How to become a star on the Disney Channel: 9 steps (with pictures)

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How to become a star on the Disney Channel: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to become a star on the Disney Channel: 9 steps (with pictures)

If you want to sing, dance and act while working for Disney Channel, nothing is impossible. The conditions are simple: a great investment of oneself, a strong motivation, to work very hard, and the almost obligatory passage through all the classic stages of the artist's life. Today, everyone adores Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus or even Soy Luna for the last generation of stars, so, why not give all that you have in you, to exceed yourself and manage to touch the stars which shine under the Disney Channel skies?


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

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2357819 1

Step 1. Ask yourself the right questions

Launching an artistic career is a desire shared by many young people these days, helped by reality TV shows and articles they read on the internet. If the media like to show us the many pleasant sides of the artist's life (red carpets, photo calls, MTV Music Awards, etc.), we must not forget that the smallest mistakes made by stars (including those of Disney Channel) can be found on television, in print and on the internet within 24 hours. Also, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions, starting with the following ones.

  • Do you really want to be a star like Martina Stoessel? What makes you want to make an artistic career? Is it to live your passions for dancing, singing and acting? Is it to please one or both of your parents?
  • Since when have you wanted to become a Disney Channel star? Is this a dream you have had since you were little? Did you "decide" to be an artist while watching an episode of Hannah Montana?
  • What are your talents? Did you know that by becoming a Disney Channel star, you will have to know how to act, sing and dance at the same time?
  • Are you able to dance or perform in front of all your friends, classmates or family, without shaking and blushing from head to toe?
  • Are you able to learn a dialogue, a choreography or a song in a very short time?
  • Do you take courses (comedy, dance, singing) to become a professional artist?
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 1
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 1

Step 2. Play a comedy

If your parents often asked you to stop acting, you should on the contrary do it as often as possible! At Disney as everywhere else, the actors must know how to pretend to cry, to laugh, to get angry, to love each other, to be astonished… Indeed, the actors and actresses who work for Mickey have succeeded in landing their roles thanks to to their great talent. They know how to pretend and interpret believable characters in front of the camera. If you're used to playing in front of your mirror, maybe it's time to take things a step further!

  • Sign up for your school's theater workshop or get information at the town hall of your district or town to find courses near you. There are comedy and theater (or acting) workshops in all large towns or medium-sized towns.
  • If you have a natural talent for acting, maybe your parents can take you to auditions. By searching the internet, you will find many advertisements some of which are posted by Disney Channel for young actors and actresses.

    Know for this last point that if the castings take place elsewhere than in your city or your region, the expenses for food and hotel will have to be supported by your parents

Become a Disney Channel Star Step 2
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 2

Step 3. Work on the vocals

Nowadays, many singing artists are discovered and made known through the internet and television. On the internet in particular, there are millions of videos around the world and it must be said, some people sing really well, which has allowed a few to be spotted by professionals. Did you know, for example, that Usher discovered Justin Bieber in this way? So now is the time for you to stop exercising in the shower and do the following.

  • Film yourself singing in your prettiest voice and post the video on the internet.
  • Sign up for singing lessons with a licensed professional.
  • If your school has a choir, participate!
  • Find your "voice" so you don't end up singing like everyone else. You will thus make the difference.

    Maybe you've noticed, it often happens that two artists are confused, because their voices and their way of singing are similar. Any artist who respects himself must express his own personality through his way of singing

Become a Disney Channel Star Step 3
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 3

Step 4. Learn to dance

This is perhaps the hardest part of a complete artist's career. If acting and singing can be learned even though some people will never be good despite the lessons, dancing is not only a matter of coordination, but also of talent. Indeed, we can teach our body to move in a harmonious way, however, it is essential to have a certain talent for this: we are not all equal before this discipline. To dance like a Disney Channel star and become one of them, it's no secret.

  • Practice every day in front of your mirror, taking inspiration from choreographies found on the internet (there are many on YouTube) or on television.
  • Develop your ability to create your own choreography.
  • Film yourself, replay the videos and spot flaws and things you could improve.
  • Sign up for dance lessons. In France as elsewhere, there are very many schools, sometimes open to everyone, sometimes very selective and which choose their students by audition.
  • Create shows for certain occasions (birthday of a member of your family, at your school's end-of-year party, etc.) in order to control your stage fright and find new ideas. Again, don't forget to film yourself and post the videos on the internet.

Part 2 of 3: Look after your look and body

2357819 8
2357819 8

Step 1. Choose your clothes well

If there's one detail that must have seduced you about your favorite Disney Channel stars, it's probably their looks. Besides, have you ever tried to find clothes, shoes or accessories that look like the ones they are wearing? The haircut is no exception, hello long, sleek or expertly styled hair for girls and trendy cuts for boys. Also, it is not necessary to go through a makeover that is too fancy or too expensive to look like the actors and actresses at Mickey's house. By trying to do too much, you risk appearing older or older than your age, which tends to be offensive during the castings. Professionals appreciate natural and sincere people.

