How to get gas for free: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to get gas for free: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to get gas for free: 10 steps (with pictures)

Unless you have an electric car, use public transportation, or are walking around, you will still need to purchase gasoline. Regardless of the desire to save money or the thoroughness applied to travel preparation, as the price of oil increases, so does the price of gasoline. So is there no way to get free gas? Maybe it is. This article shows you some tips to try at the pump and teaches you how to get gift cards so you don't have to worry about having to refuel.


Method 1 of 2: Get more gas at the gas station

Get Free Gas Step 1

Step 1. Print your receipt and check the pump

Some pumps don't give you the amount of fuel for what you paid for. If you want free gas, then you need to make sure that the amount paid matches what is displayed. It is possible that the pump is improperly calibrated and if it is, you can get more gas for free.

  • Fill a can with gasoline of which you know the capacity instead of your tank. Use a calculator to quickly make sure the price matches the amount of fuel poured. If not, go see the manager to get a refund or get extra gas.
  • If there is a gas station known to be malfunctioning in your town, keep going there and complain whenever there is a problem. Print your receipt and always double check.
Get Free Gas Step 2

Step 2. Shake the hose

At some service stations, even newer ones with multiple pumps, you can pick up the dispensing gun with one hand and hold the hose two or three feet above it with the other to shake the hose firmly, as if using a whip. A small amount of gasoline will squirt out each time you do this and the resulting fuel will not show on the pump meter.

Warning: this technique is extremely dangerous and may cause damage to the pump or injure you. Not only will you run into trouble, but you won't be able to fill your tank that way

Get Free Gas Step 3

Step 3. Keep the dispensing gun in your tank for as long as possible

It is sometimes possible that a little gasoline will continue to escape from the hose even after the pump has been turned off. Gently shake the hose to pour the remaining gasoline into your tank. You won't fill your tank this way, but you will get a little more gas than what you paid for.

Method 2 of 2: Use other methods

Get Free Gas Step 5

Step 1. Book a hotel that offers free gas

Book a room in a hotel that offers fuel tickets to reward its customers. In the United States, for example, Choice Hotels offers this kind of gift to its most loyal customers. Some online room reservation services, such as or, also offer fuel tickets to their customers.

  • More modest hotel chains and some private hotels also offer fuel tickets. This is the case with Kensington or Personality Hotels which offer fuel tickets of around ten euros per night to their customers.
  • If the hotel where you plan to stay does not display any such ad, find out. Sometimes the room + fuel ticket pack costs a little more than the standard room, but the extra cost is worth the effort if you take into account the savings made on gasoline.
Get Free Gas Step 6

Step 2. Use your car as an advertising vehicle

Advertisers will pay you a certain amount per month in exchange for the ability to place advertisements on your rear window or outright all over your car.

  • In the United States, and are among the advertisers offering this kind of service. Their offers usually only apply to drivers driving more than 1,600 km per month. However, some agencies make exceptions, especially if you live near a university or a place with heavy pedestrian activity.
  • Among other requirements for this type of activity: having a recent vehicle in good condition, never having had any road accidents and having valid insurance. It's even possible to get a bonus or be chosen for a specific advertising campaign, if you drive a specialized vehicle or have a job that requires you to travel long distances every day (like a pizza delivery boy for example).
Get Free Gas Step 7

Step 3. Become a police officer

Have you ever seen a police car refuel at a gas station? This is because the police in urban areas refuel for free in places specifically reserved for this purpose. However, only vehicles and not the drivers who drive them can benefit from it. Despite everything, it remains an effective way to get free gas and to walk around town without paying anything.

If you work in a park or have a municipal post, you may also be allowed to use a car without paying for gas. Rarely will you have to pay for fuel out of pocket or, if so, you will be reimbursed for your expenses

Get Free Gas Step 8

Step 4. Travel with other people and ask them to pay

Carpooling is one of the best ways to get someone else to pay for gas. If you are making the trip with other people, ask them if they would agree to add fuel to the tank or if they would like to give you money to cover expenses. Your query is completely understandable.

Some countries distribute premium cards to encourage carpooling. Sometimes the cards are not limited to fuel tickets, but also offer access to restaurants or cafes. What does it matter, as long as it's free

Get Free Gas Step 9

Step 5. Learn about free gas the next time you rent a car

If you are traveling and need a car, sometimes you can get some gas for free. Rental companies offer a free tank, but only on some of their offers. If you have no idea what car you are going to rent or if you are not ready to negotiate, you are unlikely to benefit.

Get Free Gas Step 10

Step 6. Participate in survey participation programs or credit card loyalty programs

Most often, you have the option of redeeming the reward points for gift cards at any stores you want, including gas stations. You can also exchange them for refillable fuel tickets already credited, which is a particularly attractive and free way to get gas.

Get Free Gas Step 11

Step 7. Open a new chequing or savings account

Some banks offer free gasoline to attract new customers. Be on the lookout for these kinds of offers and open a new savings account to keep the money you save at the pump.

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