3 ways to inflate an aluminum foil balloon

3 ways to inflate an aluminum foil balloon
3 ways to inflate an aluminum foil balloon

Balloons create a festive and happy atmosphere. Aluminum balloons are made of several thin layers of metal, attached to nylon. As a result, they are much less porous and can stay inflated much longer than latex balloons. You can easily inflate them, with a straw and your lungs or with a manual air pump. Simply insert the straw or mouthpiece into the balloon and inflate!


Method 1 of 3: Inflate the balloons by blowing

Blow Up Foil Balloons Step 1

Step 1. Locate the inflation tab on the outside of the balloon

All foil balloons have a 2-5cm tab, designed to inflate them easily. This will generally be on the outside of the ball, towards the lower part, and it will be fixed by 2 or 3 layers of plastic.

For example, you might find it at the level where you would tie a string on a regular balloon

Step 2. Insert a straw to more easily inflate the balloon

You can use any classic drinking straw to help fill the balloon with air. When you have located the tab, separate the 2 layers of plastic and slide the straw between the two. Then insert the straw until it pierces the inner operculum, which will be about 2 to 5 cm inside. You will feel the operculum give way as you insert the straw.

Some balloon kits will contain a straw included with the instructions

Step 3. Pinch the straw and the tongue so that the air does not come out

To hold the straw in place, pinch it on both sides with your fingers. Continue to hold the tab as you blow air into the balloon.

Step 4. Blow through the straw to fill the balloon with air

Take a deep breath and blow steadily and gradually into the straw. Inhale again and repeat the operation until the balloon is filled with air. The number of breaths needed will depend on the size and shape of the balloon.

  • When the ball is firm to the touch, it has enough air in it.
  • Be careful not to blow too much air into the balloon. If you keep blowing, the balloon will eventually burst.

Step 5. Remove the straw and pinch the seal to secure it

Once the balloon is filled with air, pinch the tab between two fingers and carefully remove the straw. By doing this, you will automatically close the balloon, since the tab is self-adhesive. You can then tie the balloon to a string or tape it to a wall or pole.

If you fill your air balloon with a straw, it should stay inflated for about 1 month or more

Method 2 of 3: Use an air pump

Step 1. Choose an air pump with a thin nozzle

To easily inflate your balloon, choose a manual pump with a thin nozzle. The thinner the tip, the easier it will be to insert it into the tongue.

Ideally, you will need a thin tip, about 2 to 5 cm long

Step 2. Insert the end cap into the tongue seal

The tongue is the part of the balloon that allows it to be filled with air. There are usually 2 layers of plastic inside of it. Slide the end of the pump between the two layers of plastic, so that you can inflate the balloon.

Step 3. Hold the gasket firmly so that air does not come out

With one hand, pinch the balloon around the opening, so that the air remains inside. This will allow you to inflate the balloon without any risk of air coming out.

You can use your non-dominant hand for this

Step 4. Pump to fill the balloon with air

With your dominant hand, activate the pump or press it up and down until the balloon is filled with air. Keep pumping until the balloon is about 98% full.

  • The ball should keep being firm, but still slightly bouncing.
  • It is easy to overinflate a balloon when using a hand pump. Pay attention !

Step 5. Remove the nozzle from the pump and squeeze the balloon to close it

Once the balloon is almost full, hold the tab with one hand and gently pull the pump nozzle out of the balloon. As you do this, the balloon will close tightly.

The inside of the tab will be coated with a self-sealing adhesive

Method 3 of 3: Inflate the balloon with helium

Blow Up Foil Balloons Step 11

Step 1. Insert the tip of the helium cylinder

Place the opening of the balloon around the tip of the helium cylinder, so that it is pushed in about 2 to 5 cm. This is the inflation tongue.

As you inflate the balloon, hold the tab firmly

Blow Up Foil Balloons Step 12

Step 2. Press the nozzle of the canister to gently inflate the balloon

To get air into the balloon, simply squeeze the nozzle down, while holding the tab. You will notice that the balloon begins to inflate. Continue to press on the nozzle until the balloon is filled with air.

Hold the tab securely, as air may escape quickly

Blow Up Foil Balloons Step 13

Step 3. Remove the tip of the balloon once it is full

You will know the balloon is full of air when its center is firm, but its edge still slightly crumpled. At this point, slide the tab off the mouthpiece. The balloon will then close on its own, thanks to the adhesive strip on the inside of the balloon.

Blow Up Foil Balloons Step 14

Step 4. Enjoy your ball for 3-7 days

Helium makes it easy to inflate aluminum balloons, but these will not stay inflated as long as with air.

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