3 ways to become popular on TikTok

3 ways to become popular on TikTok
3 ways to become popular on TikTok

TikTok is a social network where users rely on popular songs to make skit and playback videos. To gain popularity on TikTok, make videos that will appeal to a large portion of the users. Choose to sing along or dance or opt for humorous videos. To increase your chances of getting noticed on the platform, focus on a specific genre or style and participate in the challenges and trends of the moment.


Method 1 of 3: Develop a niche and get noticed

Become Popular on TikTok Step 1

Step 1. Bet on a certain genre of music to attract a specific audience

To get noticed, you might choose to focus on a particular genre of music, be it hip-hop, jazz, or country. If you are particularly fond of a genre of music, use it often in your videos to attract users who share your passion. You could also focus on a style of videos. For example, humorous sketches, perfect backing tracks and challenges are very popular with different audiences.

  • You will be able to focus on a specific style of videos or on a musical genre, while also doing other types of content. Focusing on one theme doesn't mean you can only make one type of video, but it will still help you grow your audience.
  • TikTok videos are between 15 and 60 seconds long, but most are no longer than 20 seconds.
Enjoy Progressive Rock Step 12

Step 2. Make great playback videos

Playback is the basis of TikTok and most users offer this type of video. If you enjoy this classic TikTok aspect, make playback videos. Learn 6 to 15 seconds of a song by heart and try to reproduce the lyrics perfectly with the movements of your mouth. You can mute your microphone and sing along, if that makes it easier for you!

To sing in playback, you will need to know the lyrics of a song. Listen to the song several times before shooting the video, so that you can memorize the chosen passage

Become Popular on TikTok Step 3

Step 3. Specialize in memes

On TikTok, there are also memes formats and humorous videos. From Lil Nas X's Old Town Road to “Surprised Time Traveler,” the platform has plenty of comedy material. Subscribe to comedic hashtags and search for memes specializing users to stay up to date with new jokes and build an audience that appreciates this type of content.

If you have a talent for comedy and aren't that much into playback, this will be a great way to gain popularity on TikTok

Become Popular on TikTok Step 4

Step 4. Surf the trends

Click on the tab Discovery to discover current trends. Watch the first 5-15 TikToks in this section at the start of each day, to see if any new songs are making a splash. If you notice a fresh trend for a new song, incorporate it into your video of the day, so you can share it with other users.

  • Popular songs on TikTok may not be the ones on the radio right now.
  • People generally react to what they recognize. By managing to capitalize on a popular trend, you will be able to easily increase your number of subscribers.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 5

Step 5. Once established, choose bizarre or original songs

Once you have a few hundred subscribers, you can expand your audience by diversifying your content. Once every 2-3 days, skip the popular and trending music tabs and browse the other music categories on the platform, to find something different. Pick a song that will get you noticed when users scroll through their feed, thereby expanding your audience.

  • Children's songs, like Baby Shark, make for very funny videos.
  • Use songs from popular soundtracks and recreate scenes from the movie with your friends.


slightly older users will appreciate songs that were popular between 1999 and 2009. Look for famous songs from this period to appeal to older TikTok audiences.

Method 2 of 3: Create content

Be a K Pop Trainee Step 11

Step 1. Make at least one video a day

The best way to stay relevant on TikTok and attract new subscribers is to submit content daily. The more videos you post, the more likely you are to get new subscribers. Once you feature regular videos, you'll develop an audience that regularly views your profile. By increasing your average number of views, you will gain visibility with a greater number of users!

Your videos don't have to be blockbusters. If you don't have a great idea on a certain day, you might as well stick to a simple video where you sing along to the radio

Live Like an Anime Character Step 8

Step 2. Dress up when you have time

If you are wearing a costume or have a cool background on your video thumbnail, users will be more likely to click. Dress up according to the theme of the song or wear an outfit that echoes the song.

For example, a funny hat and an old tie might be perfect for an old swing or a ragtime song. You could also do the opposite, like wearing a Halloween costume, pretending to sing a very serious song, it will be a lot of fun

Dance Step 5

Step 3. Film in a unique location

Most people shoot singing videos in their bedroom or living room. But why not film your Tiktok outdoors? For example, do your performance in a public place to grab people's attention. Create unique videos when traveling, filming in front of an interesting monument.

  • If you are allowed to use your phone at school, filming during recess or lunch break could be a good way to involve your classmates in your videos or skits.
  • You can easily change the look of your room by changing the bulbs. Choose red or blue bulbs, to give a different atmosphere to your videos.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 9

Step 4. Change the speed of the song and use filters

Every now and then, diversify your content by changing the speed of the song or using a filter. Click on + at the bottom of the screen before recording, add your song, then press the speed, to modify it. To add a filter, tap + and click on the filters icon, to access new features.

  • New filters are still popular when they are released. Remember to use the new filters as soon as they come out.
  • Some users end up annoying their subscribers by using filters and changing the speed of songs too frequently. Don't do this every day or you'll end up repelling your audience.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 10

Step 5. When you can, participate in the challenges of the day

A challenge is a format or a joke that uses a specific song. Some challenges can dominate in the trending videos tab, for several consecutive weeks. To shoot a challenge video, study a few examples and try to customize the format. As soon as a challenge becomes popular, participate! Take your time to create your challenge videos, as they are more likely to be seen than the rest of your content.

