How to hypnotize someone with your eyes

How to hypnotize someone with your eyes
How to hypnotize someone with your eyes

Hypnosis is very reminiscent of magic, since in reality, several practices and sciences are behind hypnosis. One of the most effective ways to hypnotize someone is to do it with your eyes, because the eyes are the gateway to the psyche. But only, only use this practice on a consenting person and always use your hypnotism capacity responsibly.


Part 1 of 3: do gaze concentration exercises

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 1

Step 1. Try to maintain eye contact for a long period of time without blinking your eyes

Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the face and see how long you can maintain eye contact without blinking your eyes.

  • You can also do gaze concentration challenges with someone else to test your ability to focus your gaze.
  • Having complete control of your eye movements will help you maintain constant, permanent eye contact with another person during the hypnosis session.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 2

Step 2. Practice focusing your eyes on a point

To do this, look for a long time at a nearby object, such as a pen or pencil, then at a distant object in the room where you are.

  • Hold the pencil very close to your face. Focus your gaze on the pencil.
  • Move your gaze away from the pencil and direct it elsewhere to focus it on an object that is further away, such as a picture or photo on the wall or the wrist of a door.
  • Bring your eyes back once more and focus on the pencil again. Then point them again at the distant object and focus. Continue to train this way until you improve the flexibility of your eye focus.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 3

Step 3. Improve your peripheral vision

It is your ability to see the objects and movements that are on either side of you without having to turn your head. Here's what you can do to improve this ability.

  • Sit in a noisy place outside, such as on a sidewalk. Or stand in front of a TV or computer screen with a very lively scene.
  • Try to watch this animated scene with your head turned from the left profile. Then look at her with your head turned from the right profile. Try to watch this scene as much as possible with your head in profile to each side.
  • Make sure you practice this exercise on the left and right side.

Part 2 of 3: hypnotize someone with their eyes

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 4

Step 1. First ask for that person's permission

You can say this, "Can you allow me to hypnotize you?" »Make sure the person is in agreement before you start.

  • It is best to start practicing eye hypnosis with a friend or people who trust you completely, as they will be more willing to accept being hypnotized.
  • For hypnosis to work, it is essential that the person to be hypnotized is consenting. If she resists or does not want to be hypnotized, hypnosis will not have much of a chance to work.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 5

Step 2. Sit the person upright and comfortable

Do not leave her standing, as she may fall during the hypnosis session, as she will feel very relaxed during this session.

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 6

Step 3. Have the person you want to hypnotize to stare at a point below your right eye

Tell her not to look away from that point while you are talking to her.

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 7

Step 4. Stare at the person without blinking

Score from 5-1 in a soft and reassuring voice. As you count down, tell them this.

  • “Your eyelashes are getting heavier and heavier. "
  • “Your eyelashes become very heavy, as if they are dragging a heavy load. "
  • “Your eyelashes are getting so heavy that they will close soon. "
  • “The more you try to keep your eyes open, the heavier, weaker and sagger your eyelashes will become and they will stick more firmly. "
  • Repeat these phrases a few times as you count down from 5-1.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 8

Step 5. Tell that person that you are about to touch their shoulders and they will go numb

It is important to always tell the person what is going to happen before you touch them. This prepares the person's mind to understand that he is going to be given orders and that he should carry them out by doing exactly what you tell him to do.

Tell the person, “When I touch your shoulders, you will feel weak, numb, and relaxed. You are ready ? "

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 9

Step 6. Touch that person's shoulders and tell them it's time to relax and unwind

Do not be concerned if the person collapses and slumps into the chair. This is a sign that proves that she is completely relaxed and is now under the influence of hypnosis.

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 10

Step 7. Tell the person that they are now under the influence of hypnosis

It is essential that the person realizes the relaxed state in which he finds himself thanks to the hypnosis.

It is also important to reassure the person that they are safe and that they are in good hands. You need to reassure her that she will continue to trust you and carry out your orders

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 11

Step 8. Now tell the person that their right arm will become heavy and loose

Tell her that she will feel her arm weakened and relaxed. Then touch his arm to trigger the expected reaction.

  • Lift his arm to confirm that he is numb and relaxed. Then put his arm back in place.
  • It is confirmation that the person you are hypnotizing is indeed in a trance-like state and is ready to listen and carry out your commands.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 12

Step 9. Prepare her to listen only to your voice

Again score 5-1. Tell her that when you reach the number 1, she will only listen to the sound of your voice.

  • Snap your fingers as soon as you reach the number 1 to focus it on your voice. Tell her to let your voice rock her deeply. Then ask him to listen to every word you say and just the words you say.
  • Ask that person to listen only to the exact words you say and not to listen to any other noise around them.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 13

Step 10. Test the person's hypnotic state

Now that you are in control of the person's hypnotic state, test your abilities by getting the person to touch their nose or ears. You can also order her to move her arms or legs.

Know that hypnotic control should be used responsibly and with caution. The person who agreed to be hypnotized trusted you completely, so do not abuse their trust by putting them in an embarrassing or hurtful situation during the hypnosis session

Part 3 of 3: Understanding Hypnosis

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 14

Step 1. Do not confuse hypnosis with drowsiness or unconsciousness

Rather, hypnosis is a concentrated state of mind that makes an individual susceptible to influence and more receptive to suggestions.

  • It is important to remember that a person under the influence of hypnosis does not lose self-control or fall under the spell of a spell. On the contrary, that person simply becomes more receptive to suggestions and instructions.
  • We all find ourselves in some form of hypnosis or trance every now and then. Think about all the times you lost track of ideas during class and found yourself daydreaming. Or when you've found yourself so engrossed in a movie that you've lost sight of the presence of others around you. All of these situations are examples of states close to trance.
Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 15

Step 2. Know the benefits of hypnosis

Hypnosis isn't just fun or a way to get your best friend to do silly things like indulge in duck dancing. In fact, hypnosis has been shown to be beneficial in helping people overcome insomnia, smoking, bulimia, and many other disorders.

Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes Step 16

Step 3. Realize that hypnosis is a skill that is learned like any other through learning

Although there are currently no state regulations, hypnotherapists can obtain certification based on an extensive course curriculum in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. However, it is a self-regulating profession.

  • The certification program includes professional aspects such as ethics and the basics of hypnosis.
  • Check with a hypnotherapist for more information on the benefits of hypnosis.

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