How to have fun on your own (with pictures)

How to have fun on your own (with pictures)
How to have fun on your own (with pictures)

Are you all alone? So you don't need anyone to pass the time. There are easy, cheap, funny, and silly ways to get busy. Read on to learn more.


Have Fun by Yourself Step 1

Step 1. Take pictures

Go for a walk with your camera or mobile and take stunning photos. Look for strange people, amazing graffiti, animals or stains on concrete, look at everything around you. Take lots of close-up photos of interesting things to turn them into art.

  • When you get home, you can add a caption to each image and print it out, or give them interesting titles and post them on the Internet.
  • Find a story that could connect all the pictures and write it down.
Have Fun by Yourself Step 2

Step 2. Make a collage

Cut out old magazines and tape heads to the wrong bodies or tape Tiger Woods near the Mars Rover. Cut out big lips in makeup ads and add eyes to them, with a bubble that says “The Earth is Overrated” or “Wednesdays make people jealous”.

  • Make several hundred, glued on high quality cards.
  • Hang them on the living room walls and put on your Sunday best.
  • Take a sip of sparkling water in a tall glass and take a very serious look at them. "Very" seriously.
  • Say things like, "This is terribly postmodern."
Have Fun by Yourself Step 3

Step 3. Go to the library

Think the library is a boring place? Think again. It's like shopping in a place where they let you steal things. There you will find books, movies, comics and music, FREE. How can we not love?

Alternatively, you can pick up a book from your shelves that you've never opened, but always wanted to read. If your own library is close at hand, jump at the chance

Have Fun by Yourself Step 4

Step 4. Film a 15-minute one-act horror film with yourself starring

The moon base is abandoned and the last astronaut to come from Earth hears voices. Really very scary voices. These are the voices of his wife's deceased hamster. Write the story line as fast as possible, then set up your camcorder or phone to film yourself. Does that make any sense ? But in fact, who will care? Consider adjusting the lighting.

Instead of having other actors, play the different characters yourself and edit them later on your computer. Or use designs where the lips are removed and you add your own lips instead. Or, use stuffed animals. Or your brother

Have Fun by Yourself Step 5

Step 5. Write a Flarf and mail it to strangers

This is a poem made from quotes from the Internet. It picks up pieces of language from anywhere, from commercials, YouTube videos, magazines, books and puts them together into weird poems.

To make such a Flarf, take individual sentences from a newspaper or magazine, then glue them together to form a completely weird and random whole. Send it to a friend or scan it and email it. Start a Tumblr under your poet handle. Become famous on the internet with these quirks

Have Fun by Yourself Step 6

Step 6. Do a random act of kindness

Take a few pennies and go extend the tickets of people whose parking meter tickets have expired or sit on the terrace of a cafe and tell people how beautiful they are today. Compliment strangers. Call someone you respect and tell them how important they are to you.

Have Fun by Yourself Step 7

Step 7. Catch up on your late connection or call

Haven't you talked to your grandmother or childhood friend for a long time? So give them a call. Instead of watching TV or wasting time playing video games, reconnect with people you haven't heard from in a long time. Even a short 15 minute call can get you back into someone's life and let them know you exist. Ask him how he is, what happened to him and what his plans are.

You can also do the same in writing. For example, writing a letter with pen and paper. With your own handwriting! Draw pictures, tell about your weekend and your plans and ask your friends what happened to them. Even if they live in the same city as you, a letter or postcard can be a lovely send. Yes, the couriers are always a pang of heart

Have Fun by Yourself Step 8

Step 8. Go for a run

This is what you do when you move your legs faster than usual and wear shorts. Do some people really think it's fun? Maybe you should be listening to music at the same time.

Have Fun by Yourself Step 9

Step 9. Clean up

Yes yes, it is not fun. But if you're on your own and have time to kill, there's a lot less productivity than doing a little cleanup. And tidy spaces make people happy, they say. Give yourself an affordable goal like tidy up your room in under 30 minutes or clean the entire house in the next hour and then do it as quickly as possible to make this activity exciting. Turn on the music to get you in the mood for Fast Forward mode.

