3 ways to lose your voice quickly

3 ways to lose your voice quickly
3 ways to lose your voice quickly

If you want to lose your voice quickly without having to smoke or catch a cold, there are techniques you can use to numb your vocal cords. Force your voice by shouting, singing, whispering, coughing, clearing your throat, or attending concerts or sporting events. Eat or drink foods that will decrease your voice (for example, acidic, salty, or fatty foods, caffeine, or alcohol). Expose yourself to heat, cold or a lot of noise.


Method 1 of 3: Force your voice

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Step 1. Scream into a pillow

If you scream as loud as possible, you will get the best results for losing your voice. Find a large pillow and shout in it to block out the noise, preferably when there is no one near you to hear you and be concerned. Continue until your voice sounds hoarse, and stop if it starts to hurt.

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Step 2. Sing to a karaoke

Even though professional singers tend to warm their voices before singing, amateurs will wear them out trying to sing too loud or too high-pitched. Spend an evening singing karaoke with friends to lose your voice while having fun. If you project your voice to fill the room, you are likely to cause bruising or inflammation in your vocal cords, which could lead to temporary laryngitis.

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Step 3. Whisper as much as possible

Even though you might think that whispers are typically used to protect your voice, they actually put more pressure on the vocal cords than if you spoke normally. They can cause your vocal cords to dry out, causing you to lose your voice. Take the opportunity to whisper instead of speaking in your normal voice by pretending to have secrets to share during a conversation or by going to talk in a quiet place (eg the library).

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Step 4. Clear your throat or cough

This puts pressure on your larynx, which will decrease the volume of your voice. Excessive coughing can lead to laryngitis, either short term or long term. To lose your voice quickly, force yourself to cough or clear your throat a few times until your voice becomes hoarse and deep.

Lose Your Voice Fast Step 5

Step 5. Attend a concert or sporting event

You can also have fun doing it by going to this kind of event. Let yourself be carried away by the action, sing and shout as much as possible. Even though loss of voice is often seen as a negative side effect of this kind of activity, in your case, this is more the goal you are looking for.

Go out to a club, take part in an event or go karting, these are also options that can lead to loss of voice

Method 2 of 3: Using food and drink

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Step 1. Gargle with vinegar and lemon juice

If you want to irritate your vocal cords and lose your voice, you can mix white vinegar with lemon juice. Pour 60 ml of vinegar and 60 ml of lemon juice in a glass and stir. Gargle for about 30 seconds, then spit and repeat if you wish.

If the mixture is too strong for you, you can add 60 ml of water to it to dilute it

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Step 2. Drink caffeine and alcohol

These two substances have a dehydrating effect, which leaves the throat dry and scratchy. Healthy vocal cords need moisture to vibrate and close properly, otherwise the voice becomes hoarse. Spend an evening with friends at a cafe or bar and consume lots of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks to lose your voice quickly.

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Step 3. Eat fatty, spicy, or acidic foods

Eating very acidic food causes acid reflux which can irritate the vocal cords and trigger laryngitis. Oily and spicy foods can have the same effect. Try to eat the following to achieve your goals:

  • citrus
  • tomatoes
  • fried food
  • red meat
  • cheese
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Step 4. Eat foods high in salt

Eating these foods is bad for your vocal cords because the salt dries them out. To dry them out so much that you lose your voice, eat bacon, as it contains a lot of salt (besides fat which can also help you). Here are other foods high in sodium that you can try:

  • salty cookies
  • salted nuts
  • soy sauce
  • instant soups
  • pickles

Method 3 of 3: Create an enabling environment

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Step 1. Turn up the heat

Radiators remove moisture from the air and leave the room dry. It can dehydrate you and affect your throat and vocal cords. To lose your voice quickly, increase the temperature in the room or home as much as possible and leave it at the same level overnight.

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Step 2. Expose yourself to cold, dry air

It can irritate the larynx and prevent the vocal cords from functioning, causing you to lose your voice. If you live in cold latitudes, you can stay outside for an extended period (eg for cross-country skiing) or you can go for a long walk. If you live in a hot climate, you can turn the air conditioning on full.

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Step 3. Create an environment with lots of noise

If you want to lose your voice fast, a very loud sound environment at home or at work will automatically cause you to speak louder or shout to communicate. People tend to naturally increase the sound of their voice by three decibels for every ten decibels of increased ambient sound level. Play songs or a movie while raising the sound very loud, or choose music without lyrics if you need to concentrate.

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