How to download games for the PSP: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to download games for the PSP: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to download games for the PSP: 14 steps (with pictures)

You can download PSP and PS1 games to your PSP. Before doing anything, you need to make sure that your console has the latest firmware. You will also need to install custom firmware. Finally, you will need a way to connect your PSP or Memory Stick Duo media to your computer. Downloading custom firmware and ISO files can damage your PSP. You download games and custom firmware at your own risk.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare for PSP

Download PSP Games Step 1

Step 1. Update the firmware of your PSP

Before you start, make sure your PSP is running the latest firmware version 6.61. If your PSP can connect to the Internet, you can update it online by selecting System update in the Settings menu. Otherwise, use the steps below to update your console.

  • Download the latest firmware from the PlayStation website to your computer.
  • Connect your PSP to your computer by USB or insert your Memory Stick Duo.

    • If your computer does not have a memory card reader, you can use an external card reader or buy a Memory Stick Duo / microSD adapter to use with your PSP and use a micro-SD / USB adapter on your computer;
    • If you are using a new memory card with your PSP, select the menu Settings, then Formatting Memory Stick to format the memory card so that it can be used with your console.
  • Open the PSP folder on your PSP or on the Memory Stick Duo.
  • Go to the Game folder in the PSP folder.
  • Creates a new folder called Update.
  • Disconnect your PSP from your computer or reinsert the Memory Stick Duo.
  • Select the menu Game on the home screen of your PSP (XMB).
  • Choose Memory stick in the Game menu.
  • Selected Update file.
Download PSP Games Step 2

Step 2. Install the custom firmware on your PSP

In addition to having the latest firmware, you will also need to download the custom firmware for the PSP firmware 6.61. Follow the steps below to install it on your console:

  • go to this website;

    you can also search for PSP 6.61 cfw in Google;

  • scroll down the window and click on the link Download Custom Firmware PSP 6.61 PRO-C2;
  • connect your PSP to your computer by USB or insert the Memory Stick Duo in your card reader or your USB adapter;
  • open the file PSP on your PSP or your Memory Stick Duo;
  • go to the Game folder in the PSP folder;
  • unzip the contents of the PSP 6.61 Pro custom firmware folder and copy everything to the Game folder;
  • disconnect your PSP or reinsert your Memory Stick Duo inside;
  • selects the Game menu on the home screen (XMB);
  • launches the Pro Update application in the Game menu;
  • restarts your PSP.
Download PSP Games Step 3

Step 3. Run Fast Recovery from the Game menu

You will need to do this each time you restart your PSP to re-enable the custom firmware.

Part 2 of 3: find a download source

Download PSP Games Step 4

Step 1. Find a website that offers PSP ISOs

PSP ISOs are disc images used by PSP games. You will find it on many sites. Type PSP ISO into Google to look for websites that offer PSP ISOs for download.

  • You can try sites like Emuparadise, Free Roms or Roms Mania.
  • Disclaimer: Most free games and ROMs sites are known to contain viruses and malware. Make sure the anti-virus software on your computer is up to date before downloading ISOs or ROMs from PSP. Run a virus scan after downloading your games.

    Download PSP Games Step 5

    Step 2. Find a game to download

    Many download sites offer games that are generally listed in alphabetical order. You can also use the search bar to search for a game by name.

    Download PSP Games Step 6

    Step 3. Download the ISO game

    Once you've found a game to download, click on its title. Then click on the download links. You should be able to choose a specific source or mirror site. In this case, click on one of them and wait for the download to start.

    Some games are divided into three or four parts depending on their size. In this case, you will need to download all the parts

    Part 3 of 3: Transfer the ISO file to the console

    Download PSP Games Step 7

    Step 1. Connect your PSP or Memory Stick Duo to your computer

    Use a USB cable or connect the Memory Stick Duo to your computer with a card reader or using a USB adapter.

    Download PSP Games Step 8

    Step 2. Create a new folder called ISO on the Memory Stick or PSP

    This is the folder where you will copy your PSP games.

    Download PSP Games Step 9

    Step 3. Open the PSP RAR files on your computer

    When you download PSP files, they are usually in RAR format. The RAR file contains the ISO files for your games. You will need a program like WinZip or WinRAR to extract RAR files.

    You can extract RAR files for free using 7-zip

    Download PSP Games Step 10

    Step 4. Copy the ISO files

    Put them in the ISO folder on your PSP or Memory Stick Duo when you have finished extracting them.

    • If the game contains many ISO files, you will need to copy them all to the ISO folder.
    • If you download games from PS1, you will need to copy these files to the PSP folder on your PSP or Memory Stick Duo memory card and not to the ISO folder.
    Download PSP Games Step 11

    Step 5. Disconnect your PSP or reinsert the Memory Stick Duo

    When you have finished copying the ISO files to the ISO folder, disconnect your console from your computer or eject your Memory Stick Duo and reinsert it into your PSP.

    Download PSP Games Step 12

    Step 6. Select the Game menu on your PSP

    Use the XMB to select the menu Game.

    Download PSP Games Step 13

    Step 7. Choose the Memory Stick option

    This folder contains all the games you have installed on your Memory Stick.

    Download PSP Games Step 14

    Step 8. Select the game you downloaded to open it

    If the game was installed correctly, it should appear in your games list. You can open it like any other game on your PSP.


    Estimate your download time considering that for 100MB, it will take you an hour, so if you download a 212MB file, it will take you two hours or more


    • Some downloads take a long time. For example, downloading 100MB will take you an hour.
    • Some files you download may contain viruses. Scan them with your Antivirus software.

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