Have Fun by Yourself Step 10

Step 10. Record a capella album

Don't worry, Britney Spears herself can't sing well like this. Go to the computer and download music editing software which has a large number of effects. GarageBand and Audacity are good examples. Open a new track and register.

  • Make the sound of a choking cat or recite the new oath in a pockmarked voice. Overdub with other weird voice sounds or create percussion noises by hitting your pen desk. Make an entire track by imitating the sound of a police siren with your mouth.
  • Go back to the tracks and mix them with the effects to make it look like there are electric guitars and synthesizers. Play with reverb and echoes to make it look like alien noises. Have fun with it.
  • Give your song a silly name, like "Moon Transmission Unit," then play it to your grandparents.
Have Fun by Yourself Step 11

Step 11. Dance to music you usually don't listen to

Find Tibetan songs on YouTube or Japanese punk rock and listen to it. Make up dance steps that match these weird sounds. Make slow movements. Explore unusual music until you find something you like. Test for example:

  • Robert ashley
  • John fahey
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
  • DIIV
  • Ghost TV
Have Fun by Yourself Step 12

Step 12. Get back in shape

Exercising won't be as fun as having someone else around, but whatever. Spin hoops, go aerobics, or do push-ups or pull-ups. Get moving! Feeling good is always good.

Have Fun by Yourself Step 13

Step 13. Film a video and upload it to YouTube

YouTube is where boredom doesn't exist. There are tons of people out there who do weird things, put them on YouTube and then comment on them. Here are some ideas for video blogging.

  • Inventory: When you come back from the grocery store, mall, library, or anywhere you can pick up something, record an "inventory" video, so you can show each item to the camera. explaining why you bought or borrowed it.
  • What's in my bag? Film yourself rummaging in your purse or wallet and commenting on everything you find there. Let each object lead you to an extraordinary story.
  • Directions for use. Teach in front of the camera how to wear makeup or how to play "Good Riddance" on the guitar. Tell us what we need to know.
  • Revise something. Do you know everything there is to know about shoes, heavy metal or hot sauce? Pick a new topic and learn what there is to know about it. Try to talk about it in front of the camera or give an example.
Have Fun by Yourself Step 15

Step 14. Participate in Internet discussion threads

People go into this business because they have nothing else to do but get bored. If you're on your own and trying to have fun, find a forum, comment on a thread or blog, and start firing up under a different identity. But stay nice. Don't make someone cry over the Internet.

Have Fun by Yourself Step 16

Step 15. Talk to strangers

Are all your friends busy? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Meet new people. Start a conversation with someone in a cafe or at school. Tell him that you are planning an escape and that you need a lieutenant.

Try to learn something interesting about someone you've never met before. Start a conversation at the bus stop, in the school canteen, and try to make a new friend, at least for a minute

Have Fun by Yourself Step 17

Step 16. Sit in an assembly and say nothing

Check your library or school bulletin board. Find out where strangers meet to talk about their problems. Listen carefully, without disturbing anyone. You can be polite, but again, sit still and learn things from these people, things you never thought of. These meetings are generally free and quite interesting.

Otherwise, classes, reading sessions and masses are free events and where, against all odds, you are likely to learn things that you never thought of

Be Happy With What You Have Step 12

Step 17. Volunteer

If you are bored and alone, find a productive way to pass the time by doing something for others.

  • The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals often needs people to come to spend time with animals, taking them for walks and giving them attention. If you love animals, there is a lot you could do by doing something that needs to be done.
  • Find soup kitchens in your neighborhood that accept volunteers and give of yourself for the good of the community.
  • Many towns and villages have communal gardens which need to be maintained. If you have a green thumb, but you don't have enough space to make your own garden, then go and plant in the communal area.


  • Listen to fun and exciting music.
  • Don't be too reasonable and decide not to do something fun. You might not be the kind of person who goes to the library, but going once isn't going to kill you, is it? No one around you will be there to tease you, anyway.
  • Just have a good time and don't worry about whether that time hasn't been productive or time well spent.


  • Don't do anything, no matter how fun, that could be dangerous, or that could end badly. Even if you want to hang your new chandelier, wait until you can borrow a friend's ladder, but don't try to hang it from a chair.
  • Be careful, do not give your details to strangers.

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