How to build a snow castle: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to build a snow castle: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to build a snow castle: 11 steps (with pictures)

If you are tired of traditional winter activities like ice skating or snowball battles, try building a snow castle. This will be an opportunity for a good family activity during the winter period while waiting for warmer days. Remember to always practice this activity in pairs or more and to always keep a person out of the castle in the event of a collapse.


Part 1 of 3: prepare for construction

Build a Snow Fort Step 1

Step 1. Think about what type of structure you want to build

A snow castle can very well be a simple wall going through more complexity with four walls and a roof.

  • Part of your decision will be taken in relation to the amount of snow available to you.
  • Take into account the length, depth and height of your structure when assessing the amount of snow required. One meter 20 is usually an adequate height.
Build a Snow Fort Step 2

Step 2. Measure the size of the castle

Use a shovel or stick to mark the perimeter of the castle. If you don't have enough snow, go for a simple wall with possibly wings on either side of it.

Build a Snow Fort Step 3

Step 3. Find a snowdrift

If there isn't one around you, create one. Use snow from piles of snow blown by snowplows on the road or anywhere it can be found.

Build a Snow Fort Step 4

Step 4. Make sure the snow is dense and not too light

Experiment by forming snowballs. If it sticks enough, the snow is therefore quite compact and good for the construction of the castle. If not, skip to the next step to see how to make compact snow yourself.

Build a Snow Fort Step 5

Step 5. Use snow bricks if you can't use too light snow for your castle construction

Compact snow as much as possible in plastic boxes, coolers, Tupperware. Then turn the container over after having packed it well and unmold everything.

An alternative is to pour cold water to create a layer of ice. If you plan to make a tunnel, save space without pouring water into it so that you can dig more easily

Part 2 of 3: Build your snow castle

Build a Snow Fort Step 6

Step 1. Make your walls

Use packed snow or later prepared bricks to make the walls, making sure they are perpendicular to the ground.

  • If you are using bricks, work like a mason: lay a layer, leave a few centimeters between each brick and start the second level by laying your bricks in the middle of the holes left during the first layer. Have another person follow you, filling in the gaps between the bricks with snow.
  • If you are digging your fort in a snowdrift, use a shovel or your hands to dig the desired structure out of the snow pile. Once you've made your entrance, scoop out the first piece from the inside with your hands or a small shovel.
Build a Snow Fort Step 7

Step 2. Compact the outside of your walls with a shovel

Flatten the outside of your walls, add additional snow to consolidate the wall if necessary. If you used bricks, fill in the empty holes with snow and gently tamp everything down with a shovel. Be careful not to break the bricks while doing this. Exterior walls should lean slightly for durability and strength.

Build a Snow Fort Step 8

Step 3. Sprinkle water on your castle to protect it from a layer of ice

Water freezes into ice, solidifying and protecting your castle from melting.

  • Work from the bottom up to keep the ice at the top from collapsing.
  • Make sure the outside temperature is low enough to turn water into ice quickly.

Part 3 of 3: Decorate your castle

Build a Snow Fort Step 9

Step 1. Sprinkle cold water and food coloring on your castle to personalize it in color

Dye the blocks as you shape them by adding colored water to the snow, spray the colored water with a sprayer, or mix food coloring with cold water.

Build a Snow Fort Step 10

Step 2. To light up your castle, hang low wattage LED lights around the main rooms

Low wattage bulbs produce minimal heat and will reduce the melting effect.

Build a Snow Fort Step 11

Step 3. Add flags, snowmen or other type of decoration

If there is plenty of snow, create snowmen or turrets to protect your castle. Add some furniture if you have room. Trim your exterior walls, it will add personalization to your construction.


  • Invest in purchasing water resistant gloves. They are available in sports stores and will keep your hands warm, they will dry out as construction goes on. If you can't find one, take woolen gloves. When they are wet, change pairs and dry the others on a heater or by the fire.
  • Don't get angry when your castle breaks, you can always build a new one!
  • When you need a strong roof, take a good quality umbrella and pile snow on top of it, it will increase the chances that it will hold up longer.


  • Don't make the top of your castle too heavy, you don't want it to give way.
  • Try to choose a location that is not too exposed to the sun. This will help your castle to last longer and reduce the risk of collapse.
  • Do not step on your castle, it will increase the risk of it breaking.
  • Don't let any animals in, they could damage your castle.
  • Always make sure that there is someone outside the castle, when you are building it and when you spend time inside. NEVER enter alone. Crashes can happen and you could suffocate or suffocate if no one is around to help you.
  • Avoid building your castle near a parking lot. Carbon monoxide vapors could build up inside, leading to suffocation and in the worst case, death.

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