3 ways to snowball

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3 ways to snowball
3 ways to snowball

Snowballing is easy, but making a perfect snowball takes a little practice and skill. Remember the few essential tips presented here to learn how to make a perfect snowball for your next snowball fight.


Method 1 of 3: Make the perfect snowball

Make a Snowball Step 1
Make a Snowball Step 1

Step 1. Find the best quality snow possible

To make a perfect snowball, you will need perfect snow. The texture of snow, which can be light and powdery or wet and heavy, depends on ambient humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

  • The ideal temperature is around 0 ° C, just below freezing.
  • A little wet snow settles more easily.
  • Snow that is too dry will have a hard time holding up in a ball.
Make a Snowball Step 2
Make a Snowball Step 2

Step 2. Shape the heart of the snowball

Make snowballs about the size of a baseball. Make cuts with your hands, plunge them into the snow and make a ball by bringing your hands together. Tamp the snow with your hands to compact your ball.

  • Don't snowball too big, you will have a hard time aiming with it.
  • To make your snowballs easier, wear gloves rather than mittens.
  • You can also form snowballs with your bare hands. The warmth of your skin will help in the formation of snowballs.
Make a Snowball Step 3
Make a Snowball Step 3

Step 3. Strengthen your snowballs

If the texture of the snow makes it difficult to pack it into a ball, add a little water. Do not add too much water. Your snow should neither be too dry nor too wet.

  • If you put too much water, the snow will melt.
  • Add only enough water to hold the snow.
  • Don't turn your snowball into an ice ball!
Make a Snowball Step 4
Make a Snowball Step 4

Step 4. Add a second layer of snow

Pick up another handful of snow and tamp it over the already formed snowball. The two layers of snow must adhere well together. Tamp the snowball by gently pressing on it with your hands.

  • The snowball should not be too big. Add just enough snow to make it stronger.
  • Do not apply too much pressure when tamping the snow, so as not to break the ball.
  • Add extra layers until you get a size and consistency that's right for you.
Make a Snowball Step 5
Make a Snowball Step 5

Step 5. Polish your snowball

Remove any rough edges from the surface of your snowball by brushing it with your fingers. A perfectly smooth ball will provide a more precise and faster shot.

  • If your snowball is too big, remove some snow or tamp it down further.
  • Your snowball doesn't have to be perfect!
  • If you have time to spare, allow your snowballs to harden for a few minutes before using them. They will thus be more solid.
Make a Snowball Step 6
Make a Snowball Step 6

Step 6. Pick a target

Find the best target within your reach. Aim well and prepare your shot by moving your arm back. Wait for the best time and throw your snowball.

  • Only target the people you are playing with!
  • Never throw a snowball at passers-by or animals.
  • Practice shooting a snowman that you made yourself.
  • Even in the middle of a snowball fight, stay calm and take the time to aim.

Method 2 of 3: Snowball quickly

Make a Snowball Step 7
Make a Snowball Step 7

Step 1. Collect snow

For this technique, it is not necessary to use very good quality snow. You can even use snow that does not settle well. This time it's more about quantity than quality.

  • Pick up a handful of snow and pack it in the other hand.
  • Proceed as quickly as possible.
  • This technique is perfect for making a snowball very quickly, not for precision shooting or very powerful shooting.
Make a Snowball Step 8
Make a Snowball Step 8

Step 2. Pack the snow

Quickly form a ball by tamping the snow with both hands. It is enough to pack the snow between your two hands once, it is not necessary to spend more than a few seconds.

  • You can try to form a snowball with one hand, by simply squeezing a handful of snow in one hand.
  • The shape of the snowball is irrelevant.
Make a Snowball Step 9
Make a Snowball Step 9

Step 3. Make more snowballs

Quickly make more snowballs with this method. Reserve so you can easily use them in a snowball fight. These balls are easy to make, so don't worry if you don't have enough of a head start.

  • Form as many snowballs as possible between two battles.
  • Stack them in piles, don't waste your time putting them away.
  • Launch them as you go if you're stuck with time.
Make a Snowball Step 10
Make a Snowball Step 10

Step 4. Throw Your Snowballs

These snowballs may not be very precise or very powerful, but their number makes up for their technical weakness. Aim and throw your stash of snowballs at your target quickly. Your goal should be to throw as many snowballs as possible at your target.

  • Try to throw several with one hand.
  • Pick up your snowballs with one hand and throw them with the other.
  • The large number of balls should compensate for the lack of precision of the shots.

Method 3 of 3: Make a giant snowball

Make a Snowball Step 11
Make a Snowball Step 11

Step 1. Collect snow

For this technique, collect the best quality snow possible. The snow should be damp enough to settle easily. Locate an area with a large amount of such snow. Start by forming a standard baseball-sized snowball.

  • If you use good quality snow, you will be able to make a bigger snowball.
  • Slightly damp snow will be easier to pack.
Make a Snowball Step 12
Make a Snowball Step 12

Step 2. Start packing the snow

Make a snowball as tight and as round as possible. This little ball is the base of your giant snowball. If it has weaknesses, the final ball may not hold.

  • The starting size does not matter, you will add more snow later.
  • To succeed in your giant snowball, start by making a starter snowball of the best possible quality.
Make a Snowball Step 13
Make a Snowball Step 13

Step 3. Add snow

Collect more snow and pack it on the starting snowball. Firmly pack the snow you add so that it forms a single ball. Add more snow, trying to keep the shape as round as possible.

  • Your snowball should be as round as possible.
  • If a piece of the snowball crumbles, put more snow there.
Make a Snowball Step 14
Make a Snowball Step 14

Step 4. Stop when you have reached the desired size

When your snowball reaches the size you want, stop adding snow. A snowball will be more powerful the bigger it is, but it will also be more difficult to throw.

  • A very large snowball will be less stable and more likely to crumble.
  • Your snowball should not be too big for you to throw it.
Make a Snowball Step 15
Make a Snowball Step 15

Step 5. Throw your giant snowballs

For a more powerful shot, throw your giant ball with both hands. For the best chance of hitting your target, throw the snowball from a short distance.

  • Beware of big snowballs. They can be painful when received.
  • Never throw a giant snowball at someone's face or head.


  • Prepare ammo before a big snowball fight: stack balls in a corner to make sure you don't run out.
  • Practice shooting with different kinds of shots and different textures of snow.
  • Avoid wearing mittens, they are not practical for forming snowballs.
  • Use only fine, clean snow.
  • The perfect snowball is one that leaves a trail of snow on the target.


  • Don't eat the snowballs.
  • Be careful not to freeze your hands! You could be suffering from frostbite.
  • Do not pack your snowballs too tightly, they may be too hard. It would be dangerous. Too hard snowballs can cause injury.

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