How to get rid of breath that smells of alcohol

How to get rid of breath that smells of alcohol
How to get rid of breath that smells of alcohol

Breath that smells of alcohol can be bothersome and bothersome. If you don't want to go to an event smelling like alcohol, there are ways to reduce the odor of alcohol on your breath. By eating and drinking certain substances, cleaning yourself, and trying to avoid alcohol-smelling breath from the start, you can get rid of this unpleasant odor.


Part 1 of 3: Eat and drink

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 1

Step 1. Eat before and while you drink

Eating while drinking will help reduce the smell of alcohol on your breath. Food absorbs some of the alcohol you drink while stimulating the production of saliva. This helps prevent dehydration, which can increase the smell of alcohol on your breath.

  • Bars often offer snacks like peanuts, popcorn, or other finger foods to make sure customers don't feel bad while drinking. Try to snack regularly while you drink.
  • If you drink at a friend's house, offer to bring a snack with everyone. Bring a bag of crisps or microwave popcorn. This can help reduce the smell of alcohol on your breath while making you appear to be a generous person to your host.
Cure Alcohol Breath Step 2

Step 2. Try the onion and garlic

Foods that have a strong smell can help mask the smell of alcohol. The scent of red onion and garlic stays in your breath longer, reducing the smell of alcohol.

  • You can order foods that contain onion and garlic. It is possible to order dishes cooked with garlic such as garlic fries or garlic bread in almost any restaurant.
  • Add red onions to your sandwich, burger, or salad while you drink.
  • Some people looking for a quick fix simply eat onion or raw garlic. Although it is quite effective, remember the smell of garlic or onion can be very strong. It will not only be felt when you open your mouth, but it will also escape from your body through the pores of the skin. If you want to get rid of the smell of alcohol because you have a date, this is not the best solution. The smell of garlic, while socially more acceptable, can be as repulsive as that of alcohol.
Cure Alcohol Breath Step 3

Step 3. Chew gum

Chewing gum can help clear your breath that smells of alcohol. This helps cover the smell of alcohol while stimulating the production of saliva, which further reduces the smell of alcohol.

  • Try sour-tasting chewing gum. This causes excess saliva, which makes it possible to eliminate the smell of alcohol from the breath more quickly. Although the taste may be unpleasant at first, it should subside as you chew.
  • Also try mint chewing gum. A strong smell of menthol can quickly hide the smell of alcohol, it is also often used in many cases of bad breath.
Cure Alcohol Breath Step 4

Step 4. Drink coffee and water

Drinking coffee and water can also help reduce the smell of alcohol in your breath. Water helps recover the hydration you lost while drinking and stimulates salivation, which helps reduce the smell of alcohol. Coffee has a strong odor that masks the smell of alcohol. However, it would be best if you drink coffee in the morning before you start drinking. Mixing stimulants and painkillers can cause a surge in energy, which can help you feel less drunk. However, it could cause you to drink more than you need to.

Part 2 of 3: Take care of your hygiene

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 5

Step 1. Brush your teeth for an additional two or three minutes

Brushing your teeth will help reduce bad breath associated with alcohol consumption. By spending a little more time taking care of your oral hygiene, you will be able to mask bad odors.

  • Use toothpaste with a strong odor that contains menthol. This is the most effective way to mask the smell of alcohol on the breath.
  • Spend two more minutes brushing your teeth. You need a little more time to clean off the alcohol residue and alcohol-soaked bits and pieces of food that are stuck in your mouth.
Cure Alcohol Breath Step 6

Step 2. Floss your teeth

Don't neglect flossing after drinking. Food particles, diluted in alcohol, often get stuck between your teeth. This can contribute to the smell of alcohol in your breath even after you have brushed your teeth properly.

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 7

Step 3. Use a mouthwash

After you've brushed your teeth and flossed your teeth, rinse your mouth and gargle with mouthwash. Mouthwashes are designed to eliminate bad breath and tend to leave a minty smell that covers bad breath. Gargle for the number of minutes indicated on the bottle, usually 30 seconds, before spitting out the mouthwash in the sink and rinsing your teeth with water.

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 8

Step 4. Take a shower

Alcohol doesn't just affect your breath. It also leaks out of your body through the pores, causing an alcohol smell to emanate from your body. Always take a shower in the morning or evening after drinking.

  • Take a normal shower, being careful to wash your body thoroughly.
  • Strong smelling soaps, shampoos, and conditioners may help eliminate or decrease the smell of alcohol.

Part 3 of 3: prevent the smell of alcohol on the breath

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 9

Step 1. Drink in moderation

Drinking in moderation instead of swallowing large amounts of alcohol quickly may help reduce the smell of alcohol. Try not to drink more than a few drinks per evening. Drinking too much alcohol will make you have bad breath, but you will also have other health problems, especially if you repeat this frequently. Stop drinking or don't drink to get drunk, it will help prevent alcohol smelling breath.

Try to drink only two drinks per evening

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 10

Step 2. Do not mix drinks

Different drinks can have different smells. If you mix the types of alcohol you drink, it could make your overall smell worse. Consume only one type of alcohol during the same evening to reduce the smell of your breath.

Cure Alcohol Breath Step 11

Step 3. Drink only simple drinks

Cocktails can contain herbs and spices that smell stronger than beer, wine, or spirits. Drink only simple drinks to reduce the smell of alcohol in your breath.

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