How to make someone say "carrot": 7 steps (with pictures)

How to make someone say "carrot": 7 steps (with pictures)
How to make someone say "carrot": 7 steps (with pictures)

Are you looking for a fun game for your parties? A way to start a conversation at the local cafe? Try these tips which, thanks to the peculiarities of the human brain, will get a volunteer to pronounce the word "carrot". This trick won't always work, but the results are stunning nonetheless. Whether the trick works or not, to get a positive reaction from your audience you will need to be assertive and maintain your sense of humor.


Part 1 of 2: Prepare for the tour

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 1

Step 1. Find a volunteer

One of the most important steps for this trick to work will be finding the right person to play with. It could be a friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. Ideally, however, you should choose someone who will be cooperative, follow your instructions and be "good player". This person should give you their full attention. For this, do not choose a person who is busy or distracted by another person.

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 2

Step 2. Explain the rules of the game

Say something like, "With this trick, I'm going to show you that I can see the future and predict your answers before you even have them in mind." In a few moments I'm going to ask you a series of questions. Respond to each of them as quickly as possible. These will not be trick questions, your answers should be clear and direct. Focus all your attention on me. Don't look at the audience. Are you ready to begin?"

Also remember to dramatize the scene. For example, say something like, “Ladies and gentlemen, I admit I lied to you. My real name is not (your name). My name is really the Great Zambini, master illusionist and seer. In a few moments, you will follow me into the strange world of the paranormal … "

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 3

Step 3. On a sheet of paper, write the word “carrot”

Grab a sticky note, blank business card, or piece of paper. Show the audience that this is a normal object. Say something like, "I am now going to use my magical powers to predict the behavior of our brave volunteer." Write "carrot" on the paper, but don't show anyone what you are writing. Leave the paper, turned over, in front of you.

Make sure the paper is visible to your volunteer and the rest of the audience throughout the issue, so you aren't accused of cheating

Part 2 of 2: the trick

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 4

Step 1. Ask the volunteer to say the number "6" ten times

The volunteer should do this as quickly as possible, while pronouncing "six" clearly. While he is counting, he will also have to look you in the eye. If he loses focus or starts giggling, calmly ask him to start over. For the show, you might even say, “The psychic bond between us has broken. Let's start over."

This trick will work best if the volunteer gives you their full attention. Ideally, by repeating the same word over and over and looking you in the eye, the volunteer should even go into trans-like

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 5

Step 2. Ask the volunteer to solve 10 math operations with the solution “6”

Practice simple operations so that the volunteer can respond almost instantly. For example, you could ask him, "How much is 1 + 5?" 2 + 4? 3 + 3? 12 - 6? 6 + 0? 10 - 4? ", Etc. The important thing is that the volunteer can resolve the operations quickly, answering "6" each time.

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 6

Step 3. Say “name a vegetable”

Do not give particular importance to this question. Just put it down quickly after the last operation, keeping the same tone. Most of the time, the volunteer will answer “carrot”.

It is not clear why this trick works. Perhaps carrots are the most obvious vegetable to most people and then it is the first that comes to mind when they are in a state close to hypnosis

Make Someone Say Carrot Step 7

Step 4. Flip the paper over

If the volunteer actually said “carrot,” your audience will be blown away. For even more effect, say something mysterious like, “ah, my child, I'm reading your mind like an open book. " Congratulation ! Your turn is over. Remember that magicians never reveal their secrets.

If your volunteer says the name of another vegetable, you will have two options. The first will be to end the number and say “oh nooo! », Turning the paper over. If that's what you choose to do, be a good player and laugh with the audience. Your second option will be to continue the issue by saying, “your mind is fogged up today”. You can then flip the paper or tear it up, but be prepared for public jokes


  • If you hate being wrong, prepare two pieces of paper: one saying “carrot” and the other “broccoli” or “zucchini,” which are also common choices.
  • This tour will be perfect if you are trying to meet a single person. If the trick works, you can then tell him, laughing, "I'm predicting now that you're going to give me your number."
  • According to some sources, the repetition of the number "6" is not important and any sequence of mathematical operations will lead to the answer "carrot". For example, you could ask your volunteer "How much is 1 + 1?" 2 + 2? 3 + 3? », Etc., up to 10 + 10.

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