How to remove chewing gum from a car seat

How to remove chewing gum from a car seat
How to remove chewing gum from a car seat

There is nothing more annoying than finding chewing gum stuck to one of your car seats. Fortunately, there are several methods of peeling it off and cleaning up the stain caused by the sticky residue.


Method 1 of 2: Freeze the gum

Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 1

Step 1. Use ice cubes

Place 3 or 4 ice cubes in a plastic bag, making sure to seal it to avoid the risk of leaks. If you don't have ice cubes available, you can use a freezer pack.

  • The plastic bag will help contain water from melting ice cubes and prevent it from wetting the car seat.
  • Use two plastic bags to hold the ice cubes to eliminate any risk of leaks.
Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 2

Step 2. Freeze the gum

Place the bag full of ice cubes directly on the gum. Leave on for 5 minutes or until the gum becomes hard and crumbly.

  • Ice will cause the gum to freeze and harden. Once solidified, the chewing gum paste loses its sticky properties and it will then be easier to peel it off the seat.
  • To speed up the process, apply light pressure when placing the bag of ice cubes on the gum. Remember to protect your hands from the cold by placing a towel or tea towel between the bag of ice cubes and the palm of your hand.
Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 3

Step 3. Remove the chewing gum

Using a dull glazier's knife or blade, loosen the frozen chewing gum from the seat fabric. The blade will help loosen the gum as well as most of the remaining stains.

  • Hold the blade flat to remove the gum paste. This will prevent damage to the upholstery of your car seat.
  • Be patient. Keep in mind that it might take a while before you can get past a gum stain. You must therefore be patient and proceed slowly to avoid damaging the fabric.

Method 2 of 2: Remove chewing gum stains and residue

Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 4

Step 1. Use white vinegar

If you have a fabric or vinyl covering, you can remove the chewing gum using a little white vinegar. All you have to do is rub the chewing gum with a cloth that you have previously impregnated with vinegar. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the vinegar to penetrate the chewing gum paste. The vinegar will help soften the gum while the rubbing action will turn the paste into small balls that you can easily pull out with your fingers or tweezers.

  • Note that this method is effective if you have fabric or vinyl seats, but it is not recommended for leather upholstery.
  • To speed up the process, heat the vinegar slightly before using it to remove the gum stain.
Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 5

Step 2. Clean off the residue

In a medium-sized bowl, combine a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of lukewarm water and lather. Dip a clean toothbrush, nail brush, or towel into the solution, then gently rub off any sticky residue. Repeat as many times as needed. Dab the area with a clean, damp cloth to soak up the excess cleaning solution. First, allow the area to air dry and then dab it with a clean, dry towel to remove more moisture.

Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 6

Step 3. Use duct tape

Cut out a piece of masking tape and lay it over the chewing gum residue with the adhesive side down. Pull on the adhesive tape to remove it and at the same time peel off the chewing gum residue. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to remove all traces of chewing gum.

  • This method is safe for leather-covered seats.
  • Use the above method to remove any remaining residue after trying the first freezing method.
Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 7

Step 4. Use a degreaser

Remove all traces of stubborn chewing gum residue using a degreasing product. Spray or spray the product on a clean, damp towel and rub the chewing gum residue off. Take a second clean towel that you have moistened beforehand with a little cold water and wipe the seat to remove any remaining traces of chewing gum and degreaser.

Always read the instructions that come with the degreaser to make sure it is safe for the type of seat upholstery you need to clean

Remove Chewing Gum from a Car Seat Step 8

Step 5. Clean the seat

Once the chewing gum stains are removed, clean and treat the affected area. Use a product suitable for the type of upholstery of the car seat.

  • Choose an upholstery cleaner suited to the composition of the seat to be cleaned. This will remove the stains left by the chewing gum.
  • Treat leather seats by applying a leather care cream to the affected area. This will help nourish the leather and prevent cracks from appearing.

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