chargeable, others are free. The paid courses are sometimes of better quality than the others but this is not always the case. Here are some good examples of online learning programs: LiveMocha and Duolingo.
  • Take language lessons at school. You can attend classes at a local college or language schools. They are not free but the assistance of the teachers will be very important and will have the advantage of making you learn much faster than when you get started on your own.
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Step 2. Keep a journal

This will work on your writing and vocabulary and help you form new sentences instead of repeating the ones you already know. You can keep a diary. You can also have a small notebook in which you will write new words as soon as you come across them while reading or listening to someone speak English.

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Step 3. Visit English speaking countries

Traveling to countries where everyone speaks English will help you learn much faster. Look for a temporary job or an internship in an English speaking country. You can take short trips, but immersing yourself in an English-speaking culture for at least three months will prove to be much more effective.

Learn English Faster Step 5

Step 4. Learn on your own

You can obviously learn English on your own by making learning English a priority. Spend all your free time studying it and using it as often as possible.

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Step 5. Take advantage of the internet

There are several online tools that aim to help you learn English faster. These vary from plug-in programs to mobile apps. Try ANKI (cards program), Memrise (cards and more) or FORVO (pronunciation guide).

Learn English Faster Step 9

Step 6. Immerse yourself in the language

It is the best way to learn a new language. That is, you need to study English every day for at least 3 hours. One hour per week is not enough for your language learning. If you can devote at least six hours a day to listening, writing and speaking English, this language immersion will help you considerably.

Part 3 of 3: Rules to follow

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Step 1. Practice starting with a small set of words

When trying to learn new words, don't work with too much vocabulary. Learn a few new words each time and don't move forward until you have mastered them.

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Step 2. Stick labels on your furniture and belongings

Put labels everywhere in your house to help you learn the words that correspond to objects. This way, you will remember the object when you see the word instead of trying to translate everything.

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Step 3. Use the Google Images tool

This is a good way to learn the names (and other types of words) of a language. Look up the new words in the image search tool and the photos that will appear will help you learn better!

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Step 4. Don't try to learn from index cards

You should not use cards with words only (ie with the English word on the one hand and the one in your language on the other). This will get you used to translating everything in your head which will slow down your listening comprehension. Try to learn the words through a photo or audio.

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Step 5. Don't stress too much grammar

When it comes to English, most people don't speak grammatically perfect, or even grammatically correct, English. If you spend all your time trying to learn grammar, you are going to waste a lot of time. Speaking incorrectly is not a problem. Someone will correct you and you will learn gradually. You will end up speaking English correctly without realizing it.

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Step 6. Don't be afraid to try

The most important thing in learning a language quickly is to speak it. Use your language skills as much as If you don't put your language skills to the test you will learn much more slowly. Speak as you see fit, you are perfectly capable of it!

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