How to tint a car window: 8 steps (with pictures)

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How to tint a car window: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to tint a car window: 8 steps (with pictures)

Tinted windows are becoming more and more popular everywhere. Whether you want a little more privacy in the car, protect yourself from the sun's rays and heat in summer or simply add a classy and elegant touch to your vehicle, tinted windows are made for you! While the process itself can be difficult for beginners, this article will take care of making the job easier and showing you how to tint a window on your own.


Part 1 of 2: Knowing how to go about it

Tint a Car Side Window Step 1
Tint a Car Side Window Step 1

Step 1. Learn about the laws regarding tinted vehicle windows

Some countries have very specific regulations regarding tinted windows, as they can make it harder to identify the driver, especially if he or she has an accident. To find out about the regulations in France, contact your mechanic or do some research on the Internet.

Tint a Car Side Window Step 2
Tint a Car Side Window Step 2

Step 2. Decide what kind of shade you want to apply

There are many tint films to apply on cars, which differ in color or effect (metallic, reflective or mirror effect).

Tint a Car Side Window Step 3
Tint a Car Side Window Step 3

Step 3. Weigh the pros and cons

Before applying tint film on your own, think carefully about the pros and cons.

  • OEM tinted windows:

    this kind of windows are tinted directly in the glass, at the time of its manufacture and therefore last a lifetime. OEM colors are quite light, because they are considered legal everywhere, even in countries where regulations are more severe. Remember, however, that OEM windows are more expensive to replace in a crash.

  • The coating:

    the coating consists of applying a special tinted solution to the glass with a spray. This kind of tint lasts much longer than tint films, however be aware that few auto repair shops do this because it requires removing all the windows to be tinted and is very time consuming.

  • Tinted films:

    window tinting is a very popular method of tinting your windows yourself after you buy a car. Windows must first be treated with a special product before being covered with a thin polymer film. This is the cheapest and easiest method to perform. In addition, some specialists will tell you that the film can even prevent the glass from shattering in a collision. However, tint films are not permanent and should be replaced every five years to prevent cracks, air bubbles, and other chipping.

    You can also have your tint film applied by a professional if this is your first time doing so. This way you will avoid damaging the film or creating air bubbles when applying it

Part 2 of 2: apply a tint film

Tint a Car Side Window Step 4
Tint a Car Side Window Step 4

Step 1. Clean the windows

Clean the interior and exterior walls of the windows using a special solution and a squeegee. You may need to clean them two to three times to get the dust off properly. Cleaning is very important in order to avoid creating air bubbles when applying the film.

  • Also, don't forget to clean the gasket that holds the glass in place.
  • Use a razor blade to scrape off the residue.
Tint a Car Side Window Step 5
Tint a Car Side Window Step 5

Step 2. Measure and precut the film

Unroll it on the inside of the glass with the liner side touching the glass (the adhesive side is called the film and the clear protective film is the liner). Be careful, cut the film according to the size of the glass using a cutter.

Always cut the film, leaving at least 3 cm more on each side, to ensure that the entire glass will be covered

Tint a Car Side Window Step 6
Tint a Car Side Window Step 6

Step 3. Resize the film

Position it so that the bottom edge is straight and is about 1 cm below the door seal. Then start by resizing the vertical edges using the cutter. Then lower the window by about 10 cm and resize the film so that it fits at the top.

  • Make sure not to press too hard with the cutter to avoid damaging the glass.
  • You may have to try to resize the film several times before you find the correct shape.
Tint a Car Side Window Step 7
Tint a Car Side Window Step 7

Step 4. Apply a solution of water and washing up liquid

Generously spray the outside of the glass. Then remove the transparent protective film (the liner) and spray the adhesive film with the same solution.

Tint a Car Side Window Step 8
Tint a Car Side Window Step 8

Step 5. Apply the tint film to the glass

Position the adhesive side of the film on the glass, being careful. Make it adhere starting from the bottom up. The window must still be lowered a little.

  • Use a squeegee to press the film against the glass, working from the middle outwards.
  • Apply more and more pressure to the glass as you feel the film starting to adhere. Make sure there are no air bubbles.
  • Reassemble the glass and continue to spread the film on the lower part of the glass. Pass the end of the film under the glass seal.
  • Make sure that the water and the soap come out by the edges of the glass and sponge well using the squeegee covered with a terry towel.


  • When tinting the windows of your vehicle, make sure it is in a cool, shady place, with the temperature not going below 5 ° C, nor above 37 ° C.
  • Ask a friend to help you. Applying the film is easier with two.


  • These instructions only apply to windows on the side of the vehicle, not to those that are fixed and cannot be opened.
  • Do not use ammonia or vinegar-based products to clean the windows afterwards.

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