3 ways to post on Reddit

3 ways to post on Reddit
3 ways to post on Reddit

Reddit users can send private messages to other users, although only text messages are allowed. Mobile users will need to be smart, as Reddit’s mobile website is incomplete and apps change often.


Method 1 of 3: On the mobile website

Send Messages on Reddit Step 1

Step 1. Use the compact version of the site (recommended)

There are two versions of the Reddit mobile site: reddit.com/.compact and m.reddit.com. You can reply to messages on either side, but only the compact version allows you to compose a new message.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 2

Step 2. Open your inbox

On the compact site, click on the envelope at the top right. On the classic mobile site, select the hamburger menu icon at the top right (the three horizontal lines). From the drop-down menu that appears, select the inbox button with an envelope icon.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 3

Step 3. Respond to a message

Go to the tab Messages to read messages that other users have sent to you. To reply to a message, follow the steps below.

  • On the compact site: press the cogwheel icon to the right of a message then select To respond. Type your message and press Send.
  • On the classic site: press the blue button To respond under a message. Type your message in the text field then press Send.
Send Messages on Reddit Step 4

Step 4. Compose a new message

Push the button Send a private message at the top of the inbox window. Fill in each text field, including the "Are you human?" Captcha. »Then press Send.

Method 2 of 3: On the desktop website

Send Messages on Reddit Step 5

Step 1. Check your inbox

Go to reddit.com and log into your account. Click on the envelope icon next to your username at the top right of the screen.

You can also go directly to reddit.com/message/inbox if you're already signed in to your account

Send Messages on Reddit Step 6

Step 2. Send a message

Once in your inbox, the tabs at the top of the screen will change. Go to the tab Send a private message to display the new message window. Fill in the To, Subject and Message fields then click on Send.

You can also go to reddit.com/message/compose right away

Send Messages on Reddit Step 7

Step 3. Respond to messages

Once a conversation has started, you will no longer need to fill out the form again. Go to your inbox (the envelope icon) to see the messages you have received. Click on the gray link To respond under a message to write a response.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 8

Step 4. Look for the send link on a user's page

Anytime you see a username (usually under a submission or comment written by a user), you can click on it to visit the user's page. On this page, look for the little link Send a private message in the upper right corner, under the amount of karma.

Method 3 of 3: On a Reddit app

Send Messages on Reddit Step 9

Step 1. Look for an envelope in the top right

The official Reddit app is in active development with regular updates, and most users use one of the many unofficial apps. On some versions of the Android apps, you can open the inbox by tapping the envelope icon at the top right.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 10

Step 2. Use the navigation drawer

If you don't see an envelope icon on Android, swipe the screen left to open the navigation drawer. Select the envelope icon from the list.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 11

Step 3. Go to Inbox at the bottom of the iOS app

In Reddit's official iOS app, the envelope icon is in the lower corner of the screen.

Send Messages on Reddit Step 12

Step 4. Send a message through a user page

Instead of going through the inbox options, you can send a message from a user's Reddit name. The process varies from application to application, but it generally looks like what is described below.

  • Select the username written in small letters just on or below a post. If you don't see it, tap the post or the button
  • Press the envelope icon or the button Send a message.
  • Type your message and press Send to send the message to the username you selected.


  • Reddit doesn't allow you to add attachments to your private messages, but you can upload images to another site (like Imgur) and include a link to those images in your post.
  • To send a message to all moderators of a subreddit, type / r / followed by the name of the subreddit in the To field of the new message page.

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