3 ways to draw a face

3 ways to draw a face
3 ways to draw a face

The face is a basic part of human anatomy and can express many different emotions. In a portrait or a work of people, faces are the main element. Each stroke of the pencil has an important effect on the feeling represented. If you know how to draw faces correctly, you will have passed a major milestone in your efforts to become a great artist. So learn how to draw different face shapes.


Method 1 of 3: Draw a woman's face

Draw a Face Step 1

Step 1. Outline the face

The heads are never round, but oval. Draw an oval that is narrower at the bottom, like an egg.

Draw a Face Step 2

Step 2. Add the dividing lines

The easiest way to do this is to use lines to outline the different parts of the face. Draw a vertical line down the middle of the oval. Then draw a horizontal line in the middle of the oval.

Draw a Face Step 3

Step 3. Draw the nose

Divide the bottom half of the oval in half by drawing another horizontal line. The point of intersection between this second horizontal line and the vertical line corresponds to the bottom of the nose. Draw the bottom of the nose with one nostril on each side.

Draw a Face Step 4

Step 4. Add the mouth

Draw a third horizontal line so that the bottom quarter of the oval is separated in half. The bottom of the lips will be on this new line. Draw a line where the lips meet and then add the upper lip. You can then finish drawing the lower lip.

Step 5. Draw the eyes

  • Draw two large circles on the horizontal line that is in the middle of the oval. They will delimit the eye sockets. The top of each circle corresponds to the position of the eyebrow while the bottom of each circle corresponds to the top of the cheekbone.

    Draw a Face Step 5Bullet1
  • Draw the eyebrows at the top of the circles.

    Draw a Face Step 5Bullet2
  • Outline the basic shape of the eyes. The eyes are almond shaped. Think about it when you draw them (they come in all sizes and types, the choice is yours). Usually, the distance between the two eyes is the width of one eye.

    Draw a Face Step 5Bullet3
  • Draw the pupil (the black circle in the center of the eye) inside each iris (the colored circle that is in the eye). Color most of each pupil black and leave some white. Lay the lead of your pencil flat to create a gradient at the base of the pupils. Make a gradient going from a medium tone to a light tone inside each iris. Draw short, very tight lines between the edge of the pupil and the white of the eye. Make parts lighter than others to get a nice effect. Draw the eyebrows above before erasing the construction lines under the eyes.

    Draw a Face Step 5Bullet4
  • Draw the top of the eyelid at the top of each almond shape. The bottom of the eyelid should pass over the top of the iris, covering it very lightly.

    Draw a Face Step 5Bullet5
Draw a Face Step 6

Step 6. Add shadows under the eyes

Add some shading under the eyes and at the point where they meet the nose to define the eye sockets. To make the face look tired, draw strong shadows and curved lines starting from the lower eyelids at a sharp angle.

Draw a Face Step 7

Step 7. Draw the ears

The bottom of each ear should be in line with the nose while the top of the ears should be in line with the eyebrows. Remember that the ears should be pressed against the sides of the head.

Draw a Face Step 8

Step 8. Draw the hair

Draw them going from the parting outwards.

Draw a Face Step 9

Step 9. Draw the neck

The necks are wider than you think. Draw two vertical lines that start at roughly the points where the lowest horizontal construction line intersects the edges of the face.

Draw a Face Step 10

Step 10. Add the details

Add some shading under the nose and give the chin more definition. Draw expressive strokes around the mouth and add shadows to the corners of it. Define the bridge of the nose. The more pronounced the features, the older the face will look.

Draw a Face Step 11

Step 11. Try to add clothes

Use a drawing technique such as hatching.

Draw a Face Step 12

Step 12. Clean up the drawing

Use an eraser to erase all construction lines.

Method 2 of 3: Draw a girl's face

Draw a Face Step 24

Step 1. Outline the shape of the head you want to make

Draw a Face Step 25

Step 2. Draw dividing lines

Draw lines allowing you to locate the center of the face and the position of the eyes.

Draw a Face Step 26

Step 3. Define the main elements

Draw construction lines to determine the width, height and position of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Draw a Face Step 27

Step 4. Define the facial features

Draw the shape of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears more precisely.

Draw a Face Step 28

Step 5. Outline the hair and neck

Draw a Face Step 29

Step 6. Add fine details

Use a fine point tool to draw more precise details.

Draw a Face Step 30

Step 7. Iron on the outlines

Use the construction lines you have drawn as a basis.

Draw a Face Step 31

Step 8. Erase the construction lines

Erase all non-facial features to produce a clean design with well-defined elements.

Draw a Face Step 32

Step 9. Add color and shadows to the design

Method 3 of 3: Draw a male face

Draw a Face Step 13

Step 1. Draw a circle with light strokes

Draw a Face Step 14

Step 2. Draw a vertical line

Start from the top of the circle and stop at the point where you will draw the chin (you will draw the face seen from the front).

Draw a Face Step 15

Step 3. Add construction lines to outline the cheeks, chin and jaws

Draw a Face Step 16

Step 4. Mark out the main features

Draw construction lines to determine the width, height and position of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

Draw a Face Step 17

Step 5. Define the main elements

Draw the eyes, mouth, nose and ears more precisely.

Draw a Face Step 18

Step 6. Outline the simple outlines of the hair and neck

Draw a Face Step 19

Step 7. Add details

Use a fine point drawing tool to add fine detail.

Draw a Face Step 20

Step 8. Go over the lines of the drawing to define them

Draw a Face Step 21

Step 9. Erase all construction lines

Erase unnecessary lines in order to obtain a clean drawing.

Draw a Face Step 22

Step 10. Add color

Draw a Face Step 23

Step 11. If needed, add shadows


  • You don't have to draw a face that looks exactly like the model in this article. This is only a basic guide to teach you how to draw faces. You can draw whatever you want.
  • Pencils are your friends. They come in all shades, which is perfect for budding artists. In addition, they can be erased. Take advantage of this feature.
  • Don't spend too much time on precise details like symmetry and exact proportions, as you'll waste too much time.
  • Let your imagination run wild to inspire you when you create a work of art.
  • If you want to make the drawing a little more realistic, add some shadow to the eyes so that they appear vivid and expressive.
  • If you are imaginative, there is no wrong way to draw.
  • After drawing a rough oval shape, you can add your construction lines and you just have to follow the various steps described.

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