3 ways to make a photo album

3 ways to make a photo album
3 ways to make a photo album

We all love to take pictures or keep a memory of the highlights of our lives. However, most of the time these precious memories end up being forgotten, lost on our phones and computers, or left in a drawer or box. A creative way to protect these memories is to start a scrapbook where you can collect and store them. Start by gathering your photos and other keepsakes.


Method 1 of 3: Prepare your album

Start a Scrapbook Step 1

Step 1. For what purpose are you making this album?

Do you have a whole bunch of photos in a drawer that you would like to sort and use? Do you have an iPhone that's full of photos of your kids? Do you plan to celebrate your wedding anniversary by talking about the best moments of your life together? How would you like to simply satisfy your need for creative expression? Before you begin, it is important that you determine why you want to create a scrapbook and the goal you want to achieve by making it.

Start a Scrapbook Step 2

Step 2. How will you organize your album?

Now that you know why you want to make your album, you have to decide how to present it. For example, your scrapbook might deal with a specific theme or try to tell a story. He can also relate a series of events in chronological order.

  • Let's say you've just returned from your first trip around Europe and found yourself with hundreds of photos. You might decide to highlight each of the major cities you've visited. In this case, your theme would be: "major European cities".
  • Or maybe during your stay you got lost. After meeting the locals, they offered to show you the best places in town. They even invited you to spend an evening with their relatives or friends. You could organize your album around the story of this unexpected adventure.
  • If you want to remember everything (absolutely everything) that you did on your trip, you could also organize and present your photos in chronological order.
Start a Scrapbook Step 3

Step 3. How will you design your album?

You can do it the old-fashioned way using your hands or use software to make a digital album. How to make the right choice ? Answer the following questions to find out which option is best for you.

  • Which of these methods would be easier for you?
  • Which of these methods will give you the most pleasure?
  • When finished, do you want to be able to hold your album in your hands?
  • How would you like to be able to distribute a copy of your album to your friends or family?
  • Are you one of those who prefer to avoid the mess created by making an album by hand or are you a manual person?
Start a Scrapbook Step 4

Step 4. Gather your photos and sort them into groups

Gather all the photos you plan to place in your album. If it's a hardcover book, print your photos if you haven't already. Organize them by theme, chronologically, or in the order in which you want to tell your story. If your photos are in your computer, you can easily organize them by placing them in different files. If these are in your phone, first download them to your computer and then sort them by saving them as separate files.

Method 2 of 3: Create a bound scrapbook

Start a Scrapbook Step 5

Step 1. Choose the dimensions for your album

Several options are available to you. The standard size of an album is normally 30 x 30 cm. Other dimensions exist as 21 x 28 cm and 20 x 20 cm. It is also possible to find mini albums of different sizes.

  • The size of your scrapbook will depend on the quantity and dimensions of your photos, the goal you want to achieve, and the scale of the project you want to undertake.
  • If you intend to buy a scrapbooking kit, you should know that the 30 x 30 cm albums are sold with more decorative materials than the others.
  • If you don't want to take on a big project because you want to finish your album quickly, get one that measures 8 x 8 inches.
  • Minialbums are ideal for small projects aiming to immortalize one-off events like a birthday.
Start a Scrapbook Step 6

Step 2. Gather your materials

You can purchase a scrapbooking kit which will provide you with what you need including the album. This kind of kit is particularly useful for beginners in scrapbooking. Most of the decorative items you will need to design your scrapbook will come with the kit: patterned paper, ribbon, stencils, and calligraphy words.

  • Here is a general list of the materials you will need: a scrapbook with virgin acid-free paper, page protectors that will protect your photos from oils secreted by your fingertips, photo glue or masking tape, Pigma markers calibrated microns in the colors of your choice and a pair of scissors.
  • Choose your kit according to the theme of your album. Check the color of the paper and the various decorative tools provided. The materials you use to celebrate the birth of your son will obviously not be the same materials you will need to work on your daughter's fifth birthday album.
Start a Scrapbook Step 7

Step 3. Prepare the layout

Before starting your album, you will surely find it useful to prepare the layout. Since you have already gathered your photos and sorted them by group, you can sketch four to six different layouts that you would like to include in your album.

  • Each of the layouts should show where you will place your photos on the album page. Some pages might have a single photo, others two or three. On yet another page, you could make a collage of several photos.
  • Draw the different layouts you would like to use on a sheet of paper. Indicate the spaces where you would like to add different designs and printed or handwritten messages. If you are having trouble formatting your layouts, you might find it helpful to arrange the photos on a table beforehand to give you an idea of ​​how to arrange them on paper.
Start a Scrapbook Step 8

Step 4. Create your pages

Now that your layout ideas are ready, you can start designing your pages. If your scrapbook paper is not already printed with patterns, cut out and glue printed paper on each page. Once the background is done, you can place each of your photos on the page using the layouts you sketched as a template.

