How to draw Disney characters (with pictures)

How to draw Disney characters (with pictures)
How to draw Disney characters (with pictures)

Walt Disney cartoons represent a large part of everyone's childhood. From "Snow White" to "Toy Story", we all grew up with Disney and all have favorite Disney characters. Learn how to draw your own by following the steps below. For your convenience, the characters have been listed in chronological order of creation.


Draw Mickey Mouse Step 8

Step 1. Draw Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

What could be better than starting with two of the first characters that Walt Disney himself invented? Use circles for their faces and ears so they can draw them in the original Disney style.

Step 2. Draw Mickey's dog, Pluto, to accompany him and Minnie

Pluto is partly an English pointer, so try looking at photos of real dogs so you can get his body shape more precise.

Clean up Step 14 1

Step 3. Draw Donald Duck, another loyal Mickey Mouse companion

Donald is known for his quick temper, but this illustration shows his positive side: his cheerful smile with his hands folded behind his back.

Final Colored Intro 2 Color pinocchio Step 6

Step 4. Draw Pinocchio

This real boy doll has lots of rounded edges and silky colors. Keep this in mind when drawing it.

Color Step 7 8

Step 5. Draw Dumbo the flying elephant

Focus on his ears, of course, since it is his ears that make him famous.

Color Step 9 4

Step 6. Draw Bambi

Accentuate his long legs and big eyes to make him look more playful and innocent. Color its body a light brown color and its head slightly darker.

Step 7. Draw Cinderella's fairy godmother

Use long lines to draw her cape and make her face round and kind.

Clean up Step 15 How to Draw Peter Pan Step 7

Step 8. Draw Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up

Draw her outstretched arms and a wide, mischievous smile on her face.

Draw Tinkerbell Step 19

Step 9. Draw the Tinkerbell

She's a friend of Peter Pan. She has small limbs and fragile wings. At the same time she is very sassy and vivacious and her pose should reflect that.

Draw Lady and the Tramp Step 8

Step 10. Draw the lady and the tramp, the main characters of the feature film released in 1955

Although this pose is not from the famous spaghetti scene, the positions and expressions of the two dogs show that they are interested in each other.

Draw the Beast from Beauty and the Beast Step 9

Step 11. Draw the beast from Beauty and the Beast

At first he seems creepy in his manners and appearance, but Belle manages to turn him into a gentleman by the end of the movie (as shown here).

Step 12. Draw Aladdin

Much like the Beast, he's presented as a completely different character than he becomes in the end. This illustration is that of Aladin before his encounter with the genie.

Color Step 10 6 How to Draw Mufasa Step 9

Step 13. Draw Mufasa, Simba's father in The Lion King

Mufasa has a certain regal demeanor and a fierce look in her eyes - be sure to incorporate those details into your design.

07 hips and legs Step 07

Step 14. Draw Lightning Buzz

Being a toy instead of a person, Buzz's features are clear and his features look more artificial, so keep that in mind.

CruelaDeVil Color Step 9

Step 15. Draw Cruella from Hell, the main antagonist of 101 Dalmatians

Cruella has a distinctly sloping face and body, and her clothes are very colorful to contrast with her white skin and black hair.

Draw Cinderella Step 10

Step 16. Make Cinderella

It is the princess that Walt Disney adored. Cinderella is blonde, her face rounded, she has a ponytail and a pretty blue and white dress.


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily erase mistakes.
  • If you want to use markers or watercolors on your drawing, use heavier paper and press down on the pencil for a darker result, before using the marker or watercolor.
  • Run a black pen or pencil around the outlines of your final drawing.

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