  • Take care of your hair: wash it twice a week at most and go to the hairdresser regularly if you want a nice mastered cut. Be careful, avoid overly sophisticated hair colors and cuts, you'll have plenty of time to do all of this once you're a Disney Channel star. Try to stay natural as much as possible, even if your hair is frizzy: every hair texture has its charm!
  • Pay attention to your eyes: If you wear eyeglasses, know that the doctor prescribed them for you for a good reason. If you have complexes, maybe you can consider changing your mount? Contact lenses can be worn from around 12 years old, as long as you put up with them.
  • Hydrate your skin: if you are in your teenage years, chances are you have acne. Cleanse your skin regularly with gentle products and if possible organic and go to a dermatologist if the situation requires it. However, be aware that once you have passed adolescence, and if you haven't had fun piercing your pimples, you will find very beautiful skin, which will only wait for one thing: to be made up before being filmed!
  • Protect your mouth: oral hygiene is sacred! In addition to the fact that you have to visit your dentist twice a year on average, remember that healthy teeth should be brushed three times a day, with flossing at each session. If you were not used to it before, brush your tongue with your toothbrush or with a special brush available in supermarkets or pharmacies. Mouthwashes can be effective, but don't overdo it, as they can be harsh on the oral flora. If you have teeth that are a little badly placed, talk to your parents to have braces fitted. Do not forget that a beautiful smile opens many doors, especially those of castings and auditions.
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 8
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 8

Step 2. Play sports

Any self-respecting star or future star moves and plays sports. If you attend dance class, be regular (regular) and do some stretching. If you haven't signed up for any such activity, it's time to join a club and discover a new passion (like swimming). To look your best in front of the camera, it is essential that you have a physique that exudes form.

  • For your body to be in great shape, you need to eat a balanced diet. In this regard, the stars generally have specific menus prepared by professionals, which include all the food groups essential to provide them with energy, nourish their muscles (used during sports sessions) and to hydrate them properly.. You don't have to drink two liters of water a day, especially if your diet contains all the vitamins, minerals, and water your body needs. If you want help with this, ask to see your family doctor or a nutritionist.
  • Sleep is essential for resting your body and your brain. In order to dance like a real professional, to remember your texts more quickly and to have an extraordinary voice, the ideal is not to stay awake until unreasonable hours. If your schedule allows it, try to set up a late night and bedtime routine with regular schedules. Ideally, the human body needs 8-10 hours of sleep per night!

Step 3. Don't put the pressure on yourself

By being stressed, your body may react badly and develop small irritating and annoying ailments. Besides the fact that you are working very hard to be a Disney Channel star, know how to take some time for yourself and spend it with your family and friends. Becoming a television star, and why not cinema, thanks to Mickey Mouse is a real challenge, and as in any challenge, you have to know how to rest a little and breathe.

By balancing your personal and professional life, you will become a pleasant artist, able to work in this environment for very long years and to amass many fans, for whom you will become a real model

Part 3 of 3: start your career

Become a Disney Channel Star Step 5
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 5

Step 1. Make a book

As with all artistic disciplines, you will have to present your "book" during auditions at Disney. This is a compilation of photos, preferably taken by a professional, which show you to your advantage, sometimes naturally, sometimes in staging. This book will have to be updated quite often, since it will have to represent you throughout your physical evolution. Many photographers offer this service, but take the time (with your parents) to judge the quality of the photos of the professional to whom this task will be entrusted.

  • The book is therefore a succession of photos of you, which will be used to show the professionals present during the castings:

    • how do you behave in front of a goal
    • the way your face and body look
    • if your physique corresponds to the character for which you pass the casting
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 7
Become a Disney Channel Star Step 7

Step 2. Pass auditions

In France, announcements for auditions are published on the internet (the keywords to type in your favorite search engine are: audition + Disney Channel + France) or on the Disney Channel television channel. If you come across an ad that interests you, then all you have to do is contact the casting managers at the coordinates provided by the presenter or the presenter or go to the Disney fr platform to register.

  • You can also register with a casting agency, specifying that you want to work for Disney Channel. So, as soon as a hearing is scheduled, you will be one of the first to know.
  • If you contact an agency or an artistic agent, do it with your parents and be careful, because there are scammers in this area. An agent should NEVER ask for money for any fees. He gets paid when he finds you a contract. If you are offered a contract, a specialist lawyer will be of great help in defending your interests.


  • There is a good chance that you will be offered extra roles early in your career. This is valid for Disney Channel as for the other projects.
  • Be natural in everyday life and try to keep your feet on the ground. In other words, keep hanging out with the people you love, those you trust and who have always been of good advice to you.
  • If the artistic world is tough and a career can end overnight, think of the many Disney Channel stars who continue to shine on screen (big and small!). Don't let anyone discourage you from your plan to become one of them.
  • If you get tired every now and then and you have a rehearsal for dancing, singing, or acting, learn to tell the difference between fatigue and laziness. In the first case, listen to your body and in the second, motivate yourself: it's about your career at Disney Channel!
  • Try to improve your English little by little, you never know. Indeed, if your career takes off, it is possible that you will one day have to cross the Atlantic to go to work in the United States.
  • You don't become a star overnight: it takes years to achieve this status. Keep in mind that all of those actors and actresses who are on Disney Channel today have been encouraged by their friends and family to give the best of themselves. In addition, these same people also experienced failures during auditions, do not be disappointed if your profile was not selected for a role.
  • If you're naturally shy, ask yourself the right questions about choosing to become a Disney Channel star (or whatever). Indeed, not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera or a lens.


  • Becoming a TV or movie star should be a personal choice. By wanting to work in the artistic world, the goal is not to please your parents or copy your or your best friend. It has to be a real passion!
  • For quite a few years now, artists have been pushed to be ever thinner in order to "look better in front of the camera". Don't be fooled if a professional (unless it's a doctor) asks you to lose a few pounds to look better or better. Before embarking headlong on any diet, discuss it with your parents, then consult a doctor or a nutritionist.
  • It is normal not to pass all the castings, it is part of the reality of the stars of the Disney Channel. Don't be tempted to get angry or cry if you fail and show all your professionalism with a big, sincere smile.
  • Like a smile, politeness is a precious key to having a good reputation. Do not forget the basics (hello, thank you, goodbye) so that the professionals keep a good memory of your passage. So they might remember you for a future casting.

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