  • Popular challenges have included #idolchallenge, #InMyFeelingsChallenge, and #UnMakeupChallenge. There is even a #wikiHowChallenge which has loud music and pictures from wikiHow!
  • For example, the #wikiHowChallenge is performed on the song Walk by Comethazine. A random wikiHow image appears and you will then have to replay it in the same position, when the rhythm changes. Each challenge is based on a song and a specific joke.


always use the challenge hashtag when making one. Otherwise, you will lose a significant number of potential views.

Dance Step 6

Step 6. Dance, even if you are a bad dancer

TikTok users love to dance and music is a staple aspect of the platform. So you will find a lot of them on TikTok! Whether you're making serious backing tracks or silly skits, TikTok users are receptive to dancing. If you can dance, invent your own choreography to popular songs. If dancing isn't your strong suit, just have fun and attract the audience with second-degree choreography.

Many popular challenges and hashtags are based on a specific dance. Work on these steps and repeat them looking at examples before you start

Become Popular on TikTok Step 12

Step 7. Live to interact with your audience

You will be able to use the TikTok application to do lives and not just to publish pre-recorded clips. You will only be able to use this feature if you have more than 1000 subscribers. TikTok users love to chat and watch the people they follow when they are live. Every now and then, make them happy by opening your account and pressing the button +. Click on the button live to start the session. Add hashtags to the title of the live, so that it can be searched and found.

  • Live takes a lot of bandwidth and the quality of the video might depend on where you are.
  • During the live, you can listen to music, show your subscribers how to wear makeup, answer questions, play sports or simply go about your daily activities. There is no limit to what you can do live.

Method 3 of 3: Gain visibility and get lots of followers

Become Popular on TikTok Step 13

Step 1. Match trending hashtags to popular songs

In the TikTok app, click the tab trending and see which hashtags are associated with the songs of the moment. Ride the wave using the same songs and hashtags as the platform's most famous users. This approach is certainly not very original, but it will be a good way to ensure that your videos are seen a lot.

  • For example, #FakeTravel was a popular hashtag that used songs in foreign languages ​​and weird costumes, making the user appear to be in a different part of the world.
  • Another popular example would be the hashtag #BadGuy when posting a comedy video based on Billie Eilish's song Bad Guy.
  • It's perfectly okay to take inspiration from a popular video. This is a very common approach among TikTok users and it is generally not seen as copying as it is accepted that the user is only participating in a trend.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 14

Step 2. Use hashtags so that your content can be noticed

If you are using a Justin Bieber song in your video, use the hashtags #JustinBieber, #Bieber, and the song title, so other users can easily find your video. If the video is funny, you could play with irony and humor in choosing your hashtags. For example, if you sing a love song to a cat, you could use #TrueLove, # ilmedéteste, or #amourdechat, to add a touch of humor to the post.

Check out content from popular TikTok users to see what hashtags they are attaching to their videos

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Step 3. Collaborate with your most followed friends

A good way to get noticed is to make videos with more popular users and then ask them to tag you in the video. Let your friends know that you are trying to get more followers and politely ask them to participate in their videos.

  • Duet is a common format for playback videos.
  • If you mostly do comedy skits, find a two-person idea, then play it to a funny song.


As long as you don't hurt anyone or damage anyone's belongings, playing tricks on friends or relatives can make great TikTok content.

Become Popular on TikTok Step 16

Step 4. Submit your content to YouTube compilers channels

There are many YouTube channels out there that take popular or fun TikToks and put them together into compilations. It could be a good way to gain visibility. Send a message to the owner of one of these channels or leave a comment under one of his videos, to start a conversation or give him a link to your videos.

FakEMeME, Succulent and Memecorp are the most popular YouTube channels offering this type of content

Become Popular on TikTok Step 17

Step 5. Comment on videos from known users first

Follow popular influencers and successful TikTok creators. As soon as you see that they post a new video, leave a comment on it. On TikTok, early comments have more visibility than recent comments. By commenting as early as possible, you'll have a better chance that other users will visit your page.

  • You can comment on the video and say how funny it is or how much you recognize yourself in it or even make a joke. There isn't much discussion in the comments on TikTok, so don't worry about being off topic!
  • Your comment doesn't have to be funny, or even related to the video. You could just ask people to take a walk on your page.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 18

Step 6. Subscribe and chat with other users

If someone subscribes to your profile or replies to your comment, the first thing you should probably do is go to their page to see who they are. You will be able to gather many followers by replying to comments and following people who are not yet following you. Remember to tag the person's name when replying, placing an @ before typing their username.

Do not participate in public arguments in the comments. People won't want to click on your profile if they think you are rude or aggressive

Become Popular on TikTok Step 19

Step 7. Share your videos on social networks and link your profile

Some of your friends or followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook might not know you're on TikTok. As soon as you shoot a funny or interesting video, share a public link on your other social media profiles, to reach a wider audience. Include a link to your TikTok profile in the description, so people can click it to access your account.

Encourage your friends to like and share your videos, especially if they've participated in them


  • If you just focus on getting famous, you will quickly get frustrated. Look to have fun and the subscribers will come by themselves!
  • It can take a long time to have a large audience. Prepare to work hard and devote a lot of time to it!
  • Consider investing in a good ring light if you don't have a spot bright enough to film.


  • Never share your personal information on the Internet.
  • People might leave nasty comments on your videos. Don't be upset if your video isn't as successful as you want it to be. Some people like to be mean, but don't let that distract you from your goal!
  • Do not initiate or encourage dangerous challenges, whereby people could get hurt or even kill themselves. Dangerous challenges include the skull breaker challenge, the Benadryl challenge and the cereal challenge.

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