3 ways to unlock your car from the snow

3 ways to unlock your car from the snow
3 ways to unlock your car from the snow

Getting stuck in the snow, whether your car has swung off the road or it has snowed while parked, can be frustrating. However, while it may seem difficult to get her out of there, there are several things you can do to unlock her. By removing snow from around your car, helping it regain traction, and driving safely, you'll be more likely to pull yourself out of that white coat.


Method 1 of 3: Remove snow and prepare the ground

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 1

Step 1. Clear away around your car

Use a shovel or similar tool to remove snow from around your car. The goal is to be able to see all the tires. Then use a screwdriver or similar tool to break the ice around the tires. Be careful not to puncture them.

  • If the snow is heavy or heavy, set priorities. Clear the wheels and driver's door so you can enter the vehicle.
  • If there is crumbly (non-solid) ice, it does not need to be removed.
Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 2

Step 2. Check the muffler before starting the engine

After digging up the car, check the condition of the muffler. Even if you have removed the snow around, make sure that the pot is not blocked and that it does not find itself again under the snow. This is important as smoke can build up in the car if the exhaust is not clean.

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 3

Step 3. Put something grainy around your tires

Pour a gritty substance in front, behind and to the sides of your tires. This will give them grip when you try to reverse or go forward. There are several things you can use:

  • salt, which will not only give your tires grip, but will also melt the ice and snow underneath;
  • cat litter;
  • sand;
  • you can also use a door mat, a piece of carpet or cardboard.
Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 4

Step 4. Place solid material in front of and behind the tires

If gritty stuff doesn't work, look for other materials that might give your tires more grip. It can be pieces of plywood, sheets of checkered iron or similar objects. Place these objects in front of or behind your tires so that you can move forward or backward on them and get out of the snow.

If you have snow chains, you can try mounting them on your tires

Method 2 of 3: Get your car out of the snow

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 5

Step 1. Activate all-wheel drive if you have it

If your car has all-wheel drive, make sure it's on before trying to move it. In fact, the more tires that spin, the more grip there will be and the easier it will be to get out of the snow.

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 6

Step 2. Select the shorter report

If you have an automatic transmission, instead of just selecting Drive mode (driving forward), be sure to select the shortest gear. This ratio will give your tires more power and make them spin slower. This will reduce the risk of them sinking deeper into the snow.

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 7

Step 3. Straighten your tires

Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels are as straight as possible. Straightening your tires will help you get out of the snow more easily. However, be careful to avoid any obstacles, such as fire hydrants or road signs, that might be in front of you!

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 8

Step 4. Rock your car back and forth

Drive slowly in reverse. If you step back a few inches, that will be a good thing. Then roll forward and once again a few inches will suffice. Keep doing this until your car is rocking back and forth. With a bit of luck, you will be able to move backwards and forwards always further and you will be able to get out of the snow.

  • Proceed with finesse. You don't have to accelerate a lot, the movements need to be flexible.
  • If this trick doesn't work after 5 minutes, stop. Otherwise, you risk damaging your transmission.
Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 9

Step 5. Use your brakes

Since your tires may spin too fast or at an uneven rate, you will need to gently apply the brakes while trying to rock the car. This makes it possible to use all the tires to get out of the snow.

Do not apply the brakes too long. They may overheat

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 10

Step 6. Let some air escape from your tires

With your index finger, push the pin in the center of the tire valve to the side. Let the air escape until you can push down the side of the tire a little. This step shouldn't take more than 20 or 30 seconds.

  • If your tires are underinflated, it will give them better grip.
  • If your tires are already flat, don't let the air escape.
  • If you can't afford to re-inflate your tires, don't let too much air escape.
Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 11

Step 7. Don't let your tires spin in place

If your tires are spinning, but you cannot move forward or backward, stop your car immediately. Your tires may sink a little deeper into the snow.

Method 3 of 3: Jack up the car

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 12

Step 1. Prepare the location for the jack

Look for a spot near a tire that is more stuck than the rest. Remove all loose snow and as much ice as you can. Make sure the jack location is flat and hard. You need to install it under a solid metal part of the car.

Most cars have jacking points which are places designed to receive a jack. Look for these points in your owner's manual

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 13

Step 2. Place something hard on the spot you cleaned

After cleaning the jack location, place something hard on the floor. This will keep the jack level when you start to use it. If it is not level, it could fall and injure you.

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 14

Step 3. Lift the car

After positioning the jack, start lifting your car. The lowest tire should be at the same level as the others. The bottom of the tire should be level with the snow or ice you will be driving on. Be careful, as the jack could slip and injure you.

  • Use gloves.
  • Stand back when you lift the car.
  • Make sure the jack is stable.
Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 15

Step 4. Fill in the space under the tire

Place solid objects under the tire to give it grip. If you find any, use sand, gravel and pebbles. If you can't find one, use blankets, plant material, or wood chips.

Compact the area after filling it. You can use a hammer or other solid object for this

Get Your Car Out of the Snow Step 16

Step 5. Lower the car and remove the jack

Once you have filled the space under the tire, lower the jack if necessary. Chances are, you don't need to lower it too much. Once done, remove the jack. With a little luck, you will be able to extricate yourself from the snow.

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