4 ways to identify a motherboard

4 ways to identify a motherboard
4 ways to identify a motherboard

If you know where to look, you can easily find your motherboard information. You will usually do this on a computer that is running Windows, as Mac computers might have an updated or replaced motherboard. To find this information, you can use the command prompt or a free program called "Speccy". You can also identify your motherboard model by dismantling your computer. Finally, you can find your Mac's motherboard information by finding the serial number and searching online.


Method 1 of 4: Use Command Prompt on Windows

Identify the Motherboard Step 1

Step 1. Open the Start menu


Click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen.

Identify the Motherboard Step 2

Step 2. Type command prompt in the Start menu

This allows you to search for the command prompt in the menu.

Identify the Motherboard Step 3

Step 3. Click on the command prompt


You should find it at the top of the window. The command prompt will open.

Identify the Motherboard Step 4

Step 4. Enter the command for motherboard information

Type: wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serialnumber in the command prompt, then press Enter.

Identify the Motherboard Step 5

Step 5. Review the information that appears

Observe the information you find in the following headings.

  • Maker: the manufacturer of the motherboard. Usually this is also the brand of your computer.
  • Product: the product number of your motherboard.
  • Serial number: the unique serial number for your motherboard.
  • Version: the version number of the motherboard.
Identify the Motherboard Step 6

Step 6. Look up the number online

If you cannot find the information listed above, enter the information you followed by the word "motherboard" into a search engine.

  • You can use this information to determine the type of peripherals that can be installed on your computer.
  • If you can't find any of this information about your motherboard, go to the next method.

Method 2 of 4: Use Speccy for Windows

Identify the Motherboard Step 7

Step 1. Go to the Speccy website

Type https://www.piriform.com/speccy in your browser.

Identify the Motherboard Step 8

Step 2. Click Download Free Version

It's a green button on the left of the page.

Identify the Motherboard Step 9

Step 3. Select Free Download

This will take you to the link selection page.

Identify the Motherboard Step 10

Step 4. Click Piriform

You will find it just below "Download from" in the "Speccy Free" section. The download should start.

  • If the file does not start downloading immediately, you can click Start Download at the top of the page to force the download.
Identify the Motherboard Step 11

Step 5. Install Speccy

Double click the installer file, then go through the following steps.

  • Click on Yes when the window is displayed.
  • Check the box No thanks, I don't need CCleaner at the bottom right.
  • Click on To install.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
Identify the Motherboard Step 12

Step 6. Click Launch Speccy

It's a purple button in the middle of the installation window. Speccy will open.

  • If you don't want to see the version information of Speccy, first uncheck the box View version information under the button Launch Speccy.
Identify the Motherboard Step 13

Step 7. Click Motherboard

This tab is located on the left of the software window.

Identify the Motherboard Step 14

Step 8. Check the motherboard information

Under the "Motherboard" heading at the top of the window, you will see several information about the motherboard manufacturer, model, version and others.

You can use this information to determine the type of devices you can add to your computer

Method 3 of 4: Identify the motherboard of a Mac

Identify the Motherboard Step 15

Step 1. Open the Apple menu


Click on the apple-shaped logo in the top left corner of your screen. A drop-down menu should appear.

Identify the Motherboard Step 16

Step 2. Select About This Mac

You'll find it near the top of the drop-down menu.

Identify the Motherboard Step 17

Step 3. Write down the serial number

Look at the number to the right of the "Serial Number" header.

Identify the Motherboard Step 18

Step 4. Find your motherboard model

Open the search engine of your choice (eg Google), then type your Mac's serial number followed by the word "motherboard" and press Enter. This will show you a list of motherboard models.

Method 4 of 4: Identify the motherboard visually

Identify the Motherboard Step 1

Step 1. Shut down your computer

Make sure all your work is saved, then shut down the computer by pressing the shutdown button on the back of the device.

This method will only work for Windows computers

Step 2. Disconnect all cables

This includes the power cable, Ethernet cables, USB cables, and audio cables.

Step 3. Discharge your static electricity

This will prevent you from discharging it by accidentally touching your motherboard or any other sensitive component of your device.

Identify the Motherboard Step 2

Step 4. Prepare to open the case

Lay the case flat on its side on a table or work surface so that the connectors are as close to the surface as possible. They are attached to the motherboard and will help you determine if the case is on the correct side.

Identify the Motherboard Step 3

Step 5. Open the case

Most of them have thumb screws that hold a panel in place, but the older ones might require you to use a Phillips screwdriver. You can also use a screwdriver with the thumbscrews if they are too tight. These screws are usually found along the edge at the back of the tower.

Once you've removed them, you usually need to slide the panel to the side or open it like a door, depending on the model

Identify the Motherboard Step 4

Step 6. Find the model number of the motherboard

It is often printed on the motherboard, but it could be in different places, for example near the sockets for the RAM modules, near the processor, or between the PCI sockets. It could be just a number without the manufacturer's name, but on many recent models you will also find the manufacturer's name.

  • You're going to see a lot of things written on the motherboard, but the model number is usually written bigger.
  • Most often it consists of letters and numbers.
Identify the Motherboard Step 5

Step 7. Find the manufacturer with the model number

If you can't find the name on the motherboard, you can often find it quickly by searching the Internet for the model number. Include the word "motherboard" in your search to rule out non-computer-related results.

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