How to overcome the fear of spooky rides

How to overcome the fear of spooky rides
How to overcome the fear of spooky rides

The attractions in parks and carnivals are designed to scare and amaze visitors. It's normal that this thrill isn't for everyone, at least initially. However, it can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with family and friends. If you want to learn more about these attractions and what scares you, you may decide to hop on one and survive the first trip in order to continue enjoying the others.


Part 1 of 3: reflect on your fear

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 1

Step 1. Identify what scares you about the rides

Think about what really scares you about attractions and what keeps you from getting on them. There may be several reasons why you don't like or don't want to enjoy spooky rides. It could be the speed, the turns, or the feeling of falling you will experience when you go up or even the traumatic experience you have had with a ride before. If you identify what scares you, you can take more concrete steps to overcome that specific fear.

  • Look at the footage of the ride and the direction it is heading. Determine the specific aspects that scare you, such as staying upside down on a roller coaster. Imagine yourself in the game and see how you would feel.
  • Ask about the rides. Determine what they are trying to do to scare you and learn about the safety precautions. Understanding the operation and safety of the attractions will help you feel more comfortable when you get on them.
  • Remember that you are in a safe environment. These rides are successful because people know they are safe and nothing bad will happen to them. Thrill rides can create a reaction by over-stimulating the senses (for example, using sudden sounds and strange sensations in a haunted house), but they won't put you in real danger.
Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 2

Step 2. Set a goal for getting on a merry-go-round

You'll just want to say you did or try to impress someone. It doesn't have to be a terrible goal, but something manageable, like doing the pull once. If you have a goal or a reason for doing it, it may motivate you to give it a try. A small goal will make it easier and more successful for you to do it.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 3

Step 3. Chat with other people

Chat with your friends about the possibility of participating in these attractions. Make sure they know you are afraid, but want to get over it. Good friends will understand this and try to help you.

While you tell your friends about it, ask them why they like to play these games. It's okay to be a little afraid of scary attractions because their purpose is to scare you. Ask them how they overcame their fears in order to enjoy the games

Part 2 of 3: getting on an attraction

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 4

Step 1. Gradually expose yourself to these games

Before you go in line, take the time to expose yourself to a scary attraction. Watch videos and pictures of the ride on the internet to see it in action and to find out what you would do while you're at it. If you're going to an amusement park or carnival, approach the ride and watch it in action. The more you observe it, the more you will get used to it. This is exposure therapy, a common technique for overcoming phobias.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 5

Step 2. Line up to take part in the merry-go-round

One way to force yourself into playing the game is to put yourself in a situation where you have to. You can tell your friends that you will definitely do this or buy an expensive ticket to enter the park. Make it very difficult for you to opt out of the process.

Do your best to forget about past occasions when you avoided it or got in line and then back out. Don't dive into the past. Instead, focus on the future and on the fact that this time around, you'll be doing the merry-go-round

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 6

Step 3. Avoid imagining the worst disasters

This is a common type of negative thinking, in which you can only think of a worst-case scenario when you plan to experience a thrill ride. For example, you might think that you will fall off a roller coaster every time that ride turns around.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 7

Step 4. Calm yourself down with relaxation techniques

Before you line up or start playing, use mindfulness techniques to relax. These simple exercises are great for reducing stress and tension, which will make you feel better as you approach the merry-go-round. You can practice these techniques.

  • Progressive muscle relaxation: this exercise involves slowly contracting and relaxing the muscles in the body. Keep them tense for about five seconds, then relax them for thirty seconds, thinking not only about the movement of the muscles, but also how you feel when they are relaxed. It can help to start with one part of the body, perhaps with the feet, and work your way up, contracting and relaxing all the muscles one at a time.
  • Controlled breathing: breathe normally, then deeply. Inhale slowly through your nose and allow air to fill your lungs and abdomen. Then breathe out slowly. It is best to do this by mouth, but you can do it through your nose if you find it more comfortable.

Part 3 of 3: enjoy the merry-go-round

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 8

Step 1. Try out the seats

Some attractions have seats available to sit down before continuing. The main purpose of these is to make sure you are properly adjusted. However, testing them out can be a good way to get comfortable with what you want to do.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 9

Step 2. Enter the merry-go-round

The most effective way to deal with your fear is to overcome it and enter attraction. You have reached this stage. You educated yourself about the game, relaxed, stood in line, and now you are there. Sit back, let the manager secure you with the straps, and get ready to have some fun.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 10

Step 3. Hold the bar

Most rides have some sort of bar or other type of prop designed to hold you back in the attraction. You may feel more secure when holding the restraint. In reality, it won't make you feel secure, but it may remind you that there is something you can hold on to.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 11

Step 4. Keep your eyes open

When the merry-go-round starts, you'll be tempted to close your eyes until the end, but don't. Instead, let your eyes guide you along the way to see what will come next. If you can see the following, you can adapt to the next rounds.

Overcome a Fear of Scary Rides Step 12

Step 5. Enjoy the ride a second time

Once you've taken a tour, that's good! Then queue up and enjoy the game again. Riding the rides more often will help you get used to it and make you feel even more comfortable.


  • Remember, you don't have to go on scary attractions. Some people's brain chemistry just doesn't allow them to benefit from the experience. At the very least, you should be able to play the games with your friends without being afraid.
  • Riding a merry-go-round is an opportunity to get back into shape. Being in better physical condition will allow you to reduce stress and adapt more comfortably to attraction seats.
  • These attractions are intended to scare you and provoke a reaction. You have the option to shout for the duration of the game. You won't be the only one doing it.
  • If you still feel fear when you reach the end of the line, step into the merry-go-round and say to yourself, “Well! I couldn't turn around now. "

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