How to play bingo: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to play bingo: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to play bingo: 14 steps (with pictures)

Yell " BINGO Can be an incredible source of satisfaction. Discover this game of chance and follow the next steps to learn how to play American bingo, British or Australian bingo or online bingo.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare for the game

Play Bingo Step 1

Step 1. First you need to understand the rules

In the United States, bingo grids are different from those used in the United Kingdom and Australia.

  • If you are playing American bingo: your goal is to cover a column, row or diagonal of 5 squares. American bingo grids consist of 5 rows and 5 columns. On each column is one of the letters of the word "bingo". The numbers entered in the boxes are generated randomly. The balls are 75 in number, with on each of them one of the letters of the word "bingo" as well as a number. Some of these letter-number combinations correspond to squares in your grid.
  • If you are playing British or Australian bingo: your goal is to cover one, two or all three lines of your grid. The grids are made up of three rows and nine columns (twenty-seven boxes in total against twenty-five for American bingo). Each cell has a number chosen at random. There are 90 numbered balls that can be selected. The prize to be won depends on the number of lines that we manage to cover. Bingo grids are sold in the form of "books" or "leaflets". Each book contains 10 bingo cards and each of these cards has its own color.
Play Bingo Step 2

Step 2. If you are playing at home, designate the town crier

If you are playing in a hall, this person will have already been designated. The crier is the person who draws the balls at random and announces the combinations on the balls to the players.

Play Bingo Step 3

Step 3. Distribute the grids and tokens

Each player must have at least one grid, but it is also possible to play with several grids simultaneously. It will be more complex, but will increase your chances of winning. Regarding the tokens, it is not mandatory to check that everyone has the same amount, because you can refill when you want.

Play Bingo Step 4

Step 4. Mark the “wild card”

It is an empty square that is usually found in the center of the grid in American bingo. This is the simplest box since it does not need to be covered.

Play Bingo Step 5

Step 5. If you are playing at home, place the balls in the machine allowing the numbered balls to be mixed and drawn at random

You can get one at a toy store. Otherwise, you also have the option of placing the balls in a basket and mixing them manually. In this case, the person announcing the combinations must choose the balls without looking at the basket.

Part 2 of 3: play bingo at home or in a hall

Play Bingo Step 6

Step 1. If you are the town crier, shoot a ball

To do this, catch a random ball in the basket or with the machine. Then read the combination it contains out loud and intelligible to the audience (letter / number combination for American bingo, for example "N7" or number alone for British or Australian bingo, for example "32").

Play Bingo Step 7

Step 2. If you have a combination listed on your grid (s), place a token on the corresponding space

Always pay attention to the numbers on your grid. Each player must also be very attentive to the person announcing the combinations so as not to make a mistake when placing the chips on his grid. Indeed, a simple error of placement could cost you the victory!

Play Bingo Step 8

Step 3. Shout “BINGO! " Shout as soon as you finish covering a row, column or diagonal of 5 squares (or an entire row in the case of British or Australian bingo). You must shout "bingo" loud enough for the crier to hear you and especially as soon as the last number of your winning streak comes out, because as soon as the crier prepares the next draw, it is too late to shout Bingo.

Play Bingo Step 9

Step 4. Specify that you have heard all of the numbers correctly

The town crier will most likely ask you to read all the numbers you have covered to verify that there are no errors. In the event that you have scored a number that has not been stated, your victory will be void.

In this case you can nevertheless, if you wish, try the second or third place

Part 3 of 3: Play online bingo

Play Bingo Step 10

Step 1. Create an account at the online bingo site of your choice

Make sure you provide a valid mailing address so that you can collect your winnings.

Most online bingo sites are free, but some may still require you to pay a fee before you can start playing

Play Bingo Step 11

Step 2. You need to understand how online bingo works

A window will open on your screen with your grid (s), the combination that has just been released as well as those released previously, the list of online players and finally a discussion forum to allow you to exchange with other players.

To chat during the game, all you have to do is write to the players on the online discussion forum using the keyboard and then pressing the "enter" key to send your message

Play Bingo Step 12

Step 3. Check out what you need to do to win

Although some online bingo games are played in the usual way (American bingo: row of 5 squares, British or Australian bingo: at least one full row), most are played on the basis of predefined patterns (for example a " X”) that players must complete on their own grids to win. This model is usually presented in one of the upper corners of the window.

Play Bingo Step 13

Step 4. Play

The players have three grids. The online game site will state the combinations and if one of them matches a square on your grid, click on that square.

Play Bingo Step 14

Step 5. To win, reproduce the predefined template

Click on the "bingo" button when you have completed the boxes corresponding to the pattern on your grid.


  • Always look out for bonus wins and bonus games. The major online bingo sites always offer bonus wins or bonus games.
  • Avoid playing when there are too many participants. Simply because the more participants there are, the lower your chances of winning. In general, it is best to play Monday through Thursday. Bingo halls are generally less crowded on weekdays than on weekends.
  • Never play more boards than the number of boards you can watch out for simultaneously.

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