How to become a clown (with pictures)

How to become a clown (with pictures)
How to become a clown (with pictures)

Do you like making people laugh and sharing your laughter with others? Do you enjoy working with children, adults, hospital patients or a whole large audience? Do you like to dress up and work with a lot of accessories? If the answer is yes, then becoming a professional clown might fit you like a glove. So how do you do this?


Part 1 of 3: Take action

Be a Clown Step 1

Step 1. Obtain accessories

The materials you use will depend on the type of clown you want to be. However, there are a few common props that are used by many clowns, such as juggling balls and balloons for making animal shapes, magic props if you're doing tricks, and other wacky props. You can start with traditional tools and get more original once you find out who your inner clown really is.

  • Prepare your music if it is an integral part of your show.
  • Part of your show may even be putting face paint on the kids.
  • If ventriloquism is part of your show, then get yourself a puppet.
Be a Clown Step 2

Step 2. Get yourself a clown costume

You can buy a real clown costume from the clown suppliers, but it can be a bit pricey, so you can start with colorful clothes, Halloween clown costumes, some colorful pajamas, or whatever weird clothes you can. find in flea markets or second-hand stores. Expensive clothes can come later, once you get better established, so don't worry about that just yet.

You will need a clown costume with a pair of large, flexible shoes. These shoes can actually be the most expensive part of a clown costume, so try starting with extra large Converse or other oversized shoes that you fill with paper towels first

Be a Clown Step 3

Step 3. Apply makeup

Contrary to popular belief, not all clowns wear face paint. Clowning is a style of comedy, not a style of makeup. Most clowns use face paint because this kind of makeup doesn't wash off as easily as water-based paint or Halloween paint. If you are doing makeup, there are different styles of makeup that you can try.

  • The white face. This is the traditional makeup that you can think of when you want to look like a clown.
  • The clown Augustus. This type of clown uses makeup that looks a bit more like flesh.
  • The wandering clown. This face paint is a little darker and looks for the sooty effect because this type of clown is unlucky.
  • The character. What kind of clown do you want to be? A mad scientist? A police clown? Your character will determine the color and style of makeup you use.
Be a Clown Step 4

Step 4. Decide if you want a sidekick

Most clowns work for themselves, but some of them are part of a duo, trio, or even an entertainment business. If you want a sidekick or if you want to be a sidekick, then see if you can find a clown friend to partner with.

If you do, think about how your partner performs and what your relationship will be like in front of the audience. Thinking about roles can be a good start

Be a Clown Step 5

Step 5. Plan your show

Get a feel for the main things you want to include and work on the teaser and other parts of the show. Thinking about issues that need to be addressed can be a good start, for example, a hat that won't fit on your head or a radio that keeps falling off. A fall at the end can help, since you can use the rule of three (i.e., error, error, success) unexpectedly. It's almost like a game. If you're too stressed out, write your script before the rehearsal! Here are some things that clowns often include in their shows:

  • make animal shaped balloons
  • mime
  • juggle
  • tell a story
  • ventriloquist
  • make jokes
Be a Clown Step 6

Step 6. Add magic to your directory (optional)

If you want to be more than a magician clown then you will need to learn some simple magic tricks and keep going until you become a star magician. Take a look at the different magic articles on wikiHow or get some magician training, if you are serious about this aspect of the trade.

Remember, if you want to be a magician clown, you will need more accessories, like a hat, wand, flashy handkerchief and so on, and it could get expensive

Be a Clown Step 7

Step 7. Work on your burlesque skills

If you want to use burlesque, remember that there is almost nothing less funny than poorly done burlesque. The best comedians will try to reproduce the everyday, like talking about bosses, family life, and other things that people can relate to. Try to include jokes about things the audience will understand and appreciate!

Be a Clown Step 8

Step 8. Avoid clichés about clowns

There is nothing a clown has to do. Unless you really care, you should try to avoid the more obvious clownish stuff if you want to be successful. Here are some things you should generally stay away from:

  • slip on banana peels
  • publication date
  • sue your sidekick
  • get sprayed by buckets of water
Be a Clown Step 9

Step 9. Rehearse your show

Once you've put on your show, scripted it, and got the props you need, start rehearsing. The ability to properly time jokes and be able to pick yourself up if something goes wrong is essential. First of all, try to do your show on your own and check in to see how you can improve. Then, work on your skits in front of a trusted friend. Perform in front of your family or a small group of kids and see how you do.

