4 ways to text someone on a date

4 ways to text someone on a date
4 ways to text someone on a date

Even though it was taboo a few years ago, more and more people are texting others out. Although you may feel very nervous about approaching the person you like, you can take the time to think about what you want to say to them to narrow down your request if you choose to do so by text.. By following a few simple tips you can make the conversation go smoothly and hopefully get him to say yes.


Method 1 of 4: Invite the person out

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 1

Step 1. Stay focused on your goal

A text conversation about trivialities with the person you like is a good way to show them that you want to get to know them better. Don't let the conversation drift into overly general topics, and don't make her wait too long before inviting her out. The faster you ask him, the more likely you are to interest him and get a favorable response.

If you ask her out on a specific date, focus the conversation on that topic. For example, if you want to invite her to watch a movie, you can tell her about the new movies available

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 2

Step 2. Give her a compliment

When you ask him to go out with you, try to give him a nice compliment to explain why you want to invite him out. This will help them feel good and welcome the idea of ​​going out with you. Here are some ideas.

  • “I really enjoy chatting with you. Would you like us to go have a coffee together one of these days? "
  • “I've been thinking about it lately and wondering if you'd like to go see a movie with me. "
  • “You look like an amazing person. Would you like to go to dinner with me? "
Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 3

Step 3. Give him details of your outing

Make sure that the boy or girl you like understands that you want to date, otherwise he / she might think that you are inviting him / her to join your group of friends. Use clear sentences like "do you want to go out together?" Instead of vague phrases like "do you want to go out someday?""

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 4

Step 4. Think about the details of the outing

If he says yes, immediately continue with the details of your plan. Find a day and a time that works for both of you and meet up somewhere. Make a concrete plan before ending the conversation. This will show her that you are genuinely interested while avoiding any confusion later.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 5

Step 5. Don't worry if he says no

Give him some space and let a few weeks pass before talking to him again as a friend. If the conversation goes well, you might still have a chance at dating. At the same time, you should take care of yourself by spending time with your friends, getting out of your house, and staying active.

Method 2 of 4: Text chat with the person you like

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 6

Step 1. Keep your texts personal

Avoid generic messages like "hi", "how are you" or "what are you doing" as this is not the best way to start a conversation. Instead, try personalizing the texts you send her. This will put you in a positive light and show that you are interested in their personality.

  • Try to refer to the last conversation you had. For example, if you discussed an exam or a project at work, ask them how it went.
  • Discuss his interests. If you know he likes a certain band, ask him about his latest album. If he likes a certain team, discuss their last game.
Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 7

Step 2. Talk about happy things

Use your texts to show him that he's going to have fun around you. Keep the conversation cool and don't be afraid to send her a joke or two. Remember that jokes and sarcasm can be hard to understand in a text message, which is why you need to make it clear that you are joking by using emojis or little words like "lol" or "haha".

Unless that person likes these kinds of jokes, you should avoid overly crass jokes. Even if that's not your intention, the jokes or raw comments might make her uncomfortable or nervous

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 8

Step 3. Don't make mistakes in your texts

You don't have to write fancy paragraphs in a text message. However, most people are going to be more willing to agree to your date if you don't make spelling or grammar mistakes. Check your messages before sending them to make sure you don't leave any obvious mistakes.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 9

Step 4. Give him time to respond

If you haven't received a response, don't bombard them with messages. He might be busy or trying to decide what to reply to and you might make him feel uncomfortable by texting him too many. If you haven't received any replies after 24-48 hours, you can try re-message him to see if he replies. If you still don't get a response, he might not be interested.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 10

Step 5. Write as much as he does

You don't want to knock out the boy or girl you like with your messages, which is why you need to show them a similar level of enthusiasm. You will look desperate if you send her three long texts after receiving a single short text. Instead, try sending him messages of the same length.

Method 3 of 4: Send texts at the right time

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 11

Step 1. Don't wait too long to text her

If you've just met someone you like, don't wait to send them a message. The three-day rule before texting her doesn't work. Contact him during the day to keep the moment you just spent together fresh in his memory.

  • Even if you've known this person for a while, if you've had a great time together, don't wait to text them to them how much fun you had.
  • Your first message can be quite simple, for example: “I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed our conversation today. "
Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 12

Step 2. Text at reasonable times

Avoid messages very early in the morning or late at night because you don't want to wake him up. Usually the best time is late afternoon or early evening, as the boy or girl you like should be awake and finished school or work.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 13

Step 3. Wait an hour or two before responding

When he sends you a message, don't send him a reply right away or you will look desperate. However, you also don't have to wait too long or you might appear rude or disinterested.

Usually, you should wait to send a response only after the first text. If you keep him waiting constantly, he might become impatient or doubt your interest

Method 4 of 4: Arrange the meeting

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 14

Step 1. Let him know that you are looking forward to him

Don't send him hundreds of messages, but a day or two before D-Day, you can text him to let him know that you can't wait to see him. This will show her that you are excited about the date.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 15

Step 2. Wear a nice, appropriate outfit

Before you meet again, you need to choose a nice outfit suitable for your date. Unless you're heading to a fancy restaurant or upscale event, you don't need a gala dress or a tuxedo. Instead, find something comfortable to wear that looks good on you, looks good, and shows you've put in the effort.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 16

Step 3. Pay attention to your partner

During the date, turn off your phone and focus on your partner. Keep your attention focused on your time together and avoid discussing your problems at work or school, past relationships, or other unpleasant topics. Show him that you are interested by listening to what he says and giving him interesting answers.

Ask Someone Out Using a Text Message Step 17

Step 4. Let her know you had fun

If you had a great time and want to see each other again, let her know. Message her the same evening or the next day to let her know you had a great time. If he sends you a positive response, ask him if he'd like to get back together later.


  • If possible, try to find out in advance if the boy or the girl you like is interested in you or if he (she) is already in a relationship.
  • Once you've become friends, invite him out and if he says no, tell him that's okay.

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