3 ways to make a choker necklace

3 ways to make a choker necklace
3 ways to make a choker necklace

Choker necklaces are jewelry that dates back to the Victorian era in England. They were considered to accentuate the elegance of women's necks and form a nice contrast to the often frilly collars of the dresses of the time. Crew necklaces are still in fashion today. You can easily make some yourself, and you might even want to give some as gifts to other people.


Method 1 of 3: Make a tattoo necklace

Make a Choker Step 1

Step 1. Buy some elastic thread

Purchase elastic plastic jewelry thread. You should find some at a hobby store. Otherwise, order it on the Internet. There are many different colors.

Step 2. Cut the thread

Cut a piece of elastic thread about twice the length of your arm. This necklace requires a large amount of thread. When in doubt, better too much than not enough. You can always cut off the excess at the end.

Step 3. Secure the wire

Tie the wire to a clip block holder. Fold the wire in half and tie the middle to the clip on the clipboard holder. If you don't have a clipboard holder, you can use a drawing clip and a hardcover book.

Step 4. Start the curls

A tattoo necklace is simply made up of a series of buckles. Take the left thread and pass it over the right one. Wind the left thread around the right one and pass it through the loop formed so that the two threads are tied together. Bring the loop up until it is at the very top of the threads.

Step 5. Continue

Do the same, but this time use the right yarn to loop around the left yarn. Be sure to alternate between the two sides with each loop, otherwise the collar will not look the right way. Continue until the series of loops are long enough to wrap around your neck.

Step 6. Tie the ends

Since this collar is relatively stretchy, you can simply tie the two ends together when you have reached the correct length and stretch the collar so that you can fit your head through. Pass one of the threads through the loop at the other end of the collar and tie the two threads firmly together.

Use a match or lighter to melt the plastic at the knot to prevent the knot from coming undone when you wear the necklace

Method 2 of 3: Make a choker pendant with two chains

Make a Choker Step 7

Step 1. Determine the length of the necklace

To know what length of thread or chain you need, you can measure your neck circumference with a tape measure and add 2 or 3 cm to this measurement or simply wrap the chain or thread around your neck and add 2 or 3 cm. Once you've found the right length, cut the chain. Then cut a second longer chain.

Step 2. Attach a clasp

Use a small ring to attach one end of each chain to a lobster clasp. Use flat pliers to close the ring.

You can buy jewelry materials like rings and clasps at a hobby store or online, or you can salvage old jewelry

Step 3. Add a pendant

Slide the two chains through the loop of the pendant. If the loop is not large enough, attach it to a metal ring and pass the chains through it so that the pendant slides easily.

Make a Choker Step 10

Step 4. Try on the collar

Tie the shorter chain around your neck using the lobster clasp. Look at yourself in a mirror and adjust the length of the longer chain until you like the effect. Cut it to the right length and attach its free end to the other chain with a ring.

Method 3 of 3: Make a simple choker necklace with a ribbon

Step 1. Determine the length of the ribbon

You can measure your neck circumference with a tape measure and add 2 or 3 cm to this measurement, or you can simply wrap the tape around your neck and add 2 or 3 cm. Once you've found the right length, cut the ribbon.

Step 2. Hem the ends

Fold one end of the ribbon into a 5-10mm loop. Sew the end in place with thread that matches the ribbon. Do the same on the other end, making sure to fold the ribbon on the same side as the first loop so that the two cut ends are on the side that will not be seen when you wear the necklace.

If you are in a hurry or don't feel like sewing, you can just tie the necklace at the back of your neck. In this case, add a few more inches to the ribbon so that it is long enough

Step 3. Add a wire

Cut an embroidery thread 5 to 8 cm long. You might want to use a yarn that matches the ribbon, but since it won't show in the front, you can use a different color if you can't find one that matches. Simply pass the yarn through the loops at the ends of the ribbon and tie the two ends of the yarn together to hold the collar in place.

Make a Choker Step 14

Step 4. Attach a clasp

If you want something more elegant than a simple knotted thread, use a clasp and chain. You can buy them online or pick them up from an old necklace that you no longer wear. The tape should already be almost the correct length and 1cm more at each end should be sufficient. Since jewelry chains are very thin, you should be able to cut the stitches with normal scissors. Sew the chain in place by passing the needle through the stitches and the ribbon a few times.

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