3 ways to copy and paste a link

3 ways to copy and paste a link
3 ways to copy and paste a link

Anyone who works on a computer encounters dozens, hundreds of links every day, not only on websites, but also in emails and PDF documents. There may be times when you want to share or keep some of these links. It is therefore necessary to copy them, then paste them in a document which will be saved. Last precision: it is possible to shorten, for the backup, addresses that are too long.


Method 1 of 3: In Windows and macOS

Copy and Paste a Link Step 1

Step 1. Copy an Internet address into the address bar

You have spotted an interesting site and you would like to retrieve the address. Do it from the address bar of your browser.

  • Click on the address bar at the top of the browser. This is the full address, sometimes very long, of the site.
  • Select the entire address. After clicking once in the bar, use the key combination Control + A (Windows) or Command + A (macOS).
  • Copy the address, either by right-clicking, then selecting To copy, either by using the combination Control + C (Windows) or Command + C (macOS).
  • In a text file (or elsewhere), click to activate the cursor, then do Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (macOS).
Copy and Paste a Link Step 2

Step 2. Copy a link

Today, hypertext links are everywhere: on websites, forums, blogs, text documents, etc.

These hyperlinks are words or phrases put together, in blue and underlined, but today there are other colors and many are no longer underlined. They can hide under buttons or pictures

Copy and Paste a Link Step 3

Step 3. Right click on the link

In doing so, you will see a contextual menu appear.

On a Mac with a single button mouse, the right click is obtained by pressing the Control key

Copy and Paste a Link Step 4

Step 4. Select the copy link option

When a link is copied, it is stored in the clipboard waiting to be used. The clipboard can only save one thing at a time, so only one link. The copy of the link has a name that varies from browser to browser. Here are a few:

  • Chrome: Copy link address
  • Firefox: Copy link address
  • Internet Explorer: Copy shortcut
  • Safari: Copy link
  • Word: Copy hyperlink
Copy and Paste a Link Step 5

Step 5. Click exactly where you need the link

Once the link has been copied, you can paste it wherever you want, in a text file for example. Click once to activate the cursor.

For example, you can paste this address in a text file (Word, Pages), an email, etc., but also in the address bar of your browser

Copy and Paste a Link Step 6

Step 6. Paste the link

Several ways to paste a link from the clipboard:

  • right-click where the cursor is, then select To stick on;
  • otherwise, do the combination Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac);
  • or finally, click on the menu Editing (or another menu) of the software, then select To stick on.
Copy and Paste a Link Step 7

Step 7. Edit the link text

You have just recovered a raw address and you would like to create a new hyperlink with a personal text. This is possible on a blog, a word processor or any other editing program. It is necessary to use the functionality of inserting a link.

  • Place your cursor where you want to place your hyperlink.
  • Click on the hyperlink creation button. The name of this option exists in the form of a button or an option in a menu of the general menu bar. Elsewhere, you will click on an icon, very often two chain links.
  • Type the title of your link. Do it in a field that often contains the word display, validate and your hyperlink is created.
  • Paste the link in the correct field. The name of the latter is variable: Address, Url Where Link to. Click on the field in question, then do the combination Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (macOS) to paste the link.

Method 2 of 3: On a mobile device

Copy and Paste a Link Step 8

Step 1. Display the link to copy

It can be on a website, in an email, a Word or PDF document. The link can be clearly visible (text in blue and underlined), or behind an image or a button.

What will be explained below varies little from one operating system to another (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.)

Copy and Paste a Link Step 9

Step 2. Long press on the link to copy

Press the link until a menu appears with different options. Be patient).

Copy and Paste a Link Step 10

Step 3. Tap Copy

The copy of the link is obtained by selecting the copy option, which varies according to the devices and the programs, the diversity is not that great, as shown by the most frequent names …

  • To copy
  • Copy link address
  • Copy link url
  • Copy address
Copy and Paste a Link Step 11

Step 4. Activate the cursor where you want to paste the link

The link is now copied, you can paste it wherever you want on a field suitable for receiving it (text file, browser address bar, etc.).

Copy and Paste a Link Step 12

Step 5. Make a long press on the cursor

Release when the contextual menu appears.

  • With an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod touch), lift your finger when the magnifying glass appears.
  • With an Android device, lift your finger when the small indicator with rounded corners appears under the cursor.
Copy and Paste a Link Step 13

Step 6. Tap Paste

Tap the indicator that says To stick on. In doing so, the copied link is pasted into the text field.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 14

Step 7. Copy and paste a link received in a text message (Android)

Let's say you have received a text message containing a link on your Android device. The operation of copying a link is a bit cumbersome in that you are going to copy all the contents of the text message, then after you paste it, you will delete everything except the link. The procedure is as follows:

  • make a long press on the message which contains the link;
  • Push the button To copy. In fact, it is an icon that is active at the top right of the screen and shows 2 superimposed pages;
  • paste all the copied text. Paste it where you want it, then remove all unnecessary text to keep only the interesting link.

Method 3 of 3: Use a link minimizer

Copy and Paste a Link Step 15

Step 1. Use an address reducer

The names vary: reducer, minimizer, link shortener…, they all do the same thing, they reduce long addresses to make them simpler. One day, you will surely come across one of these very long and very complex addresses. Thanks to online sites, you will be able to obtain a simpler address.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 16

Step 2. Copy the link that is going to be shared

After seeing that you have a very long and complex link, copy it using one of the methods detailed above.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 17

Step 3. Go to one of the many address reduction sites

Admittedly more numerous in English, there are however some in French, like those below:

  • vu.fr
  • bzh.me
  • liencs.fr
  • monurl.ca
Copy and Paste a Link Step 18

Step 4. Paste the original link in the main field

Click the field to activate it, then paste the original link using Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (macOS). On your smartphone, do a long press, then choose To stick on.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 19

Step 5. Start the link reduction procedure

Regardless of the site, under or next to the original link field, you have a button that will initiate the discount. The name varies: Generate short link, Shorten, Minimize … Click or tap on it.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 20

Step 6. Copy the short link

The link is copied as detailed above in the article, otherwise most often there is a button To copy on the site which allows you to retrieve the shortened link.

Copy and Paste a Link Step 21

Step 7. Paste the shortened version of the link

The short link is now in the clipboard, you can paste it anywhere you want. If you share it with someone (email) or if you save it for later, it is good to add a small comment, because the address being shortened, it is less explicit.

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