How to drive a go-kart: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to drive a go-kart: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to drive a go-kart: 11 steps (with pictures)

Driving a kart is super fun and it's not very expensive! Once you have the license (easy to get) you can drive for weekend fun at a club near you, or if you want to consider competing!


Part 1 of 2: start karting

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 1

Step 1. Go to a club

You have different options. There are tracks on which you can let your engine roar for 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min… by paying a fairly high price. This practice is intended for those who wish to learn about the pleasures of driving, but who do not go to drive regularly. If you want to drive a kart on a regular basis (every week), the clubs will offer you much more interesting prices, the best being (depending on your motivation) to enroll in an EFK (French karting school). You will get high quality, secure training.

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 2

Step 2. Obtain a license

To drive a karting, you need a license. While at EFK, you can take courses with an annual participation certificate from the French Karting School (TPANEFK). Otherwise, it is impossible to go karting without a license (except on toy kartings). To familiarize yourself with the technique and to drive from time to time for fun, renting a machine in this kind of place is enough, because you do not need a license, but you will be far from knowing the real sensations of piloting.

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 3

Step 3. Evaluate your budget

The rental kart has developed a lot in recent years, you can find machines with a power of 13 to 28 horsepower with 2 and 4 stroke engines. Rental can, however, be expensive when you like this activity and want to practice it regularly. As with mountain biking or any other sport, there are some obligations, but they are not more restrictive than those of other sports.

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 4

Step 4. Consider purchasing a go-kart

Don't raise your arms to the sky! If you like karting, it will be much more economical to buy yours than to rent a machine on Saturday and Sunday (at around 15 euros for 10 minutes) knowing that for an hour, the pleasure will be very short (snif) and you are not making much progress (sniff sniff) …

It is possible to find new karts for around 5,000 euros (300 euros per month with a financing plan) and more depending on the model, but you can start with a used kart which is more economical

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 5

Step 5. Familiarize yourself with flying

First of all, you need to learn how to handle the kart dismount, then know how to install the major parts and start it. Then, you have to learn to brake, to follow another kart, to react, and to master the vehicle in the face of an obstacle before placing yourself on the starting grid and safely overtake your too slow rivals! No, it is not enough to turn the steering wheel left and right while smiling blissfully …

  • Learn the rules on the circuit. It differs from road regulations, but includes strict safety instructions. It is essential to memorize the meaning of the flags and to know how to obey the orders of the track officials.
  • You must also respect the Sporting Code as you respect the Highway Code and it is essential to recognize the orders given by federal referees.
Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 6

Step 6. Do an internship

Before buying your kart, you can do a 2 or 5 day course like those offered by the French Karting School in Lyon. You will learn how to put on your outfit, to know the characteristics of the machine, to know how to brake over a very short distance, to avoid obstacles, to manage the accelerator, to succeed in a slalom, and most important, not to rush. in your opponents' kartings!

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 7

Step 7. Obtain the necessary equipment

Are you bitten? Buy your own helmet (a helmet is imperative), a wetsuit, your boots, a neck brace (which you must place under the helmet to protect your spine), a rib protection vest and pilot gloves then go for the ride. track !

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 8

Step 8. Choose a category

It is possible to go karting from the age of 7. The 7 to 10 year old category is the minikart. Then, from 10 to 12 years old, we go to minimal. Cadet is the next step, but it is possible to switch to cadet at 12 if the weight of the kart with the driver becomes a handicap. As a junior, the engines are around 100cc, but the tires are hard rubber, as if they were minimal. With the FFSA Formula, we enter the big leagues. Then come the national, Rotax max, X30… Nothing but happiness!

Part 2 of 2: Find a good tour

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 9

Step 1. Search the internet

If you are starting out, you should not go for a run on very technical tracks. It is best to go to the ones that have few hairpin turns, as it is easy to do an unwanted spindle. Gradually you will be able to go on more difficult tracks.

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 10

Step 2. Try the trail

It's hard to tell if a track is right for you by looking at it. Put your hands on the wheel of a machine and do a few laps without going too fast. You will soon know if this trail is suitable for your level.

Successfully Drive a Go Kart Step 11

Step 3. Get down to business

To drive on technical circuits, it is essential to have skills acquired over the kilometers. Persevere and soon you may be behind the wheel of a Formula 1!


  • When you come out of a sharp turn, lift your butt off the seat. This will give the engine the ability to propel your kart in a straight line faster.
  • Go karting with an experienced friend, it will be more fun and rewarding.
  • If you don't feel up to it, don't go running on a difficult track, as it can be dangerous. You need to feel comfortable on the track.
  • Do not give up because you lose one race, you will lose many more… persevere!
  • The best way to win races is to listen to the advice others give you and follow the rules …


  • When you go for a run, always wear the necessary protective equipment.
  • Before going karting, have a medical examination. In some cases, this will also be an obligation.
  • If any information in this article contradicts that of a sports federation or club, follow that provided by the club or federation.

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