4 ways to quickly defrost car windows

4 ways to quickly defrost car windows
4 ways to quickly defrost car windows

If you're late for work in the morning, completely frosted windows will definitely be the last thing you want to see. Driving with frost on the windshield is dangerous and in some countries it may be enough to lose points on the license if checked by the police. Using a regular ice scraper is time-consuming and can even scratch the glass, luckily that's not the only option. There are different methods that will allow you to defrost your windows quickly.


Method 1 of 4: Use a de-icer

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 1

Step 1. Buy a de-icer in the shop

Fluids specially formulated for defrosting are sold in most gas stations, auto garages, and supermarkets, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. However, if you don't have a de-icer on hand or just want to save some money, you can easily make one yourself by following the instructions below.

To make your own de-icer, pour isopropyl alcohol into a clean, dry spray bottle. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, replace the cap and shake the mixture several times

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 2

Step 2. Spray your defroster on the window

Whether you bought de-icer or made your own, the use will be the same. Spray it directly on the frosted parts of your window then leave to act briefly. You won't need to reach for more than 1 or 2 minutes. The more de-icer you use, the less time you will have to wait.

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 3

Step 3. Scrape as usual

Use a plastic scraper, gloved hand, or other tool to scrape the ice. You will notice that it comes off your window faster and easier than usual, which will save you time. If necessary, reapply de-icer on the hard-to-scrape areas.

In commercial products, isopropyl alcohol has a very low freezing point. It is therefore safe to leave your de-icer in the car unless you expect temperatures of -29 ° C or less

Method 2 of 4: Use a credit card

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 4

Step 1. Turn on your heated glass

This method of last resort is suitable if you do not have lukewarm water, de-icing fluid, or some conventional scraping tool available (for example, if your car window is freezing in the parking area while you are driving). were at work). Since you are about to peel off the ice with a credit card or some other makeshift tool, it is recommended that you make things as easy as possible. To get started, start your car and set the heater or defroster to maximum. After a while, the ice will start to soften and melt, which will make the job much easier.

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 5

Step 2. Look for a suitable credit card

Look in your wallet for a credit card or other sturdy, sturdy plastic card. Do not use a laminated card, as it will not be hard or strong enough to effectively scrape the ice. If possible, use a card that you no longer use (such as an expired credit card), as this method may damage it. Note that you should not keep it too long since your card provider will recommend that you destroy the old one as soon as possible to avoid possible fraud.

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 6

Step 3. Start scraping

Place the edge of the longer side of your card in an angled position against the glass and push firmly. Try to keep the board as stiff as possible by preventing it from bending or twisting as you scrape. Otherwise, you risk deforming or breaking it.

  • Show perseverance! Compared to other scrapers, credit cards may require more effort and you may have to press harder to get results.
  • If you are worried about damaging your card, you can double or triple its resistance by stacking 2 or 3 cards and using them as a scraper.
Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 7

Step 4. Use your windshield wipers to help you

As you go through your task, you will likely accumulate ice around the edges of the glass. Occasionally, squirt the washer fluid and activate the wipers for a few seconds. The fluid will soften the remaining frost while the wipers will help you remove the ice chips. With the combined action of your credit card or scraper, windshield wipers, washer fluid and de-icer, your window will be fully defrosted in minutes.

Method 3 of 4: Use heated rice packets or sodium acetate hand warmers

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 8

Step 1. Place rice in a muffle

Pour rice into a muffle or zippered bag and microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. You may need to heat other "packets" of rice to complete this mission.

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 9

Step 2. Apply the rice packet to the glass

Get in the car, then swing the packet of rice back and forth on the inside of the window. This will heat the glass and melt the ice.

  • Sodium acetate hand warmers can also be used this way and they will stay ready for use in your car. A quick click activates the heating reaction and then you can recharge them by boiling them in water.
  • The advantage of this method over scraping is that the glass is heated when you start it up and it will not become covered with frost. You also stay warm and dry in the car while getting ready to go.
Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 10

Step 3. Be meticulous and quick

Just as boiling water can crack glass, keeping a hand warmer in one place for too long can weaken the glass. Leave it in place only long enough to get rid of the frost, as the ice will continue to melt even if you move to another location. Against running water, you can use the wipers or lower the windows.

Method 4 of 4: Prevent windows from freezing

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 11

Step 1. Cover your windows at night

The best way to avoid frosted windows in the morning is to prevent ice from forming first. You can do this by covering your windows with a towel, folded sheet, or piece of cardboard the night before dew or ice forms. Make sure the cover is flush against the glass to prevent dew (and possibly ice) from sliding down the middle.

One trick for the windshield is to use your car's wipers to hold the cover in place. For other windows, you can use small pebbles or other fillers to ballast the cover

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 12

Step 2. Remove the blanket in the morning

Remove any towels or sheets that covered the windows. Chances are they are wet or frozen, so if you plan to reuse them once you get to your destination, be sure to spread them out on a waterproof barrier (like a tarp) before putting them in your chest.

Clean Frost Off Car Windows Quickly Step 13

Step 3. Scrape off the frost spots

While this method can significantly reduce the amount of ice on your windows, it is possible that a few small stains remain. If they bother you, use a plastic scraper, your hand, or a similar tool in your car to loosen them. If you don't have much time, get into your car and use the wipers in conjunction with de-icer and washer fluid.


  • If the weather is forecast for frost, peel your wipers off the surface of the windshield so they don't get frozen with the glass.
  • Make sure the wipers are off when you turn off the car. So even if they freeze on the glass, they will not automatically launch on startup until the frost and ice have melted.
  • Fans on cars usually do not reach the location of the wipers when they are fully folded. Before switching off the ignition at night, raise the windshield wipers about 2.5 cm by quickly pressing the dedicated switch. When you turn on the fan the next day, the wiper blades will be defrosted first.
  • For a thin layer of frost, you can set your defrost system to maximum and activate the wiper blades to do a bit of scraping.
  • Tap water at room temperature or cold works quickly, especially on thick ice. Pour it from the top of the windshield to begin scraping.
  • When the temperature is 0 ° C or slightly below, you can use windshield washer fluid and wipers to speed up the defrosting process. However, if it is very cold, the thin film of fluid left by the wiper blades can freeze very quickly, especially if you are driving.
  • If you forgot to spread a blanket or if the frost fell unexpectedly, start your car 10 minutes before your departure and fully activate the window defrost system. This will melt the ice on the windshield. However, it is best not to leave the car unattended with the engine running, as you risk being stolen in the driveway or in a parking area.
  • You can prevent frost from building up on your windshield overnight by parking your car facing east. The rising sun will melt the ice.


  • Do not use a metal-edged shovel (or any metal object not designed for scraping windows) to scrape frost, snow, or ice from a windshield.
  • Thaw the wipers on the windshield before activating them.
  • Never pour hot water on a frosted windshield. The sudden change in temperature will cause the glass to crack.
  • A plastic card will deteriorate or become unusable after you use it to defrost the windshield. Pick one you no longer need or an expired credit card that won't be of use to you anymore.

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