  • Make sure you put the photos in the correct location before pasting them. You may need to crop some if they come off the page.
  • After pasting your photos, you can add other designs to the page like stickers, pictures, quotes important to you or written messages.
  • If the theme of your scrapbook is your wedding, you can write down one of the Bible verses that was read during the ceremony.
  • If your goal is to make an album for each of your children, you can caption the photos with the date and place they were taken.
  • You can also add elegant designs like floral prints or swirling lines. Fill in the empty corners of some pages with self-adhesive stars.
Start a Scrapbook Step 9

Step 5. Complete each of the pages of your scrapbook until you have finished it

Work until you have used all of your photos and decorated all of your pages. Stop when you feel like you've finished your project.

Method 3 of 3: Create a digital album

Start a Scrapbook Step 10

Step 1. Think about what software you would like to use

If you feel much more comfortable with technology than with manual craftsmanship, it might be that your best option is using a computer. Also, if you need to sort through a whole bunch of photos saved on your computer or smartphone, this option might be the easiest as well.

  • Several programs specially designed to help you create a digital scrapbook are available to you. Use your search engine to find them quickly. You may have to pay to download the software. Some sites allow you to test their product before you buy them which will give you the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Each program will have detailed instructions on how you can execute a particular command. However, the general instructions given below can apply to any program.
Start a Scrapbook Step 11

Step 2. Start a new album

Once you've chosen your software, you can start working on your new album. Launch the program and click "new" to start a new album. The software may give your album a generic name such as "document1". Feel free to change the filename depending on the type of project you are going to be doing such as “Sam's First Birthday Album”.

Start a Scrapbook Step 12

Step 3. Choose the size of your album

You have to proceed in the same way as for a bound album and decide on the dimensions of your album. Choose them according to the number of photos you want to include in your album or according to what looks best in your opinion. You can opt for the standard dimensions of the bound albums like 30 x 30 cm, 21 x 28 cm, 20 x 20 cm or for a mini album.

Start a Scrapbook Step 13

Step 4. Create your layout

Before you start your album, it is best to have a general idea of ​​the placement of your photos. If you grouped your photos together in the preparation step, you should already know which photos you want on each page. Once you have decided on the size of your scrapbook, sketch out 4-6 different layouts on a sheet of paper. You can also use a blank sheet of paper on your computer screen to place your photos and see which layout would work best.

Start a Scrapbook Step 14

Step 5. Choose the background for the cover and your pages

Unlike your physical scrapbooking kit, you are not limited by the materials that came with your kit or by those you purchased.

  • You can choose a background for each of the pages from those available in your program. Select the one you prefer and move it to your layout. You can also select it then click on "apply". You can change the background on each page or use the same background on all of your pages.
  • You will probably need to work in the order of the pages. Start with the cover, then continue page by page. Some software gives you the option of inserting blank pages before or after an existing page. So this gives you a bit more flexibility, as you can work on your pages out of order.
Start a Scrapbook Step 15

Step 6. Import your photos to start creating your album

Select the photos you want to use and import them on each page. Then arrange them according to the layout you have chosen. Click on the "file" tab to access the "import images" option. Your software may display an icon that will allow you to import your photos without having to go to the "file" tab. Use your mouse to position your images in their respective places. If necessary, you can also enlarge or reduce your photos.

Start a Scrapbook Step 16

Step 7. Personalize your pages

Once your photos are well placed, you can play around with the different options the software offers to add different patterns and decorative elements to your pages. You can frame your photos, insert decorative elements or a WordArt object to achieve the layout you want.

  • For example, if the theme of your scrapbook is celebrating your daughter's first birthday, you might add pictures of her favorite animals or toys, a cute post that she can read when she's older, or a photo of her. her birthday cake.
  • If your goal is to immortalize your trip to Africa, you can include decorative elements like an airplane, maps, and travel or safari themed quotes.
Start a Scrapbook Step 17

Step 8. Save your album

When finished, save your album. You can either have it printed or email it to family or friends.


  • If you need help creating your hardcover or digital album, opt for some ready-made background templates.
  • You don't have to use all of your photos in your album. Just introduce the most important.
  • Have your photos printed on matte paper to prevent smudges from fingerprints.


  • Save your digital scrapbook in several different places in case your computer crashes or if the device you saved it in is lost.
  • Be careful when using the scissors.

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