How to give a college graduation speech

How to give a college graduation speech
How to give a college graduation speech

Getting into high school is great and for that you would probably like to leave a mark in your college. End the year on a high note giving a graduation speech and ending your school experience in a great way!


Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 1

Step 1. Introduce yourself

You will probably receive the basic presentation from an administrator, but you can add a few details.

" Hello everybody ! My name is Dan and I have been attending this school for three years now."

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 2

Step 2. Write down the first memories you have of school

Did you start classes at the same time as the others or were you transferred to school? Talk about what you expected when you first set foot in the establishment.

“When I first came here, I remember thinking the campus was crowded and big. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit in."

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 3

Step 3. Talk about how much you enjoyed the experience

If you were scared at the start, you can say that things went so much better than expected.

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 4

Step 4. Address one or two words to each teacher

If you think it's appropriate, you can make little jokes without being mean. Unless there are a lot of teachers who babysat you during your school years, you have to make an effort not to forget any of them.

“Mr. Holmes showed me that science can be fun, especially when my model volcano erupts and covers the entire ceiling. I will never forget that moment when Ms. Peterson threw a great slump shot on the basketball court. Besides, who could have known that Mrs. Ludlow played the banjo so well?"

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 5

Step 5. Talk a little about the other students

You may be the one to deliver the speech, but know that you represent the outgoing promotion. Talk about memorable incidents, things your class is known for, or how everyone is so close to each other.

“During the fall charity campaign, our class made school history by raising over 300 euros. Our trip to Paris this year was one of the most entertaining experiences of my life. I am delighted that most of us will be attending the same school this fall."

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 6

Step 6. Also talk about the future

Tell how the college trained you to face the future.

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 7

Step 7. Thank everyone

You must say "Thank you" to everyone in recognition of everything they have done to make your school career enjoyable. These are college staff, administration, parents, teachers, and fellow students. If there is a particular time when someone helped you, mention that as well.

“I take this opportunity to thank my classmates, the principal Nolan, the members of the administration, the teachers and of course my parents who allowed me to have a wonderful experience in this school. Special thanks to Sara Jenkins, who was the first person to speak to me on my first day of school. She also taught me to do certain things during my very first weeks and has been my mentor for the past three years."

Make a Middle School Graduation Speech Step 8

Step 8. Add a closing word

Look for a decisive argument that will positively impact your audience and allow you to end your speech well.

“On behalf of the Class of 2012, I would like to thank you again! I do hope that this college will remember us as fondly as we would."


  • Trust in yourself! Don't make your audience see that you are too shy or nervous.
  • Make sure you send an inspiring message so people can remember it.
  • It is okay to make jokes during your speech. In reality, this will make the latter more memorable.
  • Don't be too worried! If you were asked to give a speech, know that there is probably a reason for it.
  • You are not finishing your studies at university or high school and for that, you must not be too ridiculous or cranky! You still have a long way to go.
  • Breathing deeply before the speech can be helpful.
  • Consider ending your speech with a meaningful quote that you created yourself.
  • Express your emotions and smile.
  • Be natural.
  • Do not be shy.


  • Avoid chewing gum while giving the speech, as this is disrespectful.
  • Don't hesitate to tell stories of a specific person, but be sure to ask them first if you can mention their name in your speech. So no one will be embarrassed on graduation day.
  • Make sure the content of your speech is written in a way that respects everyone. It also includes students and teachers you don't like.
  • Your speech should not be too long. A three to five minute text would do. Do not bring up the memories of college or your speech will look like a list!
  • Do not show your text to your classmates otherwise it will not have enough impact during the ceremony. However, you will have to have it read by a teacher.

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