How to start a collection (with images)

How to start a collection (with images)
How to start a collection (with images)

Starting a collection can prove to be no easy task. To help you in this adventure, read these few tips and very soon you will be able to present your fabulous collection to your friends, your family …


Part 1 of 4: Choosing your collection

Start a Collection Step 1

Step 1. Before starting your collection, a very obvious problem needs to be solved, what to collect?

There are multitudes of collections, from the classics (stamps, beans, coins, etc.) to the less classic (museum collector's items, buckets, autographs, etc.).

Start a Collection Step 2

Step 2. Avoid starting a collection (a little too) original or a collection that no one wants to see (eg yogurt capsules)

A collection that is too original will make you lose all motivation.

Step 3. Also avoid making a collection that is too difficult to acquire (the originals of the comics)

Step 4. Finally, avoid copying other people's collections, a collection is personal, it reflects your personality

If your best friend is collecting stamps, don't go and do like him! Look for your own ideas!

Part 2 of 4: acquire some first elements

Start a Collection Step 5

Step 1. Find a few things first

Depending on your chosen collection, these will be more or less hard to find.

Start a Collection Step 6

Step 2. Search your home first

You might come across some of the items you collect. If you are collecting stamps, look for postcards, letters, envelopes… This kind of object has every reason to be in your house!

Start a Collection Step 7

Step 3. Talk to your friends, they might have some things for you

Your loved ones are certainly not to be neglected! They may also be able to give you some excellent advice.

Start a Collection Step 4

Step 4. Go find out, if you run a shell collection, do some research on the web, then you will find out which species are allowed to be picked up on the beaches

Go to the stores where these items are perhaps sold, maybe also a very good initiative!

Part 3 of 4: find a good way to store them

Start a Collection Step 8

Step 1. Your collectibles should not be lying around in your room under any circumstances

You will need to find a way to store them!

Start a Collection Step 9

Step 2. Classic boxes are to be avoided

Your objects collect dust and it is hardly pleasant to rummage in a box to show your collection to your loved ones.

Step 3. If you collect items such as stamps, stickers, postcards, entrance tickets, look for binders, notebooks to store them

There are a few special binders for storing stamps. But be careful, your objects must be able to keep their mobility! Do not paste, staple or tape your objects under ANY PRETEXT. Why ? If you want to get one out and take it somewhere, you will be in big trouble and have to take the whole binder with you.

Step 4. If you collect coins, seashells

.. The idea would be to buy boxes intended to store tools with compartments. These boxes make very pretty exhibition boxes, especially since they are neither expensive nor difficult to find.

Step 5. If the items you collect are larger, consider investing in a display case

Part 4 of 4: classify your objects

Step 1. You can choose to simply classify your items from the oldest you found to the most recent

Step 2. You can also classify them by species (if they are ex-living things)

Step 3. You can even grow more original by sorting them by color, by shape, by preference

Step 4. You classify your collection

Sort it as you see fit, but don't just sort it out randomly!

Step 5. Remember to write down the name, date you found it, and the era next to each item so that you can remember it

Take care of your collection =

  1. Take care of your collection as often as possible! Clean the coins with a suitable product, wash your shells… All this maintenance pays off sooner or later!
  2. Try to acquire as often as possible! Websites are often a good resource, but you can go and buy items in stores yourself. If you collect unusual items such as stamps, don't buy anything, wait for them to come to you!
  3. Feel free to show others your collection for advice or compliments!

    Stop your collection

    1. Since the title of the article is "start a collection", it will strike you as weird to find "Stop your collection" in it. However, these are things that do happen. Indeed, it may be that one day you realize that you do not have any more time, passion, motivation for this collection, then perhaps you should consider stopping.
    2. Start telling your loved ones that you are arresting him. thus, they will no longer seek to dig you up items or collect stamps for you
    3. You can choose to simply stop it by leaving it as it is. You will no longer be looking for items, but you will still keep the ones you have. You can also exhibit it.
    4. Selling your collection can be a good way to make an agent. You might on the other hand regret having sold it to a stranger. If you sell it, sell it to someone you know.
    5. Keep it in your attic. Who knows ? This passion will perhaps return later and your children or even your grandchildren will perhaps want to continue it!
    6. Do not throw away your collection under any circumstances! At worst, give it away, but don't throw it away even if you find it void. You would regret it.

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