Part 2 of 3: Finding work

Be a Clown Step 10

Step 1. Decide what kind of clown you want to be

Before you can start and try to find a job, you need to understand what type of clown is best for your personality. This can determine your routine and what kind of clients you will work with. For example, you will be doing different things depending on whether you will be working with hospital patients, children, or adults. You can do different antics, of course, but you should always think your audience in mind before doing so. Here are some places you can work:

  • children's parties
  • adult parties
  • children's hospitals
  • circuses
Be a Clown Step 11

Step 2. Go to a clown school

Clown schools were very popular until the mid-90s, but you can still find a few schools if you want to improve as a clown.

Be a Clown Step 12

Step 3. Go to clown conferences and seminars

If you don't have time for clown school or if there aren't any clown schools in your area, you can always go to clown conferences to learn a few tricks and meet great masters.. Going to conferences is a great way to meet other clowns and improve your skills.

Be a Clown Step 13

Step 4. Learn the ropes with other clowns

The CAI site also offers information on where you can find groups of other clowns and learn from them. You can communicate with these clowns and ask them if they wouldn't mind having an intern. The best way to learn is to find a mentor clown who 's right for you. Remember that just because a clown is good doesn't mean he's interested in the kind of clowning you like.

Be a Clown Step 14

Step 5. Advertise Like a Professional

If you want to make it your profession, try to advertise a little in your area. Contact your local newspaper and local establishments to see if you can pay to run posters and advertisements. To truly be successful as a clown, you will need to understand marketing and advertising techniques, especially locally, to improve your chances of booking and making a profit.

Be a Clown Step 15

Step 6. Start small

Work at a children's birthday party. See if a hospital needs a clown. Play the clown at a friend's party. Even working for a small audience, you'll get your hands dirty and know what people like and don't like. It will also give you the opportunity to learn what to do for a larger audience and gain the confidence you need to truly be successful as a clown.

This is how you will start to create a follow. Even if you only impressed a friend of a friend, that person can provide you with your next show

Part 3 of 3: Succeed in your profession

Be a Clown Step 16

Step 1. Consider joining a clown group or union

These groups or unions will give you more support, knowledge and credibility and they are a good thing to add to your resume. If you know of any clowns in your area, ask them for tips that can help you build skills and network. Nationally and internationally, find out about some prestigious organizations.

  • Clowns of America International
  • World Clown Association
  • Clowns Canada
  • Clowns International
Be a Clown Step 17

Step 2. Keep improving your skills

At this point, you've mounted your show, started climbing the stardom ladder, and (if you're really involved) made some cash. In showbizness, the sky is really your only limit! Keep working on juggling, acting, storytelling, magic tricks, or whatever it is that makes your show special.

Do not relax your vigilance. There is always room for improvement

Be a Clown Step 18

Step 3. Continue to improve your engagement with the public

If you want to be the best clown then you have to be able to know what your audience wants and how to give it to them. Here are some things you will have to work on to be successful in your career.

  • Understand the public's expectations on the quality and authenticity of your performance.
  • The ability to speak in public without being afraid.
  • The ability to put children at ease.
  • You produce in a way that ensures the safety of your audience.
Be a Clown Step 19

Step 4. Consider auditioning for a circus

If you want to be a circus clown then you have to gain years of experience first. But if this is the path you want to take, then you have to apply yourself to being a circus clown just like you would any other job application. You will need to include your CV, videos of your turns, and audition for the role if you are asked to do so.

  • Auditioning for a circus, such as Cirque du Soleil or Barnum and Bailey Circus, is considered a mecca for clowns. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't work right away.
  • If you're curious about what you need to know to be a circus clown, check out some apps.
  • If you are in the UK then Chipperfield will be the most elite place to try. In Germany you can try the Continental Circus in Berlin.


  • Be ultra dramatic! Be dramatic and pretend to be deeply hurt by little insults, hugely thrilled by silly jokes and terribly shocked when you fall!
  • Enter the mind of a clown! Use humor, be witty, and most of all, kind and friendly.
  • If possible, try to interact with the audience. Having an audience member play a role makes it easier for the crowd to connect with you.
  • Try to include a mad dash at the end of your show!


  • Know when to stop! Sometimes a child may be scared or someone may be annoyed. So, it's time to drop the show and try to act like a normal human being. Remember to distinguish between gaming and real life.
  • Don't do dangerous stunts like hanging from a very long rope with an umbrella unless you are a professional stuntman

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