How to have fun on a rainy day

How to have fun on a rainy day
How to have fun on a rainy day

Are you tired of watching the rain fall? Are you desperately waiting for the good weather to return so you can go out? Rather than dying of boredom, find a fun activity to keep you busy on a rainy day!


Method 1 of 2: Find an occupation for you

Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 1

Step 1. Cook

One of the best ways to keep yourself busy on a rainy day is to cook. It will be an opportunity to use new ingredients that you wanted to discover and that are sleeping in your closet and it will pass the time while providing you with a tasty result to share.

  • You can bake something heartwarming, like chocolate cookies, or try a cupcake recipe found online. Or, why not try baking bread yourself?
  • Pull out an old family recipe and give it a try. If you have kids, teach them how to bake the famous granny cookies or your apple pie that everyone loves so much.
  • Try to cook an exotic dish that you have never done before. Get off the beaten track and have fun!
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 2

Step 2. Sew, crochet or knit

A rainy day is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a creative hobby. Why not try sewing that dress or pants you've been craving yourself?

  • There are many tutorials online to learn how to sew, crochet or knit. If you've never done this before, spend the day learning one of these techniques. Try to find a nice pattern that you can make for someone.
  • You can crochet or knit all kinds of things: scarves, hats, blankets, finger puppets, small animals, etc.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 3

Step 3. Read

Now is the perfect time to dive into a good book. The best way to experience an adventure without leaving home is to read. Select a book from your library or download one to your eReader.

  • There is bound to be a book for you, whatever your tastes. Do you prefer romance novels, historical novels, adventure novels or even horror novels? By spending some time looking through the back covers, you're bound to find something that's right for you.
  • Why not pick a book at random and start reading it? You might be surprised to find something you like and never thought of.
  • You can choose a book for which you have seen a film adaptation recently.
  • Revise your classics. Pick a book you've always wanted to read but didn't find the time to do so.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 4

Step 4. Write a story

Let your imagination run wild and start writing a short story or novel. Come up with an idea and start writing. Create your universe and have fun.

  • For example, you could write a fictionalized version of something that happened to you. If you prefer, write a love story or a horror story. Why not take the risk of writing something in a genre you never would have considered?
  • If you don't like to write, you can paint or draw instead.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 5

Step 5. Clean up

Housekeeping is always something we promise to do, but sometimes we are too overworked to take care of it. Why not take advantage of a rainy day to do the chores? Clean and put away what really needs to be cleaned in your home. You will be able to enjoy the good weather when it comes back, without feeling guilty about all the storage to do.

  • Tackle one room in particular, or proceed one room at a time, methodically.
  • Complete a task that you usually don't have the time to do. Clean out your closets, tidy the pantry or organize the garage. Gather clothes and items to donate to good works. Vacuum, wash the tub and make the tiles.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 6

Step 6. Go for a walk

If you're not afraid to get wet, grab your umbrella and go for a walk. Take a walk in the park or visit a friend who lives a few miles from your home. Enjoy the world around you, so different in the rain. You can go to a natural park near your home or, if you live in the city, take a stroll through the streets with your umbrella.

  • The advantage on rainy days is that there aren't too many people in the streets. You can take a walk or visit without having to cut through the crowds.
  • It is also an opportunity to wear your rain gear. Do justice to that trench coat you never get the chance to wear and those boots that collect dust in the garage.
  • Getting some fresh air and moving around will make you feel like you've done something about your day.
  • If you love photography, don't forget your camera. Inspiration might hit you around the corner.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 7

Step 7. Do a film marathon

Gather friends and / or family and organize a cinemarathon. Pick classics that the kids haven't seen, movies that have just been released, or a selection of your favorite movies.

  • Why not make rain the central theme of your cinemarathon and watch movies like “Singing in the Rain”?
  • You can choose any genre you like and watch only horror movies or you can only watch comedies.
  • Instead of movies, you can watch series. Pick a show you've been wanting to watch for a long time, or catch up on episodes of your favorite show that you missed due to lack of time.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 8

Step 8. Organize a games day

Gather your family, invite your friends, and sit around the table to play cards or a board game. It's a great way to have a good time with your loved ones as it's a chance to chat, laugh together, and enjoy each other.

  • You can try out a strategy game like Risk, The Settlers of Catania or The Railroad Raiders. Or you can choose a classic like Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble or Destins. If there are enough of you, you can also play cards: poker, belote, tarot, etc.
  • Immerse yourself in a video game. It's perfect if you are alone. You can invite your best friend to come play with you or play against online opponents.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 9

Step 9. Take advantage of the rain

Sit on the porch or on the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Hear the rain fall and admire it. Take the time to relax and absorb yourself in contemplating the elements as you put your life aside.

Method 2 of 2: occupy the children

Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 10

Step 1. Go jump in the puddles

Put on rubber boots and a raincoat or a swimsuit and flip flops if it's summer and head out into the streets to jump in the puddles. Play hopscotch by jumping from one puddle to another or make a contest to who will splash the other the most.

  • Play in the mud and make pies or sail small boats on the puddles.
  • It's not just for kids, you can jump in puddles at any age!
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 11

Step 2. Go on a scavenger hunt

Scatter clues around the house, each leading to the next. The children will stay busy looking for the treasure for a while.

  • The treasure can be a small toy, treat, reward, or fun activity.
  • Children can play alone, against each other or search for treasure as a team.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 12

Step 3. Do an indoor obstacle course

Set up a series of obstacles for the children to overcome. You can stick duct tape on the floor that children have to walk on like a wire, have them crawl under the table, aim at a bucket with lint, cross the hallway on their feet, or pick up objects with their teeth. Invent a route with your children, depending on the possibilities offered by your accommodation.

  • Make cardboard medals for the winners.
  • Obstacles should not be dangerous. The goal is not to spend this rainy day in the emergency room.
Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 13

Step 4. Make a DIY

Take out the craft materials and let your children's imaginations do the rest. You can make finger puppets, decorate pine cones, make collages with fallen leaves, paint with gouache, or use pieces of felt to illustrate a story. Let your creativity run free.

Let each child choose the activity they prefer, that way they won't get bored

Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 14

Step 5. Make a hut with a blanket

A rainy day is a great time to make a cabin in the living room with a blanket. Move two chairs closer to the sofa and put a blanket over them to make a cabin. You can even have a picnic in the cabin at noon.

You can even camp indoors. Install inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags in the cabin. You can even, if possible, set up a real tent in the living room

Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 15

Step 6. Make a cardboard city

Collect packing boxes or cardboard. Cut out three-dimensional silhouettes of skyscrapers or buildings. Decorate them with colored pencils, markers or colored paper. Invent an entire city, with the school, houses, the fire station, buildings, shops, etc.

Play with figures or toy cars in your cardboard town or make them yourself from cardboard

Have Fun on a Rainy Day Step 16

Step 7. Have tea

Put on your best clothes, with gloves and a hat. Make tea, take out the china and placemats, and set the tea table.

  • Invite stuffed animals and imaginary friends. Have your children make the guest list.
  • Have the children help you make sweet or savory petit fours for teatime.


  • Many of the activities mentioned in the first method can be adapted for children and conversely the activities of the second method can be adapted for adults.
  • Take advantage of a rainy day to do everything you never have time to do. Pick something that you have wanted to do for a long time and do it.
  • If none of this interests you, choose something that appeals to you. Go over everything that interests you and choose a hobby to occupy your day.
  • Play with your siblings or with your pets.

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