How to fold a dollar into a heart shape (with pictures)

How to fold a dollar into a heart shape (with pictures)
How to fold a dollar into a heart shape (with pictures)

Have fun with your money by folding a dollar bill into a heart shape. You can also improve this project if you master the art of origami a little better by adding a pocket to slip in a small coin. Then you can slip your creation into a birthday or party card for a special surprise!


Method 1 of 2: Make a basic heart with a dollar bill

Step 1. Place the bill face down and fold the bottom edge 6mm

Place the ticket so the back is visible. This is the headless side of George Washington. Fold the bottom edge up until you see the words "One Dollar" printed on the other side.


choose a banknote without wrinkles and relatively new to make it easier to fold.

Step 2. Fold the bill in half and open it

Bring the right side over the left side and press the crease in the middle. Then unfold the bill flat.

Make sure the edges are aligned before making the crease so that it sits exactly in the middle

Step 3. Fold the edges from the bottom to the top

Bring the bottom left edge toward the middle crease at a 45 degree angle with the bottom of the bill. Do the same with the bottom right edge. This will form the point at the bottom of the heart.

Line up the edges with the crease. Avoid pulling them over the fold or leaving a gap

Step 4. Turn the heart over and fold the middle corners

Once you have flipped the note so that George Washington's head is facing you, take the corner in the middle left and fold it down to the left to line it up with the top of the triangle shape. Repeat the same with the corner in the middle on the right, folding down to the right.

Check that the folds form a V-shaped space in the middle of the top of the heart

Step 5. Fold the top two outside corners down

Just like the folds you made in the middle, take the top left corner and fold it to the bottom right so that its edge is flush with the horizontal edge. Then start again with the right corner, folding it down to the left and aligning the two edges.

Firmly press each pleat with your finger over it to secure it in place

Step 6. Fold the tips of the left and right outside corners

Grab the left end on the outside of the heart and bend it about 1 cm towards the middle. Then also fold the end in the right corner by 1 cm. It should round the heart.

To check the finished core, turn it over and examine the edges. If they look too sharp or jagged, turn the heart over and adjust the corner creases until the heart is the shape you want

Method 2 of 2: Fold a heart with a pouch

Step 1. Make four folds by folding and unfolding the four corners

Start by grabbing the bottom left corner and folding it up so that the left edge of the bill is flush with the top edge. Press down on the fold, then open the bill and start over with the three remaining corners.

For example, for the top two corners, fold them down to line up with the bottom edge of the bill

Step 2. Push the edges on each side to fold the bill onto itself

This will form a triangle on the left and right of the note. For example, as you pinch the top and bottom edges of the bill together on the left side, it should fold onto itself over the creases you made. Repeat the same on the right side.

If the paper does not fold easily, go back and press a little harder on the folds

Did you know ?

This type of fold is called a “water bomb base”. It is a popular base for many forms of origami.

Step 3. Fold the triangle to the left at the back of the bill

This is called a “mountain fold”. Fold the bill to the left side where the longest side of the triangle is by folding it down at the back.

If it might be easier for you, you can flip it over and do a “valley fold” where you fold the triangle towards you

Step 4. Fold the bill in half horizontally to line up the edges

Find the middle of the ticket that goes directly to the middle of George Washington's face. Make a crease there and line up the two long edges of the triangle so that they are next to each other.

Press down firmly on the fold after aligning the edges to keep the paper in its shape

Step 5. Fold the top and bottom corners of each triangle

Each triangle has a top layer. Start with the left side and fold the bottom corner of the top layer to the outside left corner. Then fold the top corner down. This forms a small square on top of the triangle shape. Repeat the same steps on the right side.

Make the folds so that the bottom edges line up with the center of the triangle

Step 6. Flip up each flap and fold them over to create a smaller square

Your previous folds created four small flaps on top of the triangle shape. Take one of these flaps and press down on the fold so that the paper folds into a square shape. Repeat with the other three folds.

Did you know ?

This fold is called the “crushed fold” in origami. It gets its name from the two flaps that you have to "crush" on top of each other to get a new fold.

Step 7. Fold the left and right corner of each square to the middle

This will give it the shape of a kite. Pull the two opposite corners of each square toward the center crease, making sure the edges are flush along the crease. Repeat with all four squares.

Line up the edges so that they are flush. Avoid overlapping them or leaving a gap between the edges

Step 8. Pick up each of the eight new folds and fold them back

These crushed folds are similar to the ones you made earlier. Pull one of the folds over one of the kite shapes, then press down on the fold so that the paper folds back onto itself into a small triangle shape. Repeat with the eight kite shapes.

If you have trouble working with such small folds, use tweezers to help lift the folds

Step 9. Slide a small coin in the middle of the eight folds

The corners of the fold will hold the coin you slip into the bill to prevent it from falling. Slide it towards the middle so that the corners of the folds hold the edges of the room.

Avoid coins that are too small, as they will fall off the bill

Step 10. Fold the bottom layer to hide it

Take the rectangular piece that protrudes from the back and fold it about 2 cm. This will leave you with the two rounded corners of the heart.

Press down firmly on the fold at the back to prevent it from unfolding

Step 11. Fold the small ends that protrude from the bottom of the heart

Take the corner of the bottom layer visible at the base of the heart and fold it back until it disappears. This will create a pointy end for your heart.

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